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Saturday, January 31, 2015

SkinCare Saturday!

SkinCare Saturday!!!

I have recently tried a new skincare regimen by First Aid Beauty and I am LOVING IT!!! I just couldn't wait any longer to share this with you all!

I got a few samples from Sephora and they got me HOOKED! 

The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream has saved my face! It is so moisturizing but not greasy...just perfect! It feels so luxurious on the skin! I can really tell a difference in my skin just by using this moisturizer! 

I ordered this 3 piece set from Sephora a few weeks back and it is such an awesome deal!! 

Normally if you bought all 3 products separately, that would run you $78!!!! Whoa...dats craaaaazy talk! But this full size set is only $38!!!!! HOLY STEAL!

The ultra repair cream runs $28 alone people!!! It's worth every penny...buuuut why not get 3 amazing products for only $10 more!??

You get a full size cleanser, facial radiance exfoliating pads, and ultra repair cream! They are ginormous! It's going to take me forever to use them up!!! 

See how big they are!??? Yes... That's my hand, lol! I just had to show you that you are getting A LOT of product for the $38 steal! 

Another great part of this brand is that they are GREAT for sensitive skin peeps! The cleanser is so creamy and calming and you just need a teeny tiny pea sized drop to lather up your whole face! It also works well with a Clarisonic Brush if you have one! 

 Even the exfoliating pads are so gentle and contain no alcohol, so ZERO BURNING!!!! Yay!!!!

In this kit you get 60 exfoliating pads!! I am loving those for a little extra cleansing and toning effect! 

If you are looking for a new skincare regimen...look no further than FIRST AID BEAUY!! Get this amazing deal before it's gone!!!   

Get it from Sephora NOW!!! Go!!! HURRY!!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!!!! 

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