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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wish List

My makeup wish list is always like...a gazillion makeup items long!! I am constantly stalking Sephora online to see what is new and probably add a new product to my wish list every day. Obviously, I will never ever get to try everything on my list (My wallet sheds a tear every time I say..."Sephora")...but...there's no harm in wishing and hoping right?? Maybe I will get to try some of these new items soon and post reviews about them! 

For are the makeup items at the top of my wish list (Please comment on this post if you have tried any of these):

Tarte - SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Eyeliner in Fig 
 This is the newest item added to my makeup wish list. I confess...I was flipping through the channels Monday night and where did I stop?? QVC!!? AHH!! They sucked me in with these Tarte Amazonian Clay eyeliners!! I have never used any Tarte products before, or any Amazonian Clay products either, but I have to say...this little liner did make a heck of a smokey eye! They were selling this eyeliner in a duo in Bronze and Taupe and it just looked gorgeous on camera. Apparently this pencil liner goes on as a cream and will last for 15 hours...I gotta test that out! 
I would love to try this eyeliner in Fig (a dark purple liner) and the brown Bronze color. I have always been a sucker for a purple just looks amazing with brown, hazel, and green eyes (Sorry blue eyed babes!! But have amazing BLUE EYES already!). The Bronze color really made the smokey eye come alive on the QVC models (Brown eyeliners are always a nice choice for any eye color because they aren't as harsh as black). 
So... I am keeping my fingers crossed that eventually I can try BOTH colors! They currently sell for $22 each, so I don't know how I could convince my wallet..or my husband to let me buy $44 bucks worth of eyeliner... But my birthday is around the corner.... :)
QVC Link to Taupe and Bronze Eyeliner Duo - On sale for $34.50 


Aero Minerale - Hydrating Mineral Primer
I have mentioned this product in my previous Saving Face - Primer Post. I think the reason I want to try this primer so badly is because it's an airbrush in a can - spray on type of primer! How cool! 
I have primers that you spritz on your face one pump at a time, but this primer is like a hairspray consistency that you continuously spray on all over your face. This girl is very intrigued! 
I have tried the foundation version of this airbrush brand and I loved it. It works great for the lower price point range of airbrush products. This primer is the same price as the foundation ($14.99) at Ulta stores as well as online. I can't wait to get this product off my wish list and into my hands! At $14.99, it will definitely be sooner rather than later! YAY!!
Ulta Link to Product 


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Popcicle Pinkish Red
This lip stain has been around for a while, but I never really took a second glance at it until I started using lip stains regularly. Instead of coming in the normal marker form with the felt tip applicator, this lip stain comes in this little tube and you apply it like a lip gloss with the applicator brush. It seems a bit more labor intensive than my usual quick lip stain markers, but it already has the gloss AND stain mixed together. So it actually does save you the step of adding gloss on top. 
I have read a lot of reviews online and most women give it a high rating for staying power and ease of use. HOORAY!
They have different kinds of this lip tar that also come in a matte form if you don't like a glossy lip. They also have soooo many colors to choose from (Even a nude gloss color that I'd like to try as well)! 
This product is $18 at Sephora stores as well as online. Yes...a little pricey for lip stain. BUT, it does have the stain and gloss mixed together. If it really does last all day like it is suppose to, then this will be one of my new favorite lip products. I can't wait to be able to try this!
Sephora Link to Product


Benefit - Fake Up Concealer Stick
The stick obsession strikes AGAIN! And it's another Benefit product at that! 
Yes, I do love any kind of makeup that comes in stick form...It just seems so easy and quick to apply when it's presented that way and I always get suckered in. 
I am a huge Benefit fan! So far every single product I have tried by this brand has been worth every penny. Yes, they aren't on the cheap side, but they always seem to last and last and help you get your money's worth. This concealer stick is suppose to moisturize, fight against makeup creases, and have real staying power. It has received 4 out of 5 stars on the reviews and I can't wait to add this little number to my makeup bag and do my own review. 
Dark circles run in my family (Thanks Dad!!), so I am always looking for a great under eye concealer that covers and stays put! I hope this Benefit Product will match the high quality of it's other makeup family. 
I hope to try you out soon awesome concealer stick!!!
This Product is $24 and is available at Sephora and Ulta Stores as well as online. 
Sephora Link to Product
Ulta Link to Product


Kat Von D - Shade Shifter Eyeshadow in Love Letter Purple
 I love PURPLE!!! Especially for eye makeup! If you have brown, hazel, or green eyes...You NEED to jump on the purple train!! It is such a great color to use to make your eyes stand out (Green is also a great color for brown or hazel girls). 
The thing that caught my attention about this eyeshadow was the name..."Shade Shifter Eyeshadow". Of course I had to look into it and see what that meant! turns out this eyeshadow has a chameleon-like quality that shifts colors and tones depending on the angle and light you are in. 
I'm seriously suckered into this one ladies. I love a nice purple shimmer eyeshadow, but one that has an iridescent shifting color to it!!? SOLD! 
How fun would this be to use as an accent shadow in the corners of your eyes or as an all over light catching (and changing) color? I have to try this! 
I wish I may...I wish I might...Have this purple eyeshadow delight!

This shadow has received a 4.5 out of 5 stars on for it's high pigmentation and crease resistant formula. 
I have used Kat Von D's liquid liner pen, and it works great! I hope this shadow works just as well and lives up to it's Shade Shifting name!
This eyeshadow is...GASP...$16...So it will probably be on my wishlist for a while longer. But, I hope to eventually move it from wish to reality some time in the near future!
This product is available at Sephora Stores as well as online.
Sephora Link to Product


Elf Studio - Moisturizing Foundation Stick
 I know I know....another STICK makeup product. But this one is only $6!!! And it's a foundation stick! I have used the Maybelline Fit Stick foundation before and I liked the idea of a foundation that I can draw on (surprise!!). I felt that the Maybelline one didn't have a lot of coverage, so I ended up using it more for concealer than a foundation. 
I would like to try this ELF product because they have really seemed to step up their makeup game recently and made some awesome high quality products. Plus, you really can't beat the prices.
 I am hoping this foundation stick has more full coverage and staying power than the Maybelline foundation. It also says it is moisturizing, so I would like to see if that makes my face more oily, or if it just helps it go on more smoothly. At $6, I will most likely get to try this one out very soon. YAY MAKEUP STEALS!! 
This product is available online at, or at Target stores!
ELF Link to Product 


ELF Studio - Lip Exfoliator
 I know this isn't exactly a makeup item, but it does have the potential to help your lips look amazing and make your lipstick go on nice and smooth! 
I get horrible dry, flaky lips no matter what season it is. I usually just exfoliate with my toothbrush to help my lips not peel so much and slather on thick chap-stick at night. But sometimes that just isn't enough. 
Well HELLO new ELF lip invention!!! 
The ELF website says it gently helps exfoliate lips while also moisturizing them. As you can see in the picture above, it looks like it has tiny granules that will help slough off dead skin and keep those lips hydrated and smooth. Sounds too good to be true, but I will have to try it for myself.
This product has received a 4.6 out of 5 stars online and that is with 382 reviews! Pretty impressive!
Again, the price of this product makes it a wish list charts topper...$3!! And it's available at my local Target store! I can't wait to try this and see if it helps my dry lips. 
 Elf Link to Product (Currently out of stock online)
Target Link to Product (Not sold online, but check to see if your local store carries it!) 


As you can see...this is definitely the short version of my wish list. These are just a few of my newest makeup obsessions that are topping the charts in my book.  If you have tried any of these items, PLEASE let me know what you think! 

Happy Wishing Wednesday Lovelies! What are you currently wishing for?

<3 MMG 


  1. I got to try the benefit fake up in my birchbox recently and I love it!

    1. OHHHH I'm so jealous!!!!!! Thank you for letting me know what you think! That makes me want to try it even more!!!!