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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Best Way to be Radiant

Boy, do I have the BEST Tip EVER for you all today!! 

Seriously... Have you ever wanted to be more radiant!?? Happy?? Joyful?? Just plain beautiful from the inside out!??

Then do I have the TIP FOR YOU!!!


Does your heart feel lonely? Unloved? Embarrassed? Sad?.....Ugly? 

If you answered yes to any of the above... I have the easiest and most important DIY tip you will ever hear! 

The answer to those feelings is... JESUS! 

What!!?? What do you mean!?? No makeup tip!??

The only way to truly feel loved, wanted, accepted, and yes, BEAUTIFUL is by accepting the love of The Savior Jesus Christ! 

Jesus is my Lord and Savior! 

He has transformed my heart and life from the inside out! 

Am I perfect? NO WAY!

Do I fail those around me and Jesus on a daily basis? YES!!! All day everrrrrrryday! 

Does Jesus still love me? ABSOLUTELY!

The thing about Jesus is... There is nothing physically possible in this world that we can do to make Him love us more today than he did yesterday! Good works won't get you into heaven. NOPE! They can't "win" you a place in heaven by being a "good person". We could never ever ever ever ever (x's infinity) do enough during our lifetimes to ever measure up to being "worthy" of entering heaven on our own power. 

The secret is so very simple. 

The key to true happiness, joy, unconditional love, and a beautiful heart is simply accepting the free and no strings attached gift that is Jesus! 

That's IT!

No "I must be perfect or good before I ask Him to save me" more "I need to work for it"!!!!

The work has already been done! 

God sent his only son, Jesus, to come to earth and live a perfect life and then be sent to die on a cross for ALL OF US! 

You. Me. Your neighbor. That mean kid down the street. Everyone! 

Now the story doesn't stop at the death and crucifixion of Jesus. That wouldn't be much of a story would it?? 

Today as you know, is Easter Sunday. 

The reason we celebrate Easter Sunday is because HE IS ALIVE!!!!!

The grave and death couldn't hold Jesus! Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! How's that for amazing!???

No other man in history has completed that feat! 

Now you might think this post is stupid, or the rambling of a crazy person. And that's ok. But if you are intrigued about this Jesus guy giving away free love, happiness, and eternal life then please read on! 

The fact is, Jesus is the only way to get into heaven. He is the only thing worth living for. He is the only one who is with you through thick and thin. He loves you when you are at your worst, and loves you the same when you are at your best! He loves when you do "good deeds" for Him, but He wants you to know that those won't save you. Only He can! 

How do you get this amazing love and saving grace you ask!??

Pray this prayer in your heart and you will be free! 

Jesus. I need you now. 
I know that there is no way I could ever be worthy to enter your presence on my own. 
I accept your free gift of salvation through your death and resurrection and stand redeemed by your blood. 
I know there is nothing I have done in my past that made you love me less. And I know there is nothing in my future that makes you love me more. Your love is unconditional and unchanging. 
Lord, your presence and approval are all I need for everlasting joy. 
Please help me to show others the same love and compassion that you have shown me at this moment. 

Happy dance time!!!!!! You are free and now are the proud owner of a beautiful, snow white washed heart! How is that for amazing!??? And wasn't that easy!??

There is no simpler gift in all the world! 

The awesome thing is, once you have accepted Jesus, your sins are gone. And any sins you commit in the future (and believe me you will... I fail every second of every day!) are already forgiven! When God looks at us, He doesn't see that horrible sinner anymore, all He sees is JESUS! We are truly and completely redeemed from our ugly hearts! How beautiful is that? 

I can't promise easy times ahead. But now you have someone to go with you and fight for you! Just remember that now you are truly free. Nothing can take the gift that you have accepted away! Nothing! You can't loose it! 

Now any "good deeds" you do are just for the glory of God, not for you to keep your salvation or earn it! Remember that is free, no strings attached! 


I know I talk a lot about makeup, fashion, and beauty... But really in the grand scheme of life, those things don't matter.

The reason for it all is.... JESUS! 

We can try to dress up our outside, and yes it is a lot of fun! But the only part of ourselves that we should be trying to make sure is beautiful is our heart! 

What is the status of your heart today? 

I hope you go and enjoy this Easter Sunday with a new joy in your heart and life! 

You will truly be radiant from the inside out!!! 

If you accepted Jesus today I would love to hear about it!!! Or if you are also a believer and Christ follower I would love to hear that as well in the comments below!!!

If you would like more info about Jesus or  The Bible or Easter, please find me on my Facebook page and private message me! I would be glad to talk to you! I can't answer everything, but I can tell you my story and why I believe! 

I love you all!!!

Read the Resurrection story here -- Luke 24

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