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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Va Va Voom!

Today I decided to try a new look... 

Yes, I've written about this type of look on my blog previously... But I've never tried it before because I thought I just couldn't pull it off.

What look is it you ask!??? 

The Bold Red Lip and Cat Eye look! That's what!!! 

What do you think!?? 

I didn't know if I could pull off the red lip... But I'm kinda loving it! Especially for the holidays! It makes me feel so sassy!!

The trick with a Va Va Voom Red Lip and Cat Eye is..... Simplicity! 

Yes... I know that sounds weird when we are talking about such a bold look... But it's true!

The key is going simple on the eyes and let your lips do all the talking... Literally and figuratively hahaha! 

Make sure you use very neutral and natural eyeshadow shades on your eyes so your cat eye really pops and so do your lips! 

For my shadow I used the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. ($49 at Ulta and Sephora)
I'm loving this pallete because the whole top row are shimmer shadows and the bottom row are all matte shadows! This is a wonderful palette to have for the neutral tones alone! 

For today's look I used only matte shadows. 

Using matte shadows helps make your liner or lips (or both in this case) stand out more since it doesn't have any light catching shimmer to it. Even though it has no sparkle... It still helps you create depth by using the darker matte shadows in the right places (crease and outer corner). 

For my eyes, I used these 3 matte shadows from the Smashbox palette. (Sorry I don't have the actual names for you...I'm on the road blogging from my phone!)

1) I used the lightest beige color all over my lid, inner eye corner, and up to the brow bone. 
2) I used the light tan shade from
The middle of my lid to the outer corner.
3) I used the dark brown shade in the crease and outer corner.

Just a touch of darker eyeshadow in the crease and outer corner helps to create depth without screaming "I HAVE EYESHADOW ON!!!"

Now.. On to that Cat Eye...

For my liner I used the NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black. ($9.50 at ulta or target stores).

From years of trial and error... I have found that when you are doing a Cat Eye, or Winged Out liner... It is best to draw the "winged out" part 1st! Then go back and line your eyelid to meet up with the "Wing". In my experience, it helps me get even liner on both eyes. 

Like this...
(Photo from

For this eye look I only lined the top lid. I did absolutely zero dark liner on the bottom! 

I did however, line my bottom Waterline, or inner eyelid, with a beige colored liner to make my eyes look brighter and bigger! I used Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner in Bare. $20 at Ulta or Sephora.

Now on to those lips!!!! MUAH!!!

I have always kind of been terrified of dark lipstick because I never wanted to be one of those girls who smiled and had lipstick all over their teeth... I mean really... Who wants to be THAT girl!!?? 

(Lip stains have been a life saver in that department to help me overcome my fear of bright and bold lips! Haha!)

However, for this look... I went old school and pulled out the red lipstick! You know... The stuff in that tube you have to twist to get up!?! (I rarely EVER use lipstick so I had almost forgotten what it looks like!!)

1st, I prepped my lips with a nude lip liner. I lined my entire lip with the liner because it acts as a lip primer and helps keep the lipstick on your lips and not on your teeth or other parts of your face. I used Smashbox Nude Lip Liner in Pro... But it is no longer available because I've had it for so long, so here is the new version. Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Nude Fair - $20 at Sephora and Ulta). 

Next I used Buxom True Nude Lip foundation in Nude all over my lips to help reinforce the priming effect and to totally nude out my lip color so the red would really pop! This lip foundation is a great addition to my beauty arsenal! It really makes a great nude lip or helps make other bold lip colors stay and stand out! It is $19 at Sephora or Ulta stores! 

And finally.... The RED! 

Since this is really the 1st time I have attempted the red lip on myself... I don't currently have a red lip liner. I WILL be purchasing one soon since I'm loving this look! I would have liked to line my lips again with a red liner before I applied the red lipstick, but for today I went straight to the lipstick! It worked fine, but I feel like I could have enforced the staying power and the sharpness  a little better with a lip liner before the lipstick. 

I outlined my lips with the lipstick and then filled in my lips from the outside in and then blended them together before blotting with a  tissue. I also did the finger trick to make sure no RED would end up on my teeth! (Finger trick = sticking your index finger in your mouth and closing your lips around it and slowing drawing it out to collect any lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth!) Works like a charm!!!

For the red lips I used Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick in Red Red Red - $16 at Macy's or other Clinique counters) 

So far I've been wearing these red lips for 4 hours and they are still poppin! I even ate breakfast and had hot tea and they haven't budged! Score!!! (And I haven't had any migrate to my teeth!!! Double win!!)

So will you try this look for the holidays like me!?? I'm officially a red lip lover! 

Have a wonderful Va Va Voom Day lovelies!!!!! 

<3 MMG

P.S.- I'm sorry I didn't link up the products I used, but my blogging ability is very limited from my phone! :(  

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