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Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello hair!!!

Need a fun hairdo for the weekend!??

Try this super easy updo that literally takes minutes but LOOKS like you spent hours!!!

All you need is an elastic headband, a few bobby pins and hairspray! 

How to: 

1) place the headband over the outside of your hair (don't pull your hair over it because you will be tucking it around the band) 

2) take a small section of hair around your ear and loop around and under  outside of the band (this hides the elastic)

3) repeat on the other side of your head 

4) you can tuck all of your hair in this way around the elastic or you can add a little braid like I did. If you want the braid, Leave a small section of hair untucked by your ear. Braid, then place over the tucked, rolled hair and secure on the other side of your head with a bobby pin. 

5) secure any loose areas with bobby pins and then use a little hairspray to keep it in place.


How easy is that!? Let the headband do all the work for you!! So simple! Just tuck and roll... Literally...

P.S.- this hairdo works even better with dirty hair... And by dirty I mean just not freshly washed, lol! This is day 5 for me and I just used some dry shampoo on my roots to take away the oil and add some volume! 

So....go pull out those awesome elastic headbands and try this look! It will become a fave I promise!!! I can't stress how easy it is!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

Love you all!!! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Poof the Puff

Something every human being alive will have to deal with at one point in their life is...

Under eye Puffiness.

It's not pretty.

It's not fun.

But I am here to help POOF the PUFF for you!

Tips to Help Lessen Under Eye Puffiness:

1) Get more SLEEP!
Yes, I know this is hard sometimes.
(I REALLY do understand....hello...I have an 8 month old baby)
Sleep is magical.
I don't understand why babies and small children despise it. 
Sleep helps your body regenerate, fight off illness, and just survive in general!
The key is finding the perfect amount of hours that your body needs to function properly and replenish.
Some of you might only need 4....I however need 12...Okay, just kidding but I need at least 6-8 hours to feel rested and...Alive!  
I notice a remarkable difference in under eye puffiness and dark circles when I get more rest.
The best part of this tip is....It's FREE!! 
But, it PAYS off in so many ways!
Why not skip the Netflix binge tonight (guilty!) and go to bed at a decent hour and see how much better you feel in the morning!

2) Drink more H2O!

Another "DUH" tip, I know.
But don't we ALL need to be reminded to drink water?
Drinking 8 cups of coffee sadly does not count people!
Our bodies NEED water to function, just like sleep!!
Water not only helps clear your body of toxins, it also hydrates and replenishes our skin!
That's where the magic happens to banish the under eye PUFF!
You might think drinking MORE water would make puffiness stay around longer, but it's actually the opposite!
When your body is properly hydrated, it can repair itself more quickly and effectively!
So....Grab a big water bottle and get to slurpin!

Try these water bottles to help encourage a healthy water drinking habit!

This adorable bottle comes with a straw AND a gel freezer insert to keep your water cold all day!
Plus, it holds 32oz of water! 

If you HATE plain water, why not try this water bottle with an infuser?
You can create your own, naturally flavored water on the go! Just add your choice of fruit and herbs and let it steep in your water while you drink!
A personal favorite flavor combo of mine is fresh cut strawberries, lemons, and mint leaves! Also, fresh blueberries and lemon or plain pineapple are wonderful too!
You can feel like you are at the spa with your own personal spa water infusion while you are out and about! YUM!


Now I know for all you snowed in peeps that this is probably the LAST thing you want to hear....but the truth is, COLD helps the PUFF go away!! 
Don't go pack snow on your eyeballs!
That would be messy...and probably painful!
The trick is simple and it has been around for ages!

Put 2 metal spoons in your fridge for a few minutes so they can chill. 
Once they are cooled to your liking, place them on your under eye area to banish the PUFF!
If you can, lay down and relax for 5-10 minutes while you de-puff. 
Nothing is as tried and true as this tip! Try keeping 2 spoons in your refrigerator for those extra rushed mornings! That way they will be chilled and ready to go to battle against that puff!
SPOONS for the WIN!

Another way to get that cold de-puff factor is by using a reusable refrigerated eye mask. 

Pretty much anything cold can be used to De-Puff! I know my best friend will whip out the condiments (Mustard and Ranch Bottles Particularly) and lay them on her under eye area if they are cold!
But...If you don't want to have to explain to your significant other what the heck you are doing...Just use the tried and true spoon trick, or invest in the reusable eye mask! Just make sure you apply the cold compress in the morning before you get ready for the day to help the swelling go down before you have to run out the door!


Okay so...Maybe you won't be DRINKING the caffeine, but applying brewed and chilled tea bags to your under eye area helps banish that puff in no time!
The secret is the caffeine in the tea!
Caffeine has a tightening effect when applied to the skin (Coffee scrub to help reduce cellulite anyone!? Or is that just me? Let me know if you want my recipe in the comments below!)
What an easy and resourceful way to reuse those already brewed tea bags that you had for breakfast!
I personally love using tea bags to help de-puff my eye area. It feels spa-like and it WORKS!
I love to use black tea because it has a higher caffeine content and therefore helps tighten my eye area a little better!
If my under eye bags aren't dragging on the ground, I also like to use pre-brewed peppermint tea bags because the mint adds an extra cooling and tingling effect. 
Just make sure you let the bags cool or chill in the fridge! We don't want to burn our eyes with HOT tea bags!!! 

5) Mask it!

A quick and effective way to get that puff outta here AND pamper yourself at the same time is by using under eye paper masks!
I love these little things!!!
Not only are they CHEAP (hello $1.37!!??) but they feel so nice and cool on the eye area. You also don't wash off the mask leftovers once you are done! You gently pat in the excess as a tightening serum. 
That means it's perfect to use in the morning before you do your makeup OR at night before you go to bed. 

I find my new fave paper eye mask at Walmart in the beauty section!
Freemans Coffee & Chai Energizing Paper Eye Mask - $1.37 (not available online for me to link up for you) :(
Side Note: they say they are coffee and chai..but they smell NOTHING like coffee and chai! It's more of a fresh, clean scent. Not bad, just not coffee or chai!

There are other kinds of under eye masks that are specifically suited toward under eye puffiness (I just have not tried them, so if you do...let me know how these work!)

6) Pack it on!

Pack it on...With Eye Products that is!
You can't expect that puff to vanish into thin air without a little help from the above tips and eye product or two!
I am a firm believer in using eye creams to PREVENT puffiness AND wrinkles!
The skin around your eyes is the MOST delicate skin on your face.
It is so thin and tender that it needs to be pampered and protected on a daily basis. 
Eye products are a great way to prevent (or lessen) dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.
The great thing about eye products is that you can use more than one to compound the benefits! 
If you have one eye cream that helps de-puff, and another that firms and takes away dark circles...Use them BOTH together to cover all your eye bases!
You might think that applying more than one eye product is tedious and wasteful, but the eye area can speak your age before you even open your mouth!
Since the skin is so delicate and we rub and scrub it all the time taking our makeup off, it wrinkles and puffs up more easily than our other facial skin. 

You MUST protect it to prevent it!

I have noticed a significant reduction in fine lines and puffiness since I started combining eye products. 
I use a dark circle, wrinkle reducer product and a tightening and firming product twice a day every day. 

Here are the 2 products I am loving right now. 

 Yes, the price tag might scare you, but I decided to invest in a really good and effective wrinkle preventing eye cream. 
I got a sample of this cream and it literally lasted me for a month and a half! So I know this full size bottle will last me for a year at the least. 
That made the price tag a little less painful.
This cream is the ONLY thing that has helped diminish my dark circles and fine lines. It also only takes a teeny tiny amount of product to do the job. YAY!
I love being able to try out products before I take the plunge for the full size. I would never have bought this if I wasn't able to sample it first. 
I do suggest asking for samples at Ulta or Sephora for products that you are unsure about. They ALWAYS have samples and they have little containers that they can make and give you if a prepackaged sample isn't available. Just ask!! 
If you buy online, sephora and ulta BOTH give you the option of choosing 3 samples to try! So take advantage of that and try a new product for free to see if it's something that works for you!
I highly recommend this eye cream for protection and prevention of dark circles and fine lines.
Sometimes the best eye products are worth the money!

Okay so...this product is legit! 
It seriously firms up my puffy under eye area in a flash! 
I actually am still using my free deluxe size sample of this stuff (I've had it for a month already and it still feels full). 
It literally takes such a TEENY TINY bit of product to get the firming results you want! 
I know this one is steep in price too, but I feel like it's worth the money AND it will last forever. I plan on buying the full size once my free sample runs out. 
This, combined with my Dermadoctor creates the perfect under eye de-puff and dark circle eraser dream! I can't recommend them enough! 
If you get the chance to get a free sample of either of them, DO IT! They give you more than a months supply to fully test it out!

Other Under Eye Product Recommendations:

I love a good roller ball applicator! This one cools and firms at first roll! Perfect for travel or for mornings before you apply your makeup!

A great drug store option for correcting dark circles and for combining with an eye firming product. 

Retinol is a miracle worker for preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles and firming the under eye area! If you see an eye product with Retinol in it...BUY IT!

**** Make sure when you apply eye creams that you use your ring finger (it applies the lightest amount of pressure) AND you lightly dab the products in. 
NO smearing or smoothing it in! 
Light dabs only!!!!
Eye creams are highly concentrated and don't need to be smashed into the delicate eye skin.
You will only be creating more puffiness and wrinkles if you press and push harshly on the eye area!!
Also, don't forget to dab the product onto your eyelid as well. You don't want wrinkly or droopy lids in the future either do you?****


So who's with me on banishing the PUFF???
If there is one thing I would recommend investing in, it's good quality eye products.
Nothing can age you faster than fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around your eyes!
Protect and Prevent!!!

Even if you are on a budget, there are still affordable and FREE ways to help get rid of under eye puffiness. 
The spoon and tea bag tricks are always a staple in my routine!

What ways do you help get rid of eye problems?
I would love to hear them!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!
Love you all!!