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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hump Day Helper - How to Clean that Beauty Blender

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!

YAY it's HUMP DAY!!!

Since I have missed Manic Monday and Tip Tuesday this week...I am going with...Hump Day Helper......haha!

Anyways....Back to the tips!

 Last week I posted about an easy and effective (and Cheap) way to clean your makeup brushes at home (HERE). 

So keeping with that theme, I am going to give you a little advice on how to keep that Beauty Blender Sponge CLEAN and Bacteria FREE!


Keeping our makeup brushes and sponges CLEAN is CRUCIAL! 
I can't say that enough!
If you wonder why you keep breaking out, but never clean your makeup application products....that could be one of the main reasons!
Why why WHYYYYYYY would you want to use a dirty washcloth say "Oh I used a washcloth so I'm clean"...
So please PLEASE don't do that with your makeup brushes or sponges! 
They might LOOK clean on the surface, but they harbor tons of icky bacteria.
Ever wonder why your Beauty Blender sponge STINKS??

One Word.


But...that STANK and bacteria-ness can be easily fixed and KILLED! 

Just follow these simple steps to save your FACE!

What You Need:
Beauty Blender Sponge
Glass Bowl 
1 Cup Water
Hand Towel

Step 1:
Wash your dirty Beauty Blender Sponge with soap and warm water. 

This step helps get all of the trapped makeup out of the sponge.
Keep rinsing the sponge with soap and water until there is no more makeup residue coming out of the sponge when you squeeze it. (There could be some residual staining from certain makeup products so your sponge might not LOOK brand new, but as long as the water is running clear when you squeeze it, it is clean).

See? No yucky makeup coming out anymore! 
Now it's clean!

*Extra Tip*  
If you don't have time to sit there and wash out your makeup sponge, throw it in the washer with a load of clothes! Just make sure you take it out before you put the load in the dryer!!!

Step 2:
Once you have washed out your Beauty Blender, the next step is to KILL that acne causing bacteria that is lurking deep inside!

And when I say KILL...I mean MURDER IT! 
Kill it ALLLLLL!!!! 
(Insert Psycho stabbing music here) 

This is such an important step (if not THE most important step)! 
Just like your makeup brushes, why would you want to keep applying makeup with a dirty makeup sponge laden with bacteria every DAY!?

Please DON'T!! Do this instead.....

Place your Beauty Blender in a large glass bowl and fill it with 1 Cup of water (at least one inch of standing water) and place in the microwave for 2 minutes.

 *** Make sure your beauty blender is freshly washed and  still damp! Dry sponges can melt!!!!
***Check your beauty blender at 1 minute to make sure you aren't melting it!!! Yes...that can happen if you don't have enough water or your bowl is too small! 
*** depending on microwave watt differences.... Your sponge might only need 1 minute to be done! Please be watchful and aware and make sure you don't start a beauty blender fire! 

Just DO IT!
The intense heat and boiling water/steam instantly KILL that Acne causing bateria!!!
RIP...No, not really...Just DIE bacteria!

So...since you have 2 minutes to spare while you are waiting for your sponge to DE-Funk-Ify...
here are a few suggestions of what to do with those 2 minutes.

1) Do a happy dance! 
Why not burn some calories AND celebrate the fact that your makeup sponge is going to be SUPER clean!??

2)  Floss. 
Not my favorite thing to do...but hey...why not REALLY make the most of your 2 minutes?

3) Wash those dirty dishes in the sink.
On second thought....maybe NOT.

4) Make a Lip Scrub!
Since you are most likely RIGHT next to your pantry...Grab a small scoop of Brown Sugar/Sugar/Salt and mix with a drop of Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/Any Oil and scrub those chapped lips away! 
Dab the mixture on your finger and scrub in circular motions. 
Rinse off the excess and *MUAH* Soft, Smooth lips AND a clean Beauty Blender!

5) Read some past blog posts by your fave blogger...Which I certainly hope is ME!!!
Here are some links for your reading pleasure!

 Step 3: now that your 2 microwave minutes are need to let the bowl cool down because that water IS HOT!!!!!
Please don't burn yourself!!! 
Give it a minute or... 5... to cool down. 
*If you are a Daredevil....please use an oven mitt to grab the bowl out of the microwave and drain the hot water.* 

Once the bowl has cooled off, carefully take out of the microwave and pour out the hot water.
The sponge will still be SUPER HOT and will have SUCKED up the HOT water... SO BE AWARE!
Take a hand towel and squeeze the sponge and the excess hot water into it so you don't burn your hands.
Once you have squeezed as much water out as you can, set the sponge on your counter to air dry.


How easy is that!???

It literally only takes MINUTES to clean your Beauty Blender AND kill all the icky bacteria!

*Extra Tip*
You can also use this same method to clean kitchen sponges too!
I also use this on my Clarisonic brush heads just to make sure they aren't moldy or have bacteria growing on them!
 You can use this for toothbrushes as well! If you don't have a chance to run out and get a new toothbrush but suspect someone MIGHT have used yours....just pop it in the microwave just like your beauty blender! Germs GONE!!!

The possibilities are endless!!


I recommend washing your beauty blender out after every use with soap and the real world...
We ain't got time for DAT!!!

SO....please at LEAST wash your sponge once a week with soap and water and zap it in the microwave once a month (Twice a month if you have acne prone skin or even weekly wouldn't be a bad idea!!)

Just be aware of your makeup application products and the fact that a clean brush or sponge does help you get the most out of your makeup and saves your skin!
Clean brushes and sponges actually SAVE time AND makeup!! You use LESS makeup when you have clean products PEOPLE! 
Seriously, you DO!
Try it out!!


Thanks for joining me on this edition of Hump Day Helper....haha! (I don't think this will be a weekly occurrence with a name like that LOL).

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Thanks for reading!
Follow me on Facebook for other fun tips throughout the week! 

Love you all!!


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