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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello...My Name is....(Insert awkward hand shake here)

I'm sure anyone who reads this blog will already know who I am...But if you don' goes nothing!! 

1) Hello, my name is Lyndee. I'm a 27 year old wife and currently preggo girl who LOVES anything to do with makeup, hair, high heels, beauty treatments etc. "Girly girl" probably doesn't even begin to cut it! ;)

2) I am NOT a skilled and professional writer, so if you come here looking for amazing grammar and writing skillz....U hav, come; 2 the wronng place...!!??! (<<<<< See what I did there lol!!) Seriously, if I could have paid my twin sister to write everything through high school and college, I would have!! She has a B.A. degree in English so....she will probably want to proof read and change all of my future posts hehe! Just a side note: I love commas...I never quite use them correctly, but, OH, WELL! ;) Sorry SIS!!! Love you!!

3) I love Jesus! No, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and I praise HIM who is before and above all things! He is my reason for living and I can't say enough how much He means to me! I am by ZERO means perfect...But through Christ's death on the cross and resurrection from the grave, I can try to live every day as the person that He wants me to be. I know this is a makeup girly frilly blog, but I can't not mention my amazing SAVIOR!!!

4) I have always had a fascination with makeup! It's just so darn FUN!  My twin sister Caylee and I got into my mom's RED lipstick when we were probably 2 or 3 years old...we smeared it into big red clown smiles on our faces and then proceeded to use it like crayons on our parents peach covered comforter and in all of our mom's shoes. (SORRY MOM!!). Our mom said when she found us, she couldn't be mad because we gave her 2 huge smiles and said, "Aren't we pretttty mommmmyy!!??" Sigh....I think that's where it all began!

5) I don't like to spend half my paycheck on new makeup finds. I LOVE trying all kinds of drug store brands as well as the higher "quality" brands at Sephora or Ulta etc. If I can spend $5 on a concealer stick that works just as well as the $20 one...You can BET i'm only going to be buying the $5 FOREVER....Like EVER! (Sorry...Taylor Swift song joke there haha!).

6) I am a stickler for finding products that do their "jobs". If I am buying a face primer that says "Zero shine for 16 hours"....I will be testing that and letting people know if I think it is worth the money or a good quality find.

7) It's only taken me about 27 years ( whole LIFE) to find products that actually work for my oily/combination skin. I remember being in high school and pulling into the parking lot at school in the mornings with my sis and our makeup already sliding off our faces!!! Seriously!!?? For a teenager that was just NOT OKAY!  I vowed back then that I would search high and low..... to the depths of the deepest sea and the tallest mountains....okay...maybe not that kind of vow...but I did resolve to find products that did their jobs and wouldn't break the bank!

8)  I have been blessed with an amazing mother who picks up new makeup things for me all the time. I know I got my "Makeup Eye" from her! Between her and my awesome sister, I am always hearing about new products to try or new things that are working for them. It's GREAT! My dad, bro in law, and hubby run for the hills or roll their eyes when that convo starts! haha! So now....I will be talking to YOU Blog World! I hope you don't roll your eyes either...If you do...just make sure you have awesome mascara on when you roll them!!! ;)

<3 MMG / Lyndee


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    1. Thank you for reading Vanias!!!!! I hope it is as successful as your blog!!!!

  2. Girl you need to give me a makeover!

    1. Girl you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You don't need a makeover!!!