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Monday, December 1, 2014

Manic Monday #2

It's that day again....yep....MONDAY..

It's BACK!!

Anger and Loathing's time for another Manic Monday Q&A Session!!!

This week's question comes from Shari:

"What makeup removers do you recommend to clean your face and do they really take that mascara off??"

 My favorite makeup remover right now is a wipe! 

Pond's Makeup Removing Wipes

They have been my go to makeup removers for years!
They come in 4 different kinds (Morning Refresh, Original, Evening Soothe, and Luminous Clean - Unpictured), but I LOVE the Evening Soothe kind because they smell SO nice and it really helps me relax at the end of the day!
They also have these little tiny microbeads in them to help lightly exfoliate and really get that makeup off!
These always get all of my makeup off no matter how much I am wearing.
Even if I'm not wearing any, I still use these at the end of the day because they just smell amazing!!
If you are looking for a quick way to wash your face in the morning, try the Morning Refresh wipes!
Just pull one out of the package, wipe, breath the exhilarating citrus scent in, and GO!
They also smell nice and will wake you and your face up! These are especially great if you are traveling or on the go!

These wipes are available pretty much EVERYWHERE!
They run from $3-$6 depending on where you buy them!

2nd Fave Makeup Removing Wipe is...

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths 
 These wipes are wonderful for sensitive skin! 
They definitely get the makeup GONE and your skin feels nice and clean and you won't have to worry about any fragrance breaking you out!
These are a little bit more expensive ($6 for 25) but if you need something for sensitive skin, these are a MUST!
These are also sold everywhere!

For that tough eye makeup....

I use these...

Almay Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads 

These little babies are AWESOME at getting off stubborn eye makeup (Waterproof Mascara anyone!!??)
Normally, my Pond's Wipes get my every day makeup off with no problem...But if I don't feel like scrubbing my eye area (Don't want those WRINKLES!!)...I use these to make it easier!
These wipes are small little circle pads, but they pack a punch!
I use for each eye!
Plus, they aren't too expensive!
They run $4-$6 for 80 pads.

Need an eye makeup remover on a budget!??

 Try Baby Oil!!! 

It removes eye makeup easy peasy!'s CHEAP!!! 
Put a little dab on a cotton ball or a washcloth and wipe that eye makeup away!

$3.26 for a 14oz bottle at Walmart


Now these are my fave makeup REMOVING products, but they aren't what I use to "clean" my face...unless I'm being super lazy!

My all time FAVE face cleanser is....

Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash
I have used this soap for YEARS now. It is still the cleanser that I keep buying OVER and OVER!
First all know I LOVE this brand if you read my gift guide post HERE.
This stuff is seriously magic in a bottle!!!'s BLACK...which might look kind of gross...but it WORKS!
My face feels SO super clean after I use this. 
The black soap works as microdermabrasion to get rid of old dead skin, and it fights acne and tightens the skin!
This stuff is also 100% All Natural! 
Another WIN!
No harsh chemicals here! 
This cleanser is great for skin of ALL ages and you can actually use it as a mask too! 
Double Duty!
To use as a mask, just let the cleanser sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes and then wash off!
It will tingle just a bit so you know it's working!
A little tiny bit goes a long way so a bottle of this stuff lasts me for months!
I could go on and I'll stop..but seriously check it out!

$18 for a 4oz Bottle HERE

I follow up my Black Soap Cleanser with...

Eau de Rose Maroc Hydrating Facial Spritz
Fancy words for Moraccan Rose Water Spray...But this stuff is an awesome addition to my skin care routine. 
It acts as a facial toner and light moisturizer. 
It is also 100% All Natural and it gets rid of any redness or dry skin that I might have.
Just spray, let dry, and move on to the next step!
This stuff smells just like you are taking a stroll through an English Rose's a DREAM!
Just a few sprays does the trick! 
You can also spritz throughout the day if your skin is feeling dry, or needs a little rejuvenation!
The 4oz bottle also lasts months and months!

$18 for 4oz Bottle HERE 

 The last step in my cleansing routine is....

100% Pure African Baobab Oil
This is my final and most luxurious step in my skincare routine. 
This stuff makes my skin feel SO SOFT!'s an OIL...and YES...I have OILY skin....
But Oil + Oil doesn't necessarily = MORE OIL 
believe it or not!
This doesn't clog your pores either...YAY!
I only use this step at night time, so it has time to sink in while I sleep. doesn't have the greatest smell (Think...roasted nuts LOL)...but it works so well I don't even care!
 Your face will "feel" oily after you use this, but it does sink in and make your skin feel so moisturized and rejuvenated!
 This is 100% All Natural and it has BOAT LOADS of vitamins in it!
 Perfect for all skin types and skin ages!

As with the other products, a little goes a long way. One pump, or pea sized amount will cover your whole face.

$18 for 2oz Bottle HERE

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Well, there you have it Lovelies!!!

Do you have a question for next Manic Monday!??
Comment below or on my Facebook Page!

Have a wonderful Manic Makeup MONDAY!

<3, MMG

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