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Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 - 1st Quarter Faves

I am SO sorry that I haven't posted a "Favorites" video since....eeeekkk...December!!!


How is it almost MAY and I haven't gotten my faves together for you!??

Well...You can all rest assured that I have had plenty of time to find some new products for you that I am LOVING!!!

Some might be old news to you, some might be NEW...But check out my latest Video to see what I have been using like crazy recently!

Products Mentioned:

Here is a picture of my nails using these fun embellishments!!

*Side Note: Even though the Jergens Natural Glow is a gradual tanning lotion, you should still exfoliate your body before you do the 1st application! It helps the tan develop more evenly and last longer (in my experience). My tan usually lasts about 3 weeks with no fading or dry patch build up. At the 3 week mark I scrub scrub scrub and start over so I can have a nice glow again!  

I would love to know what some of your current favorites are!
It can be anything!
Food, Makeup, Books, Etc.!
Tell me what you have on repeat in your life!!

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I love you all!!!

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