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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Saving Face! is true...I have OILY skin. Ever since I was about 12 years old...the oil slick has called my face home. No matter how many products I tried while growing up, it always came back.

Here are a few words of advice I heard while growing up:
  • "Oh once your hormones straighten out when you are older your skin won't be so oily." - Definitely A MYTH!! Hello 27 and oil for days! Gross and totally false!
  • "You should be happy you have oily skin. It means you won't have so many wrinkles when you get older." - There might be a smidge of truth to this because my mother has oily skin and looks amazing!...But I definitely already have some fine lines creeping up in my oily zone....once again...MYTH!
  • "Just don't wear makeup and you won't have such oily skin." - Honey, I wake up with oily skin and I definitely don't wear any makeup to bed. Did they even know who they were talking to?? No makeup!!??? Not an option!
  • "It's all the Florida humidity that makes your skin so oily." - Sooooo...Am I suppose to move across the country to remedy this? I have been to Las Vegas multiple times...It's so dry there my eyeballs almost fell out! And yet...I still had that darn shine and oily skin!!! FALSE FLAG HERE ladies!
  • "Oily skin helps you not have so many zits." - Again...Hello 27 and Zits!! Mythy-est Myth of them all!
Aww look at the pretty oil slick in the water....Yeah...not so pretty on your face. Am I right??

So....How do we go about saving face ladies? We don't want to spend a fortune, but we don't want that pesky shine that creeps up on us after we have worked hard on our makeup...what to do??!?
God's gift to the oily faces of the world!

What I have found is that you need to make sure you have a good base in place before putting makeup on your face! (Nice rhyme huh!!?) It might seem like adding one more product to your makeup routine will make it longer, more expensive, and probably won't even work right? NOPE! Layer layer LAYER!!! That's what I stress to my mom and sister and they are total believers now! Finding a great face primer to put on before your makeup helps your makeup to last longer AND helps you use LESS makeup! I have tried about 1,672,784 face primers so far in my life, but here are my favorites:

#1 Pick
Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray - Oil Control

This stuff is where it's AT in the primer world! Just apply a few sprays to your face before you apply your makeup. Then spray a few more once you are finished with your makeup routine. This sprays a fine mist of makeup setting goodness! Don't worry about spraying it on your makeup and messing it up, it dries quickly and sets your makeup all day! I used this on my sister and her sister in law (Bailey <3) for her wedding day and she loved it so much she bought some on her honeymoon! How's that for a testimonial? This product is great as your only primer/makeup setter, or it works as a great addition to another primer you already use.

This primer spray costs $29 for a 4oz bottle at Sephora or Ulta. It might seem steep, but it lasts forever since you only use a few sprays a day. 

Urban Decay doesn't actually manufacture this product, but they sell it under their name. The actual manufacturer is called SkinDinavia and you can also buy their brand online for the same price!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5! (Helps my makeup stay ALL day)
Cost of Product for the Size: 3 (Not super expensive, but definitely a splurge product)
Easy to buy: 5 (Online or in store at multiple sites and stores)
Scent: 5 (It doesn't say unscented, but it never smells when I spray it)
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5


#2 Pick
Base Smooth & Matte Primer by Temptu

I was introduced to the Temptu brand by my mother and sister. They bought me my own Temptu airbrush system as a gift for Christmas a few years ago. HELLO most awesome gift ever!! Since then, I have tried other Temptu products and I have to say, I LOVE their face primer (Really, I love all of their products!!)! It is squeezable tube with a brush on the end that lets you brush the amount of primer you want on your face. Basically like a paintbrush with the paint already on it/in it. I like this brush feature because you never have to rub it in with your fingers. The applicator does it for you! Below is a picture of the awesome brush applicator!

This primer feels a little oily when you put it on your face, but once you let it sit for just a minute and then apply your foundation, you realize it helps smooth out your skin tone and makes the makeup sit on top of your face and not sink into your pours. I feel like it creates a nice barrier between your skin and your makeup. This also helps with absorbing the oil. 

I have used this primer with all Temptu makeup products as well as drug store brands and it performs the same no matter what kind of makeup you use. I do find the small size of the tube vs. the cost a little expensive for everyday use. I tend to use this primer for special occasions or if I really need my makeup to last from 7am to midnight with no touch ups!

This primer costs $35 and is only available online at the Temptu website. Sign up for Temptu emails and receive coupon codes! They are usually very generous and frequent!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!
Cost of Product: 3 (at $35 for a small-ish tube, it is on the expensive side, however it has the cool brush feature!)
Easy to buy: 2 (Online at Temptu's website only)
Scent: 5 (No smell at all)
Overall Score: 3.75 out of 5


  #3 Pick
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer that's a whole post on it's own! I have been a fan of Smashbox products for a long time. I love their Full Exposure Mascara and their cream liners that come in the little pots. I feel like anything I have tried from this brand always has staying power and doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Now back to primers.....Smashbox has it's own line of different face primers. They have color correcting, blemish fighting, hydrating etc. to name a few. The one I love is their original face primer, the Photo Finish Foundation Primer. My twin cousins recommended this primer to my sister and I a few years back and it has always been stashed in my makeup bag. My mom recently got a sample and loved it! I bought her a full size tube for her birthday last week. 

A little goes a long way with this primer. You really only need a dime size amount to spread all over your face. It has a silky, silicone type of smoothness to it when you rub it in. Like the Temptu brand, this primer also creates a wonderful barrier between your skin and your makeup and soaks that oil right up! You also get a nice smoothness to the texture of your face which makes your makeup go on so much better. I think this is my favorite go to primer for every day use along with my Urban Decay spray. When I use both of them together, I hate to take my makeup off at night because it's STILL THERE!!! Hallelujah!!!

This Primer costs $36 for a 1oz tube. But keep in mind you only use a dime sized amount, so it will last for quite a while. Sephora also sells this primer in a trial 0.4 oz size for $10 if you want to test it out before spending $36. If you REALLY love this primer, they sell it in a 1.7 oz tube for $49 (Do the math...That's A STEAL!) 

It is quite easy to pick up or order this little number because many beauty stores and websites carry it. Sephora and Ulta sell it in stores, as well as online. You can also buy it directly from the Smashbox website (which has some awesome free samples and deluxe freebie gifts) and other beauty websites.

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5! (Great for every day use)
Cost of Product: 4 ($36 does sound steep, but I feel like you get a lot of product for the money)
Easy to buy: 5 (Many options to buy in stores or order online)
Scent: 4 (This one does have a smell to it. Kind of smells like plastic, but it goes away once you rub it in)
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5


#4 Pick
Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer 

Okay, so we aren't millionaires here (Although... I do secretly wish if I won the lottory one day that I could basically have my own makeup store in my bathroom...Come on, doesn't every girl want that??) so let's talk priming on a budget!

Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro Primer is a great go to product if you are on a makeup budget or just ran out of your favorite primer and need something to hold you over. Obviously this primer doesn't have the staying power of the ones previously mentioned, but at $6-$8 a bottle...I'll take it! Another plus is that this primer is available at pretty much any Wal-mart, Target or drug store out there (And it's even at Ulta!). It comes in a 1.0 oz size tube, so for the price, you can't beat it! 

I keep this primer handy in case I run out of my Smashbox or Temptu primers and it does the job pretty well in a pinch. I didn't expect much when I bought it, but it did have a nice smooth texture that goes on like a face lotion. It goes on matte which I like, and they also have different variations of this primer that come in multiple skin tone colors. I use the plain white kind since I'll be adding my foundation on top. I would say this is a great starter primer if you are new to the primer world and would just like to try something out. It's not expensive and it's convenient. You can always see if primers work for you and your routine and then move up the price ladder if you like it.

I do tend to have a little afternoon shine when I use this alone under makeup, but still...for the price, it really is a good buy!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 2 (A great buy if you run out of your fave and need one to hold you over. Also great for beginners!)
Cost of Product: 5 (Definitely a bargain!)
Easy to buy: 5 (Many options to buy in stores or order online)
Scent: 4
Overall Score: 4.0 out of 5


Honorable Mention Primers:

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer 
Brief Synopsis - Not the best staying power when compared to other brands, but for the cost ($4 - $5) any primer is better than NO primer! Available at Wal-mart, Target and other Drug Stores. 

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel
Brief Synopsis - My sister uses this mattifying gel primer RELIGIOUSLY! Her dermatologist recommended it for her and it has been a wonderful addition to her makeup routine. She will testify that it really does make her face oil free all day and that is has done wonders for her skin. The only reason it is in the honorable mention section is because I haven't actually tried it myself. When I do, I will write a post about it! :) My sis gives it 5 stars!!! Cost: $41 for 1.6 oz Tube - Only available online, not in stores. 

Let me know if any of you use this amazing product!

Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer
Brief Synopsis - I received a free sample of this primer a few months back and I loved it! It had the same staying power as the Smashbox kind and it is about the same price and size ($34 for a 1.01 oz size bottle). They also have numerous colors in this brand just like Smashbox. This is in the honorable mention section since I haven't tried the full size version for a consistent period of time. It is available at Sephora. Let me know if any of you use this!!


Primers On My Wish List:

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer
I have been wanting to try this stick primer ever since it came out last year. I'm pretty much obsessed with any makeup you can put in stick form, LOL! I don't know why, but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet and giving it a try...Maybe it's because it's $32?? It has gotten mixed reviews online so I would like to be able to try it soon and do an update post on how well it works. The stick part really interests me because it seems so easy to just draw it on. Kind of like makeup crayons for your FACE!!?? This primer is available in stores and online. I have seen it in Sephora and Ulta and it keeps calling my NAME! Has anyone tried it?

Aero Minerale Hydrating Mineral Primer
This spray on primer has also caught my eye! I mean..HELLO it's SPRAY ON!? How cool! I recently ran out of my Sephora Airbrush Foundation (which will be a whole post on it's own) and I needed a quick backup. My mom and I found this Aero Minerale Spray on Foundation brand at Ulta and decided to try the foundation version.I love my Sephora Airbrush makeup, but this brand did help me through the wait. I would definitely recommend this brand for their spray on foundation and I am curious to see if their primer works just as well? The price is also not bad! At $14.99 at Ulta, it's definitely on the more doable price side of primers. I would love to see how it lasts since it's a spray on kind.


Thank you for visiting my 1st makeup post!! I hope to bring more Manic Makeup Goodness to the blog every week. Please comment with any makeup primers you love/hate/want to try! I am always looking for new things to test! Happy Priming Lovelies!!



  1. Looks great! Loving your first makeup post! xoxoxoxoxoo

  2. Love this! Will definitely be following you for all your genius makeup info and tips!!

    BTW I use make up forever primer and I love it! I would say it's pretty close to the Smashbox for quality and stay power!

  3. Thank you for reading ladies!!!! Y'all are the best!!!

    Jessica, Thanks so much for telling me your review of the Make Up For Ever Primer! I really want to get a full size bottle of that! I LOVED the sample!!!!