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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wrapped Side Pony


Hello Weekend! 

Since it's Friday...You know what that means....

I have a NEW EASY HAIRDO for YOU!!!!!

The Wrapped Side Pony!!!! 

How cute is this fun twist on a low pony tail???

It seriously and literally only takes 2 minutes start to finish! (Just watch the video tutorial below!)

I love this easy style because it keeps my hair off of my neck when it's super hot outside AND it looks cute too!!


So here's how to get this look:

Watch this video tutorial or read the step by step directions below! 

1) tease your hair at the crown of your head.
2) brush the top to smooth it down, but still leave some volume.
3) pull your hair to the side of your head.
4) twist half of your hair (closest to your ear) backward, or away from the ear.
5) twist the back half forward (toward the ear).
6) secure with an elastic.
7) take one small section of hair from the bottom of the pony.
8) wrap it around the elastic (to hide it).
9) secure the hair underneath with a bobby pin.


So easy, right!??

Such an easy and perfect hairdo for the warmer months! Even for a beach day so it stays out of your face and off your neck!



If you do this look, please let me see it!! I would love for you to post a picture of it on my Facebook page!! 

Thanks so much for reading and watching! 

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I love you all!!!!


  1. Omggg! It's so cute on you! Love this hairstyle! I will be more than happy if you could check out my beauty blog too!
    p.s i will follow every blog that follows me! ❤ xoxo

    1. Thank you girl!!!!! Checking and following yours now!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️