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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Harvey Prince Perfume Review and GIVEAWAY!

Obviously, you all know that I love all things makeup and beauty related. So... of course that includes PERFUMES too!! 

Who doesn't like to smell good? (If you don't... You probably aren't reading this anyways). 

I LOVE perfumes, body sprays, and body lotions....anything that makes me smell like a field of flowers, cup of spicy apple cider, or fresh fruity lemonade fits the bill (not all together though)! 

Besides making you smell great, scents can also evoke memories - I love getting a new fragrance for a special trip, or special event in my life. 

I got a spicy, amber fragrance for my honeymoon and used it every day we were away. To this day, when I wear it again my husband says, "Ahhh, it smells like our honeymoon in here!" It brings back all those wonderful memories and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

My mom always has a signature perfume she wears around the holidays and my sister and I can't WAIT for thanksgiving to roll around so she will use it! We always joke that it isn't the holidays until we smell our mom wearing that spicy perfume. 


When I first found out about Harvey Prince Perfumes, I was immediately in LOVE! Not only do their products smell amazing, All Harvey Prince Fragrances are 100 percent cruelty free, with no animal ingredients or derivatives. There are no chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMOs or triclosan in their products. How awesome is that!?? 
You can read my 1st impression and review of their Signature Mini Roller (HERE)! 

I am so excited to be able to partner with Harvey Prince to bring you another review of one of their fragrance mini rollers! 

At first sniff, these are the words that came to mind about the Sincerely perfume:
Floral. Exotic. Fresh. Citrus. Energizing. Light. 
Slight hint of spice.

This perfume starts with a strong floral scent, then transforms into a light but energizing citrus fragrance, and finishes with a slightly spicy note. 

I was amazed at how many different notes there were to this perfume. They were all so different and almost unexpected, but complimentary at the same time. 

This scent truly takes you on a journey around the world. You start in a blooming rose garden on a warm spring day. Then you travel to an orange grove with the burst of orange blossoms and fresh cut citrus fruits. Then you end your fragrant journey at an Indian Spice market full of spicy clove and cinnamon. 


All your need to do to experience this journey is roll on the Harvey Prince Sincerely Perfume.... 
Breathe deep...
and enjoy! 
Another great aspect of Harvey Prince perfumes is - this scent won't leave you hanging, it lasts ALL day long! I have never had a perfume last so long on my skin. Usually I get use to the scent and forget that I am even wearing perfume. But, with the Sincerely fragrance, the luxurious scent lasts and lasts...Allowing you to carry the energizing notes of fresh flowers, citrus, and exotic spices throughout your day! 

Harvey Prince Perfumes are truly a luxurious fragrance experience. They have so many scents to choose from, and ALL are long lasting and simply divine. That is why I am so very honored to have been able to partner with Harvey Prince and bring you all an amazing GIVEAWAY!!! 

One lucky reader will WIN a Harvey Prince Sincerely Mini Roller!! 
That's a $21 value! 

Here's How to Enter:

There will be TWO ways to enter the giveaway (for a total of 2 entries - maximum)

1) Enter through Facebook 
- You must like my Facebook page AND the Harvey Prince Facebook page.
- You must share my current Facebook status from today (5/20) referencing THIS giveaway and THIS blog post (make sure the link to this post is included).
- You must tag me (@manicmakeupgirl) in your shared post so I can see and count your entry.

2) Enter Through Instagram 
- You must follow my Instagram page AND the Harvey Prince Instagram page.
- You must repost my current image on Instagram from today (5/20) about the giveaway.
- You must tag me (@manicmakeupgirl) and include the hashtags #manicmakeupgirlgiveaway  and #harveyprince.

***These are the only two ways to enter and receive 2 maximum entries in the giveaway. One entry per person per Facebook and Instagram account. Any duplicate entries or additional entries from fake accounts will be disqualified. I will be double checking to make sure all entries have completed the entry instructions. ***

This giveaway will close on Friday morning, 5/22 at 9am EST. 
Winner will be announced and contacted through social media (Facebook and Instagram) on Friday, 5/22 at 10am EST. 

An additional giveaway surprise will be announced on the Blog on FRIDAY, 5/22 at 10AM EST after the winner has been contacted. 
Hint: EVERYONE is a winner with Harvey Prince

*This is a sponsored post and giveaway by Harvey Prince. However, all thoughts and opinions on the products mentioned are my own and 100% honest.*


Make sure you enter on Facebook and Instagram to receive your 2 entries in this awesome GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thanks so much for reading!

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I love you all!!

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