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Monday, February 9, 2015

Neutral but GLAM Eye Tutorial

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Yes...It's that dreaded day AGAIN...

BUT...I have a quick little eye tutorial for you to brighten up your day!!

Today I used the LORAC Pro Palette to create a neutral, but bold and glam eye look that would be perfect for everyday wear... OR a special occasion...Like...Maybe VALENTINE'S DAY!??

(Yes, In case you forgot...Heart Day is coming up THIS WEEKEND!!! YIKES!)

This Eye Look features cream, mauve, and brown tones that will compliment ANY eye color.
It will also pair perfectly with a BOLD RED or NUDE lip!! The possibilities are endless!

Here are the colors I used from the LORAC Pro Palette.

What I used:


How simple is this look!???

It's all about layering the right colors in the right places!
You don't always have to use BOLD or DARK colors to make a statement eye!
Try using neutral tones like I did in your crease and outer corner, it packs more power than you think!
 And one of the BEST aspects of this look is...You can pair it with ANY lip color!! 
Remember it's a neutral look, so it will look amazing with RED, BERRY, or even NUDE lips!! Perfect for daytime AND evening looks!


Thanks for reading and watching my LOVELIES!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. I love a simple glam eye! Easy colors to use and find if you don't have the pro palette too! Thanks for the tute MMG, and I love those wings!

    1. You are so right!!! I think almost everyone has colors similar to this at home!!!! Love a good wing day too haha!!