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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Light as Air

Let's talk about airbrush makeup....

The Holy Grail of the makeup world.

Who doesn't want a flawless complexion at the touch of a button?

I DO! Sign me up!!!

My journey into the magical world of airbrush makeup land began on my wedding day in October 2008. 
Of course I had already heard of this amazing airbrush makeup. I had even looked into purchasing my own airbrush system, but they were SOOO very expensive at the time. Like...over $500+! 
So, for my wedding day I decided to get airbrush makeup done by a fantastic makeup artist in the area (Thanks Melissa!).
From then on I was HOOKED! 
I had seriously been worried about my makeup not lasting throughout my wedding day. I even chose October because I thought it would be cooler then and my oily skin MIGHT give me a break on that one special day.
I was SO...Horribly...WRONG!
It was in the 90's and 100% humidity on my wedding day. 
It was a record setting heat wave...I'm not even lying!
So add that summer like weather on top of my oily skin and I was seriously freaked out that my makeup would slide off my face before I even walked down the aisle!

BUT....Airbrush makeup was here to save the day! 

It was seriously a Superman/Magic Wand type of moment for me!

TA DA!!! Amazing Makeup here to save the DAY!!!

I was SO amazed at the flawless coverage, oil resistance, and sheer wedding day GLOW that it added to my skin. 
Seriously hooked! (Insert heavenly Angel Harp music here!)
Everyone who came to my wedding knows how hot it was...and it was actually pretty warm in the reception hall too...(Plus we danced forever...hello SWEAT!). 
But magically, my makeup STAYED put! Even when we got to our hotel that night, I didn't want to take the makeup off. I wanted to wear it the next day!

So fast forward 5+ years from that life changing moment.
Ever since that day I have been on the search for airbrush makeup that I could actually afford, and have the same flawless results.

I will hopefully save you all 5 years of searching...Here are my magical Airbrush Makeup finds.

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System
I know I have already mentioned this awesome system before, but now I will go more in depth about it and why I love it.
First off, my mom and sister knew how much I loved my wedding day makeup, and they knew my obsession with finding my own airbrush makeup system. 

Enter best gift EVER in the history of EVERDOM!! (I totally stole that phrase from my BFF Carissa!). 

For Christmas 3 years ago, my mom, sister, and brother in law gave me this Temptu Airbrush Makeup System. 
I seriously cried.
I couldn't believe that they had found this airbrush system and I hadn't even heard of it before. (I am suppose to be in the makeup know, right!!??)
This Airbrush system isn't like the typical Airbrush tools that you will see makeup artists using (The little silver airgun that you drop the liquid foundation in at the top). 

This system uses AirPods. They are foundation, blush, highlighting, bronzing, and even face tanning pods that you can buy and just POP into your Temptu Airbrush system! 
Talk about EASY!!!!!!!!!

The typical airbrush systems had always kind of scared me because you usually have to mix your own foundation to find your color and then keep adding the little foundation droplets to your Airgun. 

This easy Temptu system had my name written ALL over it!

 After playing around with how to apply the foundation using the AirPod and Airgun, I loved this system even more!
You hold the Airgun about 6-10 inches away from your face and spray in circular motions (Starting from the outside of the face and working in). You can also chose the coverage you want on the dial.

The Airpods have a lovely smell to them. It's almost flowery, but not overpowering. And the coverage you get from this brand is AMAZING!!! 
After I apply the airbrush foundation, I use my beauty blender sponge to blend it in. Then I add a little dusting of my Ben Nye Powder on top, and move on to the blush, bronzer, and highlighter AirPods. I love that this system isn't just for foundation. You can do your WHOLE face (You can do some serious contouring with this system too! Hello Cheekbones!!!).
 The AirPods really last a long time. I have gotten at least over 50 full makeup applications with each foundation Airpod (And I tend to use more full foundation coverage). You get even more applications with the bronzer, blush and highlighting AirPods because you don't use that much. 

I could really go on and on about how much I love this and how easy it is...but I will restrain myself. 

I have used this system to do multiple friends and family members makeup for weddings, proms, special nights out etc. They are ALL loving the results too! 

Now, on to the most important part...PRICE!
The basic Temptu Airbrush System that comes with one AirPod Foundation in your color choice is $170. BUT....this price really isn't bad compared to most Airbrush systems out there. Plus, the foundation AirPods run for $45 each, so the system is really costing you only $125. 
The Basic Temptu System for $170.

Temptu also has other options when purchasing their Airbrush System. They have another step up for $200 (which is what I recommend) where you get the Airbrush System, a Foundation, Blush, and Highlighter Airpod in the colors of your choosing. 
So for only $30 more, you can have the FULL system and 3 Airpods to begin airbrushing! (AirPod Blushes run $30, and AirPod Highlighters run $35 each. So that is really a $235 value at a $200 price point). 
The Signature Starter Kit for $200.
Overall, yes, this is a splurge product. But remember, you get what you pay for! This system has truly changed my makeup LIFE! 
The coverage you get with this system is truly flawless. Plus, it really is pretty simple to use (You don't have to be a professional or expert to use this, it just takes a little practice). Also, this is top notch oil control makeup that doesn't clog pores or show shine! SCORE!

I don't use it every day, but it is SO awesome to have this for special occasions and on those days when I need a little extra OOMPH!
P.S. - Temptu is always sending out coupons to use! Sign up for their emails to receive them! They are usually always at least 20% off, which can help a lot!!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!!!!
 Ease of use: 3 (When compared to other brands I will write about below)
Coverage: 5
Staying Power: 5
 Quality of Product: 5
Oil Control: 5!!!
Cost of Product: 2 (Yes, it's expensive. But if you are looking for an airbrush system, this is a GREAT buy!)
Easy to buy: 2 (Online Only, but a WONDERFUL customer service department if you ever have issues or questions)
Scent: 5 
Other: 5 (I love that they have Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer, Face Tanner Airpods to use with this system as well. PLUS they are always giving out coupons!)
Overall Score: 42 out of 50 Points

SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

This little beauty also tops my Airbrush Makeup List! 
And as you can see...IT'S IN A CAN!!!!!!!!!
How cool is that!???
This is the Airbrush foundation that I use EVERYDAY!
I'm not lying. I really do!
I really love my Temptu Airbrush system, but I don't always find it practical for every day use during my work week...mainly because I tend to oversleep and have to rush around to get ready for work in half an hour. 
 Since I still wanted that airbrush makeup look on a daily basis, but needed one that was quick to airbrush search landed me back in Sephora of course! 
This is the makeup I WISH I would have had back in high school!!! My mother and my sister use this product as well and we are all constantly recommending it to anyone who asks (or doesn't ask sometimes lol). 

This airbrush makeup is the EASIEST to apply, and the oil control is 5 stars as well. Not to mention that this makeup WILL NOT slide off my face...even after wearing it ALL day long...this stuff has serious staying power. 
I will never ever ever use another kind of foundation EVER! That's how good this stuff is! When you use this airbrush in a can with the Ben Nye Powder, your makeup life will change. I promise! 
When I say this airbrush makeup is easy...I MEAN EASY! 
You simply spray it directly on your face and then blend in with a beauty blender sponge! 
Can't be any easier right!? 
Here is a Beauty Blender Sponge - $2.78 shipped from Click here.
This airbrush has a light, but steady spray that comes out evenly which allows you to build your own foundation coverage to your liking.  It also has a matte finish to it, which I LOVE!

It might seem like a small can, but it lasts me for 2 1/2 to 3 months or more. And that's with DAILY use! 

I would recommend this product for women of all ages. It is easy to use, has great coverage and oil control, and doesn't clog pores. Great for beginners or experts and women all over the age, skin type, and skin tone spectrum.
As for the can runs $26 and it is only available at Sephora stores or online. But, since it lasts me about 3 really isn't that steep. Plus it really is a HIGH quality product. 
The only problem I have ever had with this airbrush makeup is that it went out of stock in my color for a while at Sephora. I seriously checked just about every day to see if it was back, but for some reason the Light tone was out for about 3 months. 
I was horrified and had to find a backup when I ran out (I will talk about my backup next! And NO it's not the $62 Dior Airbrush...That is WAY to expensive!!). January day the clouds opened up and Heavenly music started playing and I got the "This item is back in stock" email from Sephora. Cue the Maria Von Trapp spinning and singing "The Hills Are Alive" music...I totally did that and I'm not ashamed!
Since then all the foundation colors have been in stock (I still nervously check every day). Insert HUGE sigh of relief! My mom, sister and I buy it in bulk now just in case (not even lying)!!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!!!!
 Ease of use: 5
Coverage: 5
Staying Power: 5
 Quality of Product: 5
Oil Control: 5!!!
Cost of Product: 4 (Not the cheapest, but it's definitely worth it!)
Easy to buy: 4  (Available only through Sephora)
Scent: 5  (No smell)
Other: 5 (Just because it's my FAVORITE!!!)
Overall Score: 48 out of 50 Points

********** UPDATE**********
Since I posted this blog on my favorite airbrush makeup, my best friend Carissa told me another way to apply the Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation from the above section. 
We were talking about usual...and she mentioned that she had never used a beauty blender sponge with her airbrush foundation before. She told me she used a stippling brush (A flat topped brush) to blend it in. I told her I hadn't thought about using a brush with that kind of makeup but that I would definitely give it a try....well...I am here to update you all on how that went. 
I didn't think I could love the airbrush foundation any more than I already do...but when I used a brush to blend and set it after I sprayed it on, it was even more amazing!
I feel like when I use a brush, it lets the foundation stay in place better instead of taking away some of it with a beauty blender.
Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my beauty blender!!! But now I use it around my jaw line to make sure I don't have any makeup lines, and I use it to blend in my concealer (See this post here). So it is still definitely worth a buy! I won't be throwing that thing away any time soon.
However, I am 100% sold out to using a makeup brush to blend in your airbrush foundation. I feel like I use LESS foundation now and the brush really sets the right texture and smoothness. I told my mother and sister about using a brush and they have switched and LOVE it too! It really has made a big difference, and I really didn't think that it would.  I was definitely pleasantly surprised!

I didn't have a "stippling" makeup brush on hand to use when Carissa told me, so I have been using a flat powder brush so far and it has done just fine! But... I would love to be able to pick up a Stippling Brush soon and see if there is a difference. I will do another update to this post when I do! :)

Here is the brush I am currently using:

Shany Cosmetics Flat Powder Brush (Available on Amazon)

Here are Actual Stippling Brushes:

Elf Studio- Stippling Brush $3 (Link here) Also Available at Target Stores

Real Techniques - Stippling Brush (Ulta Link here. ) $9.99

You don't have to go run out and buy a new brush, just use what you have on hand at first to see if you like it. I know I will be using a brush of some sort with this kind airbrush makeup from now on, so I do plan on investing in an actual Stippling Brush very soon. Thanks Carissa for changing my makeup routine for the better once AGAIN!!! 
Final Note: I use a brush now with my Temptu Airbrush system as well, but not with the Aero Minerale Airbrush foundation is a thicker spray and needs the beauty blender sponge to help blend it in. 


AERO MINERALE Hydrating Mineral Airbrush Foundation
This is my #2 pick for at home Airbrush Makeup. This was also my backup when my Sephora Airbrush went out of stock for a while. 

The only reason I found this brand was because I was desperately searching for something to fill the airbrush void in my daily makeup routine. I was seriously in mourning for my Sephora kind, but this product definitely helped me through that "dark time". Haha!

This airbrush foundation comes out a lot thicker and faster than the Sephora brand, so I usually just spray it directly onto my beauty blender sponge, and then apply and blend onto my face. 
This makeup has great coverage and is also super easy to use. It definitely covered my dark circles and uneven skin tone just as well as the Sephora kind. 
The only downside I noticed with this makeup was that it goes on more shiny or "dewy" than I would personally like. That does go away once you apply powder on top, but I felt like my oily "shine" came back much sooner with this kind rather than my Sephora one. I don't feel like the "staying power" is as long either. Maybe when combined with their primer it lasts longer?

This can is smaller than the Sephora one, and I definitely used it up faster.  But, the price isn't so steep! This airbrush foundation costs $14.99 at Ulta stores as well as online. 
If you are thinking of venturing into the airbrush makeup world and don't want to break the bank, I would recommend this product to start with. You can practice and get a feel for how airbrush makeup is applied, and then move on from there. 
A plus with this brand is that they sell multiple other airbrush products as well. They carry an airbrush primer, concealer, bronzer, and highlighter (Ranging from $7.49 - $14.99). Of course I want to try them all!! Once I can expect a review ASAP!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 3 (Great product, but doesn't last as long as others)
 Ease of use: 5
Coverage: 5
Staying Power: 3
 Quality of Product:4
Oil Control: 3
Cost of Product: 5
Easy to buy: 4 
Scent: 5  (No smell)
Other: 5 (Love that it has other Airbrush Makeup options like primer, and bronzer)
Overall Score: 37 out of 50 Points

There are TONS of other Airbrush System options and tools and kits out there...but these are my top choices! Obviously I am no PRO when it comes to airbrushing, but after much searching and trial and error...these products have really changed my makeup routine! I love that I can get professional results at home! And from a can at that!! 
True to Manic Makeup form, I am ALWAYS searching for new options, especially in the airbrush area. There are so many other brands that offer "Airbrushing in a can" too, but they run over $60 a can!!? That just isn't practical in my budget. I feel like these 3 options are the best for my budget and they also help me get the look that I love! Smooth, even skin that resists oil and shine!
I will keep you posted on any new products I find!

Anyone else on the airbrush train!!?? Let me know!! 

<3 MMG

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