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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hair Headband

Heeeeeeey Guysssss!
It's that magical day again that only comes around ONCE a week......
It's time to celebrate the upcoming weekend with a *New* super cute and EASY Hairstyle!!!
Without further ado....
The Hair Headband!

Guys....How cute is this!??

And you won't believe how easy it is!!
All you need is:
1) Your own hair.
2) 2 Bobby Pins.

Just watch this quick tutorial!

Wasn't that simple!?

All you do is 
1) Braid a small section of hair by your ear.
2) Wrap the braid over the top of your head to the other ear.
3) Secure with 2 Bobby Pins (One facing forward and one facing backward --- this makes sure they don't slip).



I know, right!??

You don't have to say it... I know... It's the easiest and cutest thing ever! I am so obsessed with this hairstyle!

I love that you can make the braid super skinny like I did, or thicker for a bolder look. You can even make it super messy for an undone "I didn't even try and I look this good" look!
You could even do more than one braid, or wrap one from each side to do a double headband!
The possibilities are endless with this style!

I'm in LOVE!!


Are you as obsessed with braids as I am!?

If you try this look I would LOVE to see it!
Please post your beautiful hair selfies on my Facebook Page!

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Thanks for reading and watching!
I love you all!!!!

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