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Monday, February 3, 2014

What's in your purse?

I don't know if you ladies are like purse is my LIFE! 
I feel like I am naked if I forget my purse!
I mean....what if something happens and I need that one safety pin I always carry in there? Or I need that Tide stick because I've spilled something on myself!!?
Not to mention that extra band aide...bobby pin...or Swiss Army Knife I hide in there...You never know what you might need! 
But if it's not in my purse...chances are I will end up needing it someday! 

In my's just better to be prepared...and I definitely apply that to my little makeup stash I keep in every purse.

My Must Have Makeup Items in My Purse

1) Revlon Balm Stain 

Sometimes, especially after lunch, I feel like my lips just disappear and are SO dry!! 
I know it's because I just ate lunch and wiped every smidge of color and moisture off of my lips, but this Balm Stain helps me recover that! 
You get the smooth benefits of a lip balm with just a hint of matte color that has lip stain staying power! It's awesome!!  
No sharpening needed this this product either! Just spin the silver bottom to move more Balm Stain to the top! 
Plus this Revlon Balm Stain has a slightly minty taste (which is also a MUST after lunch!). 
You don't have to use this Balm Stain solely after lunch, or keep it tucked away in your purse (It's an awesome product to layer over regular lip stain for double color and staying power!). But, it's a great way to moisturize those dry lips and restore your pre-lunch color! 
*Another use you might not have thought of for this product is that you can also use this stain as a cream BLUSH! 
Yep...a blush! You read that right! Just apply some to your fingertips (or directly to your cheeks in light stripes) and then smudge over the apples of your cheeks if you need a boost of color, or a touch up before heading out somewhere while on the go. This balm is matte in color so your cheeks won't be shiny or shimmery. Just a flat pop of matte color. *
This Balm Stain runs from $6 - $9 and you definitely get your money's worth! They last forever! It's like a GIGANTIC sized version of those little lip balm tubes!
Available at Wal-Mart, Target, other drug stores as well at Ulta. 

2) Concealer Stick
This is one of the most used items that I carry in my purse! 
There are so many uses for this little concealer stick! It is definitely worth stashing one in your bag.
1) Of course the 1st use is to cover up those pesky zits that might have popped up during the day. Dab a little on your finger, or use the stick itself to cover up that unwelcome addition to your face. 
2) I always keep this handy because of my dark under eye circles.
Some men get 5 o'clock shadows...I get 5 o'clock dark circles.  Just a little touch up with this stick and my eyes look brighter! 
3) Did your lipstick migrate outside the lip line? Draw a line of concealer around your lips and then blend in to help your lipstick/lip gloss stay in place.
4) Did your foundation slide off your face or did something get smudged (Sometimes I feel like the foundation on my nose goes away a lot faster than other areas). Use a little dab of concealer to help fill in the empty foundation spots and finish with a little touch-up powder on top. Good as new!
This Maybelline Concealer Stick is a great one to keep handy in your purse. It's low in price, but it will help do the job while you are out and about. 
I wouldn't suggest buying an extra high quality or high price concealer stick to keep in your purse because...
1) It can melt if left in a hot car.
2) You can lose it. 
3) It's only for quick touch-ups...not your full makeup routine.
This $4-$5 Concealer is available at Wal-Mart, Target, Drug Stores, and Ulta. 

P.S. - NYC also makes a great concealer stick too! PLUS it's under $2!!! Also Available at Wal-Mart!

3) Lip Gloss
The lip gloss I carry in my purse is a little sample sized bottle of Buxom lip gloss. I am a huge fan of Buxom lip gloss and scoring this little sample really made my day!! It's perfectly sized for my purse! But, even the full size version of Buxom lip glosses are a great size for your purse too! The only issue with making this brand purse worthy is the price. It's $19 for a full size bottle of this amazing gloss. It really is the best gloss out there, but at that price...I'm keeping it under lock and key in my house. 
If you can get a little sample size of this gloss, GO FOR IT! It lasts forever and it has amazing color and shine and isn't sticky or gooey. It's perfect if you have somewhere to run after work and want to add a little shine and shimmer to your lips and dress them up. 
You can find this brand of gloss at Sephora as well as online.

Another lip gloss I use and recommend for carrying in your purse is ELF Lip Gloss.
I have mentioned this gloss before and at $1 each...You can buy one for every purse you have! Also a great quality gloss for on the go. No gooey-ness or nasty taste or smell. Just a high shine gloss with a touch of color. 
You can find this gloss at Target stores, or online at the ELF website. 

4) Oil Blotting Papers
As you all know...I have super oily skin. It has actually gotten even MORE oily while being pregnant (Which I didn't even think was possible....but oh yes...yes it is). 
The one thing I absolutely HATE is having shiny, oily skin throughout the day. Granted, I have finally been able to find makeup items that help my skin immensely in that area (See Primer Post here). But...with Florida's heat and humidity (And preggo hormones)...some shine can creep up on my face by the afternoon. 
How do I keep from caking on the powder to rid myself of that shine? 
Oil Blotting Papers! These thin linen papers help absorb oil on the spot and they don't smudge or remove your makeup! 
I love Boscia products, and their Oil Blotting Linens are amazing! They even have scented ones (I have orange, but they also come in peppermint!). Just pull out one sheet and lightly press on your oily areas. The sheet will absorb the oil and you can just throw it away. DONE! No more oil for the rest of the day! 
Now you can see why I never leave home without these babies in my purse!
Boscia Blotting Linens run $10 for a pack of 100 sheets. They are available at Sephora or at Boscia's online store. 

A GREAT alternative to using the Boscia Blotting Linens are the ELF Shine Eraser Sheets....guess what....only $1!!!!!!!!!! Yep!! $1 for a pack of 50!
These Oil Blotting Sheets are very similar to Boscia, and they get the job done. At $1...can we really argue??? 
ELF Shine Eraser Sheets are Available at Target as well as the ELF online store. 

5) Powder
I'm sure all of you lovely ladies already carry a small compact of powder in your purses, right!? 
I am no different.
I think I really have this item in my purse as a security blanket. 
I spent so many years with bad makeup that didn't work for my oily skin that I had to have my powder to do touch ups every hour on the hour. 
Now, with much better makeup products that WORK....I rarely ever use this.'s necessary to have just in case I get a makeup smudge and need a quick fix. Or that pesky zit decides to make a comeback and I need to dab a little powder on over the concealer I just used. 
*Another handy dandy little powder trick to keep under your hat (literally)...If you feel like your hair is getting a liiiiittle on the greasy/oily side during the day, pat on a little powder! 
HELLO it's made for absorbing oil, so that means hair oils too! 
Don't cake on the powder (Especially if you have dark hair), but a light dab will help (make sure you at least run your fingers through the area where you applied, or give your hair a good shake!). You can also use those awesome Oil Blotting Sheets to help as well!
This is a trick I have used multiple times when I leave straight from work to go somewhere. *
The powder I currently have in my purse is Maybelline Fit Me Powder. This is a nice light powder that takes away shine (if you don't have any oil blotting papers). Not a lot of coverage, but great for a touch-up powder you keep handy in your bag. 
This powder is $5-$6 and is available at Wal-Mart, Target, drug stores, and Ulta as well as online. 

Another powder I recommend to keep on hand in your purse is 
CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Oil Control Pocket Powder.
This little powder is just that...LITTLE! It's so nice and slim it could fit right in your pocket (which is why I think they call it a pocket powder!!?? ...I'm smart huh!!? lol).
If you are limited on space, this is a great product for you. It does it's job, is extremely small, and is low in cost!
This Pocket Powder runs from $5-$6 and is available at Wal-Mart, Target, drug stores, and Ulta as well as online. 

6) Mirror

 Every girl needs a mirror! Especially a sparkly leopard one! 
Sometimes those little powder compact mirrors just don't do the trick. The powder gets built up on it and you can't even see yourself! Plus they are super tiny!
Why not invest in a cute compact mirror that shows off your personality, and helps you put your lipstick on straight.
The mirror I carry is from Pier 1 Imports and is double sided so I can definitely get a nice clear view. 
This little sparkly leopard number is only $1.99 from Ulta! 
See??! It's not going to break the bank to keep one of these handy. PLUS...if you ever get stranded on an can totally survive and use it to light fires, signal for help and make sure you aren't sun burned! You know...all the basic life saving skills you need!
Even the dollar store carries super cute compact mirrors too! You don't have to spend a lot, just find something you can feel comfortable doing makeup touch-ups with and can fit in your purse. 
This mirror is available at Ulta.

7) ChapStick 
You can't go wrong with this oldie but goodie! 
Seriously....who has never ever used CHAPSTICK!? 
This has been a staple in my makeup bag forever! 
I really really hate lip balms and ChapSticks that have a taste to them. I just want straight up hydration with no aftertaste. This classic makeup item does the trick. And it even has a little shine to it! 
When my lips are dry, or just bare, I add a swipe of this. Nothing too fancy, but it does keep the dryness away! 
I love that these come in multi-packs! That way I can stash one everywhere! I keep one in my purse, my car, my makeup bag, by my bed, in my desk drawer...seriously it goes on. 
BUT WAIT...there's MORE! 
Did you know there is more than just one use for ChapStick!??
Well...let me blow your mind!
1) Eyebrows being unruly!?? Swipe a little dab of ChapStick on them to help keep them slick and in place.
2) Have a cold? Nose all chapped and peeling? Rub a little ChapStick on the dry areas to help reduce or prevent peeling and dryness. Use it on any dry area for that matter (Elbows, Knuckles, Knees, Etc)!
3) Have a ring stuck on your finger? Put ChapStick around both sides of the stuck ring and gently slide it back and forth through the ChapStick until you can slide it off (Speaking from experience here!).
4) Do you have those pesky flyaways bothering you and your hair? Add a dab of ChapStick on your fingers and smooth them away. 
Even the most basic makeup item that we normally overlook has multiple things you can use it for. Keep this old stand by in your purse and you won't be sorry!
This 3 Pack of Chap-Stick is $2.88 at Wal-Mart (These are available everywhere!!).


I hope this quick little post helped you rethink what you carry in your purse! 
I try NOT to carry everything (including the kitchen sink) in my bag, but it's hard to scale down sometimes. However, these 7 items always make the cut!

What do you always carry in your purse? I'd love to know! 

<3 MMG

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