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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going Nude....On your LIPS!


A word that sends a shiver down most women's spines....

Shock photo tumblr_ly4c2hpouG1r8bb8ao1_250_zps246a6bbe.gif  


 I'm talking about going NUDE on your LIPS ladies! 

So no worries here! :)


I think Nude Lips are just as classic as Va-Va-VOOM Red Lips!

But sometimes they are just as hard to pull off as bright red lipstick! So how to we do get those perfect nude lips that aren't too pale, or too bright!? 
Read my journey below to nude lip perfection!

I am an eye makeup that means I am ALWAYS "glamming" up my eyes with different eye shadows, liners, etc.
I love to try out new colors and trends, so my eyes usually have a lot going on.  
That means I usually don't go heavy on the lip color. (Remember the RULE: If you have bold eye makeup, go more subtle on the lips so your eyes will be the focus. And go soft on the eye makeup if you have bold, bright lips!)
I have never been one for dark lipstick...or even lipstick for that matter. I always felt like it looked weird on me for some reason. So, I would always gravitate toward lip glosses with just a hint of color or shimmer. Nothing to bold. 
As I have gotten older, I wanted to try and experiment with lip color. In the last few years I have gone from basically wearing plain ChapStick lip stains, lipsticks, lip liner and other bolder lip choices. 
I am still not wearing super BRIGHT or DARK colors...but I think I have found my perfect spot between nothing...and a pop of color (Read my earlier posts for my recommendations on Lip Stains, and other Lip items here, and here)! 

Throughout that search for color, I also experimented with the "Nude lip". I always thought doing a nude lip meant what I was already doing...chapstick, LOL!!!
But NO....that was SO wrong! 
Doing a nude lip means going a little lighter on your pout than your natural lip color. Basically, you make your lips more subdued and neutral so your other facial features can stand out!
There are different variations of the nude lip and some people take it further and DO make their nude lip the same color as their skin tone, but I feel like that makes your lips disappear and we don't want that! How will your sweetie know where to kiss you!?? 
I'm sorry...but awkward nose kisses aren't exactly CUTE are they!??

So after experimenting the last few years (Yes... it has literally taken me like 2 years to wear lip color or even the nude lip with a smidge of confidence!) I have finally found some lip products that I LOVE for an amazing nude lip!!

Here is a picture of my go-to lip items for my version of nude lips!

Nyx is the winner for me!!! I have tried so many other brands "nude" lip liners or glosses, but this combo seems to be perfection for me!
I use NYX Retractable Lip Liner in #10 - Nude (Ulta Link Here).
And NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu (Ulta Link Here).
 Yes...those are my lips! I know this color isn't SUPER pale...but for me...I still want to look like I have lips!!! haha!

The best thing about these NYX products:
1) Not expensive (Seriously only $4.49 for the liner and $4.99 for the gloss and Ulta usually has them Buy One Get One Half Off!)
2) Have a slight "Vanilla" smell...but ZERO taste (Which I love!)
3) Last throughout the day (The lip liner helps make this happen! Of course, you will have to reapply the gloss after lunch, but the liner stays!!)
4) Moisturizing (No dry lips here!)
5) The liner is twist up (So you never have to sharpen! YAY!)
6) NYX has TONS of color choices to help make the right Nude Lip for you!

As you can version of a Nude Lip isn't the same color as the rest of my skin! But...I have found that using this neural nude color helps make my eyes the focal point of my face (Which is what I LOVE!). My lips are naturally pretty red, so that is why this "nude" still has a little pink color to it. 

How to Apply: 
1) Apply a touch of Chapstick or some other light lip hydration. You want your "Canvas" to be prepped and ready right!?
2) Apply the nude liner. Line the outside of your lips first, then work your way in. The liner acts as a lip primer, so it will help maintain your nude look all day! It really is ALL about the liner...this is the step that "nudes" out your lip.
3) Apply your Lip Gloss or Lipstick.  Once again, start on the outside and work your way in. That way you don't miss any spots! Choose a gloss or lipstick that is very similar to the lip liner for the nude look!
4) Highlight the "Cupid's Bow". Remember this is the the spot where your upper lip meets and makes a "V". Even though we are doing a nude lip look, we still need to highlight this area so it won't disappear!

Remember: Makeup is all about covering up what you don't want the world to see...and enhancing what you do!
I think by using this subtle nude shade (not total pale nude...but nude enough for me!!), it really helps me feel like my face is complete! I love my lips, but I usually don't want them to be the focal point of my face unless I'm trying out the Bold Red Lip or a Radiant Orchid Pink Hue! 

If you have never tried going "nude"... Why not start small!? If you are use to bright lips, try going a shade lighter until you find a more neutral shade you are comfortable with. Or if you are on the other end like me...try finding the most neutral lip color and see if that is doable for you! These NYX items are wonderful to start with since there are so many shades AND they aren't expensive! They are cheap enough to buy 2 of the glosses! Keep one at home and one in your purse for touch ups!!!

 The lip liner is really the basis of this whole look. It really makes your color (or lack there of) STAY. I suggest using a liner with any lip look because it makes the most of your gloss or lipstick. If you feel that the nude liner is TOO nude, add a brighter color gloss or lipstick on top. Make it work for you!

 I also suggest having at least some sort of eye makeup on if you do the Nude Lip! Remember we want those eyes to POP if you go nude! Try adding some deep purple eye liner, or even the pop of spring green I mentioned in this post (here). The nude lip also pairs well with a smoky eye!!! 

Here are a few other lip products I have tried and also loved for this look:

Smashbox The Nude Lip liner - In Fair (Light Neutral Pink) $18
Sephora Link Here

Rimmel London Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner - 030 Natural ($4.76)

Walmart Link Here

Of course you don't have to try the nude lip, but I feel like it's a great way to help enhance your other beautiful features! Plus, it's great for spring and summer when you don't want bright red lipstick melting off your face in the heat!!! Just like with any other type of makeup, there is more than ONE right way! So play around with it until you find nude shade for you. It could be a light pink color or even a super pale beige. It's up to YOU! 


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