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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!!! 

I hope today is filled with calorie free chocolate and flowers for each and every one of you! (You DID know that your chocolate is calorie free on Valentine's Day RIGHT!!?) ;)

I'd just like to brag for a second here....My hubby has always been the sneakiest and BEST gift giver! He always makes me think we aren't going to do gifts for each other on special holidays and anniversaries and then BAM! He totally surprises me with the most thoughtful gifts! After being married for over 5 years I should expect this kind of amazing surprise treatment every time a special day rolls around, but he always gets me!!! (For Christmas he got me a stocking FULL of GUM...seriously there were 43 packs! I counted!!)

Today was no different. But still....I was caught off guard!
We had already "decided" to not do Valentine's Day this year and to just have a quiet night at home and watch movies. No flowers, no candy...just spend time together, which I am still looking forward to!


My hubby knows the way to my heart!
It's not flowers...
Or Candy (okay maybe candy).

It's MAKEUP!!!!!!

Remember when I posted a while back about my Wish List!!??
Well....sneaky little guy must have heard!! Or maybe I told him...hehe

My sweet husband didn't get me hearts and cards, he got me EYELINER!!! 


To be exact, he got me the NEW Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeliner Duo I posted about here!!!!!

Seriously.... so much better than flowers or candy!!!

I can't wait to try these eyeliners out and see if they really do work as well as they say. This is the duo in Bronze and Taupe, so it will be perfect to create a nice smoky eye! 

I will do a review of this product AND a tutorial on how to do a smoky eye next week! YAY for getting new makeup items on your Wish List!!!! 

AND because this is a MAKEUP BLOG.....

Here are a few little tip for V-DAY makeup....if you don't know what to do for your date tonight, or girls night out...

1) When in doubt..."Wing" it out! 

Nothing is more glam than a sexy cat eye!!  
Use a black or dark brown liquid liner to get this look. If you feel you are unsteady with liquid liner, you can also use pencil or cream liner too! Just draw on and smudge. 
 Line from the upper inner corner and draw the line as close as you can to your natural upper lash line and then wing out past the corner of your eye (felt tip pen liners work GREAT for this!). You can leave just the upper eye lined, or also line the bottom for a smoldering look!
If you like the sharpness of the liquid liner, but are afraid to go for it, use a pencil to line your eyes 1st, then trace the liquid liner on top. That way if you miss some spots, it won't be as noticeable!  
 If you decide to do this look, go minimal on the lip color because you will want your eyes to be the focus! A nice soft pink or nude lip would go great with winged out liner! Matte, light colored shadows will really make this look POP as well.

2) Va-Va-VOOM Red Lips!

Nothing says "Valentine's Day" quite like RED lips! 
There is something SO gorgeous and confident about women who rock this look! If you decide to take the red lip challenge, make sure you line the outside of your lip line with concealer 1st so your RED will stay on your LIPS only. 
You can also lightly apply concealer to your whole pout before you apply the red lip so your lip color lasts longer and goes on more evenly. If you don't use a concealer base, try a lip liner (in a nude color, or one that matches your red of choice) just to give it a little more staying power! 
Afraid lipstick will get on your teeth!!? Try a lip stain! No worries of migrating lip color or a nasty lipstick taste!
If you choose lipstick, do the "Lollipop" trick to make sure it doesn't end up on your teeth. After you apply your red lips, stick your (clean, LOL!) index finger in your mouth and tightly close your lips around it. Drag your finger out and any lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth is now on your finger!
Don't forget to highlight the "Cupid's Bow" ...definitely appropriate for today don't you think!!??
If you decide to do this look, go minimal on the eye makeup! 
Just like if you do fancy eye makeup, don't do bold lips.
You don't want your eyes and lips to be competing. You want to choose 1 feature to focus on and emphasize that!

3) Rosy Cheeks 
Even if you aren't much of a makeup girl...who doesn't like to have a nice fresh rosy glow?? 
If minimal is more your style, try adding just a pop of a berry pink blush to your cheeks. Nothing wakes up the face like a nice rosy hue! 
Not only does it make you look healthier, it also makes you look happier! 
Just lightly brush on the berry color on the apples of your cheeks (Hello "Fishy Face"!!) and brush back to the hairline above the ear. 
A perfect and simple makeup addition to your routine for Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

XoXo <3,

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