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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Makeup Reviews!!

The results are IN!
It's makeup item review time ladies!!!

If you have read my previous posts, you know how excited I was to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeliner duo in Bronze and Taupe.
 Well, I have used these eyeliners for the past 10 days and I have to say.....
When they said that these little babies go on super smooth and last all day without smudging...they weren't lying! 
These are easily some of the best liners I've ever tried! 
I love that they are creamy and don't tug or pull at my eye when I use them. Who else HATES using a new eye liner and it's so DRY that it breaks when you use it...or it tugs and pulls the poo out of your delicate eye skin!!? OUCH!!!!
Even though it goes on creamy, it seems like once you let it sit for a few minutes it dries and stays put (even though it technically doesn't dry or have a drying time if that makes just seems to set up and stay PUT!). 
I haven't had ANY issue with smudging or running liner with these! Sometimes I have to do an eye liner check at noon to see if my eye liner is now smudged down to my nose...but not with these! Great staying power (Especially with my oily skin...yes...even my eyes are OILY!!). 
The only con I have with these 2 liners is that the colors are pretty similar. I was thinking maybe one would be a lot lighter than the other, but they are basically in the same shade of dark brown. The bronze color just has more of a shimmer and sheen to it than the flat taupe.  Both are great colors and I highly recommend them, but I look forward to getting a totally different color in this brand to try next!

Here is a shot of both of the liners on. I used the Taupe color to line the top of my eye, and the bronze color to line the bottom. You can see how the bronze has more of a shimmer to it under my eyes.
What do you think?? I'm loving it!! Great for every day use, or for a night out on the town! These would definitely help create an AWESOME smoky eye!!!

Another way I have used the bronze color was as an eyeshadow! Since they go on so creamy and smooth, I decided to cover my whole lid with the Bronze shimmer and smudge away! I used more in the outer corners and my crease to add dimension.
I added a little light gold shadow on top and in the inner corners just to tone it down a bit and catch more light. I also used the Taupe Color to line the upper lid and then continued with the Bronze Color underneath my eyes. (Side note: this eyeliner totally acted like an eyelid primer too! I had ZERO creasing ALL DAY!)

Definitely a must buy from me!! I look forward to trying other Tarte Products!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!
Cost of Product: 3 ($34.50 for 2 Liners...BUT they are really BIG!)
Easy to buy: 5 (Available Online, as well as Ulta and Sephora)
Scent: 5 (No smell at all)
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5


Next product up on the review block is the Loreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara
 I have never mentioned this mascara on this blog before, but I had heard about it a while back and decided to pick it up at my last visit to Ulta. 
My mom and I were looking for a fiber mascara to try... but in a cheaper alternative just to see what it was all about and we decided on this one! We didn't feel like spending over $30 to try a name brand just to HATE it! 


I can honestly's A FABULOUS mascara!!! (My mom loves it too!). And it's only about $6-$8!!! Much better than $30! I don't think I will even be trying other brands because this one works so well! 
This mascara isn't flaky, and it doesn't make your lashes look like spider's legs! YAY! The fibers are actually inside the mascara, so you don't end up with little fiber hairs all over your face that you have to brush away. SCORE!

I have found with trial and error that the way to use a fiber mascara to it's fullest potential is to layer it. I put on one coat, then do the other eye, then come back and add another coat. The most I will coat is 3 times TOPS since it really does add volume and length due to the fibers (But normally I only do 2 coats!). 
Overall, this is a great mascara! It does what it advertises and it stays well! I will be buying this one again, for sure!

Here is a picture of my lashes after using this mascara (With only 2 light coats). Plus...I'm rocking the Radiant Orchid Trend as well...notice the bright purple eyeliner on my bottom lid!! ;)

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!
Cost of Product: 5 ($6-$8)
Easy to buy: 5 (Available Online, At Ulta, Walmart and Drug Stores too!)
Scent: 5 (No smell at all)
Overall Score: 5 out of 5


Next item up for review is the NYX HD Photo Concealer Wand.

I admit...I am pretty new to the NYX train...but the few products that I have tried lately...I LOVE!!!
This concealer was highly recommended to me by a friend recently, so I snatched this up at my last visit to Ulta as well. 
I don't think I have used any type of "Wand" concealer since I was in high school....I just felt like I got a little more coverage and staying power from my stick concealers (Which I do still love). 
However, this concealer totally changed my mind!! 

I got this concealer in the Fair shade and have been using it under my eyes to conceal my dark circles...HELLO AMAZINGNESS!

This stuff is AWESOME! 

This product goes on SO smoothly and it doesn't crease or cake up under my eye and make me look like I have more wrinkles. LOVE!
I also only have to do one coat and blend in with my beauty blender sponge and my circles are GONE! It also works wonders on blemishes or red spots too! 
Totally in love with this concealer and it will definitely be a main stay in my makeup routine for years to come.'s only $4.99!!! STEAL!!!

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 5!
Cost of Product: 5 ($4.99!!!)
Easy to buy: 5 (Available Online, At Ulta, and Target)
Scent: 5 (No smell at all)
Overall Score: 5 out of 5


The final product up for review today is the Ulta Matte Primer

 I have been trying this primer out for the past few days since I got a free sample of it in the Ulta 14 Piece Free Gift last week (See below!)

First off...that free gift was the MAKEUP BOMB!!! It was awesome!! Some seriously great items in there (I will try to review them all soon!). 

As for the primer, I was happily surprised that it WORKS! It isn't one of the BEST ones I have tried, but I have noticed that it does keep my oily shine at bay for most of the day. So that is a major plus!
If I had to compare it to one of my favorite brands, I would say that it is closest in consistency to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. You can tell that this Ulta brand has a silicone base to it just like the Smashbox kind. It does go on clear, but it makes my face instantly matte (Which makes me happy because it's called MATTE Prime haha!). 
I think this primer does it's job and it isn't as expensive as the Smashbox brand. This one is only $18 for 1oz! Not $30! YAY! 

Definitely worth a try ladies!! I am glad they added this to the free gift!
I would buy this again if I ran out of my Smashbox kind and didn't want to spend $30!  

Ratings from MMG (1-5 Rating System):
 Does the Product Work: 4
Cost of Product: 4 ($18)
Easy to buy: 3 (Ulta only)
Scent: 5 (No smell at all)
Overall Score: 4 out of 5


Have you tried any new makeup items recently!?? I'd love to hear about them! 

Happy Makeup-ing Lovelies!!


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