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Monday, February 17, 2014

Beauty Buys

For all my lovely coupon shoppers out there....Ulta is having an AWESOME deal this week!!! 

Spend $19.50 or more on any Ulta Brand Cosmetics, Beauty Tools, Skincare Products, Primers, Etc. and get a 14 Piece FREE GIFT!

Did you see that!?? FREE GIFT!!! And you don't even have to spend $50 like at normal makeup stores! 

You all know I love makeup...but I REALLY love FREE MAKEUP! 

This deal is available while supplies last in stores and online. 

WAIT.....There's MORE!!!!!

There's a 20% off one qualifying item coupon that you can use in combination with this deal! (You can print out the coupon off of or use the Ulta App on your smartphone in store or online to get the coupon/code).
**NOTE: You have to reach $19.50 AFTER you use the 20% off one item coupon to be eligible for the free gift.

I made up a fake cart on to show you this awesome deal below (sorry for the poor pic quality, my screen shot wouldn't work!):

Not only can you score some GREAT makeup items, you can also get an AMAZING free gift with the following items inside:

3 - Ulta 4 Color Eyeshadow Palettes (That's 12 different shadows ladies!!!!)
1- Ulta Lipstick
1 - Ulta Lip Gloss
1 - Ulta Nail Polish
1 - Ulta Blush
1 - Ulta Face Primer
1 - Ulta Mascara
1 - Ulta Pencil Eyeliner
3 - Ulta Makeup Brushes
1 - Makeup Bag in Teal or Pink

Total = 14 FREE ITEMS!!!! (And they aren't teeny tiny either! Most look full size!) 
If you add in the other items from my cart, you can get 17 makeup products for $21.40!!! That works out to $1.25/item!!! 
Holy Moley Makeup STEAL!

For my fake cart, I chose the Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Olive (to follow the pop of spring green trend mentioned in my previous post here).
It is normally $8, but my 20% off coupon was applied to this item to make it $6.40. SCORE! A great addition (and PRICE) to your makeup bag! 
**They also have a lovely purple liner in Black Plum that would fit perfectly into the "Radiant Orchid" trend! 
And....of course they have a White liner called Lace that would be perfect to line the Waterline of your eyes to make them look bigger...See previous post here.

The 2nd item I chose was the Ulta Eyeshadow in Zephyr. This color fits perfectly with the "Radiant Orchid" color scheme for 2014!
This eyeshadow has a subtle shimmer to it and would be great to add to your spring makeup routine!  They must have 30 different colors in this type of shadow, so you will have plenty of choices if purple isn't your thing. 
This eyeshadow is $7.

The 3rd item in my cart is the Ulta Lip Crayon in Rumors (A nice berry pink). I love these lip crayons because they are great to keep in your purse to double as a lipstick, AND a cream blush that you can blend in with your fingers!

This lip crayon runs $8, and is also another perfect addition to the spring 2014 makeup trends! 
They have 16 colors in this Lip crayon! There is definitely a color for everyone! 

Ulta has SO many of their own makeup products! Definitely worth a look online or in a store! Great quality and lots of choices!

Here are a few other products they carry in case the ones I've mentioned aren't for you:
- Face Primer ($18)
- BB Cream ($12.50)
- Concealers ($7 - $12.50)
- Foundations ($8.99 - $12.50)
- Blushes ($3.99 - $12)
- Powders (Mineral/Loose/Bronzing) - ($10 - $14)
- Mascaras ($10 - $14)
- Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliners ($5.99)
- Jumbo Eye Crayons ($8)
- Nail Polishes ($2.99 - $7.50)
- Nail Care Items ($1.49 - $5)
- Lip Balms ($6 - $8)
- Lip Sticks ($8)
- Lip Glosses ($1.99 - $8)
- Lip Stains ($8)
- Makeup Brushes ($1.79 - $18)
- Makeup Brush Cleaner ($5) 
- Makeup Remover ($8)
 Skin Care Products ($3 - $15)
- Bath and Body Products ($4 - $16)
To name a few...

AHHH! SOOOooooo many choices!!!!
 I can't wait to scoop up this deal! 
This Free Gift is available until Saturday 2/22/14 (While Supplies Last of Course, so HURRY!).
Please let me know if you get this free gift and what you think! Go to to check out the Free Gift in more detail!
P.S. - This post is in no way affiliated with Ulta, or sponsored by Ulta. These are my own thoughts about their amazing products and deals!

Happy Shopping and Saving Lovelies!


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