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Friday, December 12, 2014

#FFF Flash Forward Friday

Instead of doing a Flash Back Friday (#FBF)....Today I will be doing a (#FFF) Flash Forward Friday!

Over here at Manic Makeup World... I'm always looking toward the future for new trends and inspiration!

If you remember, last January I did a little post on the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid (here).

How gorgeous was this color!? Did you notice it everywhere like I did?

Well....I have news for you Lovelies!!!!

Say HELLO to the 2015 Color of the Year




Check out the Pantone Website to see all the beautiful pictures previewing the new 2015 shade!

This warm, burgundy wine shade is just stunning!
Get ready to see this color in fashion, home goods, and of course, MAKEUP!

The Pantone Institute gives the perfect description for this hue, "A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls."

Doesn't this color just make you feel all warm and cozy by just looking at it!? 

I'm so excited to see what makeup trends come out using this shade! 
I'm thinking...Marsala lined eyes...and dark Marsala lips too!

This beautiful shade will look amazing on all skin tones and should definitely find it's way inside your closet AND makeup drawer!
I think this shade would pair perfectly with NUDE accent colors as well! 

As with Radiant Orchid, the Color of the Year isn't just ONE has a spectrum!

For 2015, think BRICK WALL for the Marsala color gamut!
Can you see how this wall runs from pinky nude colors to deep dark Marsala red? That's what you need to look for to rock this trend for 2015.


Sephora always teams up with The Pantone Institute to create a line of exclusive Color of the Year inspired makeup products. I am currently on the wait list to get an email when they release the 2015 collection!

But...If you want to be Marsala ready for 2015 on January these Marsala inspired items NOW!

Marsala Makeup:

(Yes, this is more of a nude shade..BUT..that's the beauty of this Color of the Year!! The color spectrum for this hue has SO many doable makeup options without having to only wear deep red!!)




Marsala Fashion: 




Marsala Home: 


Will you incorporate this gorgeous wine color somewhere in your home, closet, or makeup?

SO many beautiful options to choose from already and it's not even 2015 YET!!

You can BET I will be doing some Marsala inspired  makeup looks and tutorials for 2015! 
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Thanks for reading!!!!

<3, MMG


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