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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NEW 2015 Beauty Trends

Did the holiday season go by as fast for YOU as it did for ME?

I mean...wasn't it just September yesterday!?

I can't believe we are putting a dent in January already!!

Before we know it, it will be Spring!!

With March basically tomorrow....we need to be ready to rock the hottest spring makeup and beauty trends when those warmer months come around. (Warmer months?? Who am I's still like 80 here in's ALWAYS warm!!)

Here are some beauty trends to wear and keep an eye out for this spring!

PURPLE Everyyyyythang!
Guys.....I am SOOOO beyond excited for this....You all know how OBSESSED I am with purple eye looks!!!
And this spring, purple eyes are #OnFleek (Yes...that's the new phrase meaning "On Point"...and you must include the # in there. Even writing that made me feel 20 years older...Kids these days and their #HASHTAGS#!!!)

Anyways...back to the PURP DEETS!

This spring rock ANY shade of purple on the eyes to be on trend. You can go light lilac on the lids, or even dark plum to be perfectly on point!

Try these shadows to make those eyes SCREAM Purple:

 Purple plum lips are ALSO a hot spring trend this year! Don't put away that deep berry lipstick just because it's spring! Keep it close at hand to make that pout super trendy!

Try these lippies to rock a plum lip look:


Blackest Black Eyeliner 
 The name of the black liner game this spring is...
Keep it super black.
Keep it super simple.

Pair your black inked eyes with minimal or light eyeshadow colors to make the black liner really POP.
Also, try lining the TOP lid ONLY for a bold, but daytime appropriate liner look.

Winged out liner is BACK (which I am SUPER happy about)!! But lining the top and bottom lid from just the center to the outer corners is also popping up this spring. 

Black Lined eyes with simple eyeshadow would pair perfectly with a purple plum pout! See how gorgeous it looks in that photo above!!? Seriously loving that look!

Try these Blackest Black Liners:

(Available at Walgreens and is the BEST felt tip pen liner I have found!! Plus it's so cheap!!!)

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner - $7.49
(I use this in my Affordable Face Video HERE!!)


Dewy, Glowy, SHOWY Skin!


Those are the words you will hear describing the Spring skin trends this year.
Please don't confuse dewy with oily. 
That is not the case here! 
Dewy means a soft, light reflecting finish to the skin. 
Now...Not all of us have the luxury of a smooth, even, acne free complexion. So here are a few recommendations to fake that glow!

Try a light reflecting primer that goes on under your foundation. It keeps oil in check AND gives you a subtle glow that fakes a more even, dewy skin tone. 

If you want to skip the primer, go for a luminous foundation that has light reflecting pigments in it. Your skin will look healthy and more even!

If you don't want to splurge on a new primer or foundation, add a highlighter to your makeup routine to get that dewy finish!
Apply a light shimmer highlighter to your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, middle of your forehead, and on your chin to hit the most light reflecting areas of your face.
You can also hit your inner eye corner and brow bone if you really want to glow!

(Yes, I know it's an eye shadow...but it doubles as the PERFECT highlighter! I rave about it in my December favorites video HERE).



Red lips aren't just for winter and the holidays!
These red hots are staying through summer! 
Grab that favorite red hue and get those lips poppin!!!
If you are unsure of which red is the right red for you...Check out my post on picking the RIGHT red HERE!!


Don't forget the Marsala!!!
If you haven't read my post on the NEW 2015 Color of the year, click HERE!!!!


As far as hair goes...

Braids are still very much IN, in every way shape or form..but especially messy braided ponies!
Good thing you learned how to do that fishtail braid last year LOL! Your new skills won't be going to waste!

Perfectly UNdone hair is also in!
So...I guess just roll out of bed and GO!
The messier, The BETTER!

Try adding some dry shampoo to the roots of your hair to add some volume and texture to help you make this mess...a perfectly coiffed...well...mess.

Low, sleek ponytails will be everywhere this spring! YAY! How's that for EASY hair?? 
Try a slick side part for a classic, sophisticated look.

 Since the undone, messy look is also IN...
 Punch up the look with some volume at the crown of your head and then pull it back into a low pony.

Try this teasing brush to help you get that messy volume easily!


What do you think of the 2015 spring beauty trends?

Will you be #OnFleek this year?? (Sorry...I just #HADtoDoIT!!)

Thank you for reading!!

I love you all!!!!

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