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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Look

It's almost that time, Ladies...
It doesn't matter if you have a significant other to spend Heart Day with...Just celebrate that day with the people you love!
So...if you are going out with a bunch of friends, or with your husband...Boy do I have the look for YOU!

Do you want to know the BEST part!??? 



That's Right!!

Super affordable...Dare I say...CHEAP...Makeup finds that will give you a HOT Valentine's Day look that just might set your house on FIRE!

This look might seem difficult, but it's really rather SIMPLE! 
And by simple...I mean that there are only 2 eyeshadow colors on my eyes! How's that for easy!??

Ok...So what Products did I use for this rosy pink V-Day Glam Look??
Here you Go!
Guys...if you bought everything above at FULL price....NO coupons...(But HELLO there are ALWAYS coupons for Drugstore makeup AND BOGO sales!!)
Your grand total would be....
That is incredible savings if you ask me!!
PLUS....No one will even GUESS that you got this hot V-Day Glam look on the CHEAP!'s the deets on how I did this look...

Instead of a super matte look, I went with a dewy, glowy look that will just ooze glamour!
I used my Rimmel primer on my whole face, then lightly tapped on the Maybelline foundation (which I am SOO in love with! It has amazing coverage!!!).
I used my NYX concealer on my trouble spots and under my eyes in the Triangle formation (I explain here).
Then I used my rimmel powder to set my under eye concealer and foundation. 
I used a glowy bronzer on my cheeks and on my temples and top of my forehead. I didn't want a super contoured look, just something soft and feminine. 
I dusted the apples of my cheeks with the rosy pink blush just to give a soft pop of color. 
To highlight and really get that dewy glow, I used my champagne Covergirl EyeEnhancers Shadow on my cheekbones, chin, bridge of my nose, and middle of my forehead.

For my simple, but glam eye look, I used the NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Stormy Skies.
All I used from this palette was the WHITE and MATTE GREY shades! (4th from the left on the bottom and 2nd from the left on the top).
I used the white shadow all over my lid. Including the inner corner and up to the brow bone.
Then I used the matte grey shade in my crease. I ONLY used this in my crease, I didn't bring it down around the outer corner. We want this look to be soft and feminine. So only 2 colors precisely placed will do!

As you can see, I did a MAJOR eyeliner wing! 
To really pump up the glam factor I did not only the outer wing....but an INNER wing!!
This really adds an unexpected POP of glam to your look! It's not something I do every day...only for special occasions to make my look stand out!
To get the inner wing, simply drag your liner out in a tiny triangle form in the inner corner of your eye.
Then line the inner rim with your liner to make those eyes POP!

The final eye step is mascara! Pack it on to enhance the glam factor!

To finish off this look, I used a matte PINK lipstick. 
What is more feminine than PINK?
Instead of a glossy look, I decided to let my cheeks do the glowing instead of my eyes and lips.
I am in serious LOVE with this Maybelline ColorSensational Matte Lipstick! It is SO creamy and pigmented and it has ZERO taste or smell!
Can I get a hallelujah!!!????
It is so long lasting and SO CHEAP ($5.50!!!!!!)!
 I am just loving the matte lip look too! 

Don't let RED have all the fun! Pull out this feminine PINK LIP look to really bring the hotness factor this holiday!


How easy and CHEAP is this Valentine's Day Glam look!??
No one needs to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup just to make them feel special!
There are tons of awesome deals and GREAT products right at your drugstore to help give you that extra glam you are looking for! 
Why not try a new and easy look this holiday and save some $$$ while you are at it!

Again, you don't need someone to tell you you are special and beautiful on Valentine's Day. 
You are GORGEOUS every day of the YEAR!!!
Spend that day celebrating Love, and LIFE and be with the people that make you happy!

Happy Heart Day my Lovelies!!!!
Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. YOU SIMPLY MUST DEVOTE A POST TO YOUR GORGEOUS LIP ROUTINE!!!! How do we get fuller, poutier lips without injections?? How do you perfect that pout?!? This routine was flawless and so classy and elegant!! And a drug store routine to boot! LADIES LADIES LADIES, this blog should be on your morning map through the internet, I know it's my FIRST stop every day!

    1. Ohhhh good idea!!!! I need your input though because you are the queen!!!!!! Love you!!!!!