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Monday, November 24, 2014

Manic Monday!

Good morning Lovelies!
Yes... It's the dreaded MONDAY again...Seriously why does Monday ALWAYS sneak up so fast?? 

Sometimes I feel bad for Monday because it never gets any love in the weekday department....

But today we are going to change that and show Monday some LOVE!

Today is the 1st Manic Monday Q&A Post!

My 1st question comes from my best friend Carissa. 

She Asks...

"If you only had 2 minutes to leave the house, what 3 items would you apply??" top 3 must have products would be

1) Concealer
2) Cream Blush
3) Mascara 

Why these 3 items? Let me explain.

CONCEALER: No one likes to have their dark circles and blemishes broadcast to the world...So this is definitely #1 on my list!
Not only does concealer...well...conceal, but it also can be used as a highlighting tool in a pinch!
Since there is no time for foundation, use the concealer to hide those circles (In the Triangle form that I talked about HERE) and trouble spots. Then quickly slide some down the bridge of your nose, around the top of your eyebrows & on the brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and on your chin and blend.
This will help give the illusion of foundation and will help highlight your face as well! 
Nothing helps you look more awake than a little highlighting effect! 
Even if it is with a concealer!

Here are my Top Choices for Concealer:
Benefit Fake-Up Concealer
 This is a top choice for me because it has moisturizer IN IT! Since you are skipping a lot of prep steps, why not use a product that will take care of one of those steps anyways!
Not only does this concealer have a moisture ring around the concealer (Also great for dry spots and dry blemish areas), but it also REALLY conceals! 
My bad dark circles and blemishes vanish with this stuff!
$24 and well worth it! It lasts for at least 6 months for me with daily use!

$24 at Ulta and Sephora

NYX HD Photo Wand Concealer
If you have read my blog before, you know what a fan of this concealer I am. 
Simply put...It CONCEALS and is GREAT for highlighting as well. I use this on a daily basis and it works GREAT!'s only $4.99!

$4.99 at Ulta or Target

Cream Blush: I don't use cream blush on a daily basis, but it does have it's own place in my beauty bag! 
I would choose this kind over my normal powder blushes because it can be used for MORE than just blush!
After applying this quickly to the apples of my cheeks, I would also dab some on my finger and apply to my lips to give them a POP of color and the illusion of lipstick!
You could also use this as eyeshadow and apply a little dab across your lid, or just in the outer corner for some depth (This works especially well if your cream blush has a little shimmer to it!). 

My Top Choices for Cream Blush:
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
This blush has a wonderful smooth texture and they have tons of shades to choose from (10 at Ulta)!!'s only $7.99!!!
It also has a subtle shimmer to it, which also helps highlight those cheeks when you are in a hurry.

$7.99 at Ulta or Walmart/Drug Stores

NYX Cream Blush 
Surprise! Another NYX item that I love!
This cream blush also has a nice smooth texture, but it has no shimmer to it if a matte color is more your thing. 
Definitely doubles nicely as a lip color as well! 
Another steal at $5.99 too!!! YAAAAY!

$5.99 at Ulta or Target 

Mascara: I think mascara is probably the one item that I will NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR leave the house without. 
I can ALWAYS find at least 2 seconds to apply a tiny coat before I rush out the door. 
I seriously feel like my eyes are invisible if I don't have mascara on. 
When I am in an extra time crunch and don't have a minute to put on eyeliner, my mascara will just have to step in and do that job!
The secret to making your mascara mimick eyeliner is to make sure you apply it as close to your eyelid as possible!
Get in there and twirl the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and then brush upward.
Not only will you have nice long lashes, but you will also add more depth to your eye area by getting the mascara at the base of the lashes and basically right on your lid (like eyeliner would do!). 
You can also apply to your bottom lashes if you have a few more seconds to spare! 
 Hello EYES!!!! 
You are now ready to rush out the door!

My Top Choices for Mascara:

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
Yes...You all know that this is currently my FAVE mascara right now....So of course I'm recommending it!
It Lengthens...Gives Volume...and CURLS...
Nuff said! 

$23 at Ulta

Revlon Lash Potion Grow Luscious Mascara
This one is another old fave mascara of mine. 
For a "Drug Store" brand...this Revlon mascara really gets the job done. 
The wand is GREAT for getting in there and making it look like you have some liner on!
It lengthens, separates, and adds volume! can't beat the price tag...

$8.49 at Ulta, and other Drug Stores

Well, there you have it! The 1st Manic Monday Q&A!!! What do you think!?
Will you use these 3 items when you are in a super time crunch??

I need a new question for next Monday Lovelies!! 
Please come "Like" my page on Facebook and ask me questions! It doesn't have to be makeup related...Ask AWAY!! 
Anything is game!

You didn't think you were going to get through this post without a reference to this song right??!!
Come on I HAD TO!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Love you ALL!!!

<3, MMG   

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