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Friday, April 3, 2015

Snake Braid

I am ALL about super easy and quick hair options for the warmer months.

And let's face it....I live in Florida....That means it's "warmer" 11 1/2 months out of the 12!!

I've been going with a more natural/low maintenance hairstyle lately and I'm digging the loose messy wave look. I curl my hair with a 1 1/2 inch size curling wand (curl the bottom half 1st, then the top half) and then I turn my head over and shake my head to loosen the curls. My hair holds curl well, so the waves usually last me 3 days (revived with dry shampoo of course). The waves get more and more relaxed each day and by the 4th or 5th "No Wash Hair Day", I am looking for an easy fix that isn't a ponytail (I wear them WAY too often!). 

3 Days in on my messy loose waves here!!! Gotta love dry shampoo!!!

***If you love headbands like me, check out my last post about how to get an EASY, yet beautiful updo look in MINUTES (here).***

So anyways, back to the Snake Braid!

As I told you before, messy hair and braids are SO IN this season! (Remember this post, here)
Can I get a hallelujah!???
It's like whoever makes up these seasonal hair rules KNEW I wanted that "just rolled out of bed look"!
Because...that about ALL I have time for these days!

Enter the "Snake Braid"...

I have always loved braids, but I never really knew how to do all those crazy cool ones beside a French Braid or Fishtail Braid. 

So when I saw the Snake Braid...I was like....there's NO way I will ever be able to do that!?
It looks WAY too difficult...and Mama AIN'T got time fo dat!!!

But seriously guys.....this blew my MIND...a Snake Braid is simply just....a regular braid....but squished!!!!

Here's the How To:

1) Do a regular braid (You know...3 sections crossed over and under each other).

2) When your braid has reached the desired length, hold on to one section and slide the other 2 sections upward.

3) Now you have a squished up Snake, so stretch down and loosen to the desired length and texture.

4) Secure with an elastic or pin up or back with bobby pins! The possibilities are endless!

DONE! How stinkin EASY was that!!!???

In case you are a more visual learner, here is a video of me doing a Snake Braid.

This braid is fabulous for shorter and longer hairstyles! It can be done with thicker strands for a more bold "Snake" look or with thin sections for a little tiny Snake to add something fun!

I literally did these little Snake Braids in 2 minutes! How easy and quick is that!? 

All I did was tease my hair a little at the crown, and then pin my braids underneath the teased section with 2 bobby pins in an X form. The X helps keep the hair in place better AND the pins won't slip.


Will you be trying the Snake Braid any time soon!?? Please post pics to my Facebook page so I can see your lovely faces!!! 

Thanks so much for reading and watching!!!

Love you all!!


  1. I'm glad you didn't resort to getting your beautiful hair cut any shorter. After all, it's more fun to face the Florida weather with stylish hair. Hahaha! Anyway, you look amazing, as always. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

    1. Thanks so much Renee!!! You are so right I almost cut my hair off because of the heat but decided I would rather do braids instead hahaha!! Thanks for reading!!

  2. You really made a great choice by braiding your hair, instead of cutting it short just so you’d feel more comfortable during warmer days. Thank you for sharing us the steps on how to braid hair easily and quickly. All the best!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center