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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July Style

Can you guys believe we are on the EVE of July!??

Seriously...Where has the 1st half of the year gone!??

I can't believe this weekend will be the 4th of July...I am still in shock! Wasn't it just Christmas yesterday!?

The 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays!
I love celebrating America's Birthday and remembering all of those who have sacrificed and served for our freedom. 

It really is a special holiday and I love wrapping myself from head to toe in the good ole RED, WHITE, & BLUE!! 

If you are still looking for a Festive Outfit or American Spirit Makeup, you have come to the right place!!

 I have found options for every girl's budget...

From Target Style items with every piece under $16 - to Boutique Style pieces all under $50!
Plus...Hello...this is Manic Makeup Girl....I couldn't let you guys miss out on my FAVE festive makeup items with high end Sephora Styles $30 and under, and the affordable, but still awesome Drugstore Style looks under $10!!

 You have found your one-stop-shop for Festive 4th wear!
No one will be looking at the fireworks with YOU around in these goodies!

Target Style - All Items Under $16 cute is that American Flag Fringe top and those Aviator Sunnies!???
And that festive bathing suit!?? --- Under $27 for the top AND bottom!! 
Don't even get me started on those FAB earrings!!
If you are looking for a more clean and classy 4th look - rock that adorable American Flag Scarf with a classic white T-Shirt!
Plus...Target has free shipping after you spend $25! So go on and get those cute earrings and a star spangled swimsuit ASAP!


Here's the link up to all the Target Style Goodies:

Boutique Style - All Items Under $50

I LOVE me some Bourbon & Boweties bangles! Especially this American Flag one! You can rock your American Pride every day of the year with that cute bangle stack!
How about these ADORABLE festive USA spangled tanks, tops, and dress!?? --- I am DYING from cuteness overload! 
I wish the 4th lasted ALL week so I could wear all of those!
Do I even need to point out that the PERFECT, comfy pair of shoes to match EVERYTHING 4th related is those RED Chucks???

Get these 4th goodies below:

The Aphrodite Sandal in White from Shop the Mint - $33 (*Only 1 size left - similar sandal  HERE)  

Now on to the FESTIVE Makeup items!
I love using colored Eye liner to spice things up! can't forget the fun colored nail polish!!!
These beauty items will help you look the Star-Spangled-Firework-American-Pride-Gorgeous Gal that you ARE!

Sephora Style - All Items Under $30
 Can we just focus on that BLUE Mascara and Gel Liner by Benefit Cosmetics?!?? I don't know when I would wear blue mascara other than the 4th....but...I feel like I NEED IT!
Red Lip....A MUST for the 4th in my book! So festive and GLAM at the same time!
And...Every Girl needs a Beauty Blender in her makeup bag!! Especially a RED ONE!!! If you haven't watched my Beauty Blender FACE HERE.
It's make sure you get that gorgeous bronze GLOW with this Tarte bronzer (It's waterproof - great for a day at the beach, pool, or BBQ)!!!
Plus...all these high end makeup items are under $50!!
Ohh....And festive-sparkly nail polish!!!??


Sephora Goodies Link Up:

Drugstore Style - All Items Under $10
If you want to look like a million Star-Spangled Beauty HAVE to get this Maybelline Matte Red Lippie!!
Such an amazing drugstore lipstick! 
I am totally crushing on these BLUE Essie nail polishes....get on my FINGERS already!!
If you want to amp up the sparkle literally...look no further than the NYX Liquid Crystal liner!! It's clear, but chocked FULL of micro sparkles! Perfect for making those "wings" sparkle!!!
Metallic Tattoos....All the rage this summer...SO festive and FUN (Come loved putting temporary tats on as a indulge your inner child and get these on your body NOW!!!!).
 Can you believe all these awesome Americana beauty items are under $10!????


Get them below:


Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!!
I hope you like my selection of fun, festive items for every style and budget!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

June Lip Monthly Unboxing & Review

Happy Monday my Lovelies!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

You all know I looooove my subscription box services....Like...HELLOOO...
It's like Christmas every MONTH!

Today I have a NEW monthly subscription box service for you all to check out!!

I think if I had to pick a favorite makeup item....Lipstick would probably be my #1.
I may not wear it every day, but I love to collect different colors, brands, types and sizes of lip items. 
I feel like one can NEVER...EVER...have enough lippies in their makeup stash!
(Especially REDS!!!)

Lipsticks are like shoes for me.
They might be the "same" color....but they are different styles and go with different outfits!
Lipsticks can look like they are identical, but the finish is always different from tube to tube. 
Matte. Glossy. Satin. Pearl. Etc.
You get the picture.
I love having variety and options, especially in my lipstick drawer!

So, when I stumbled upon this new monthly box....I was SO excited because.....


<Cue the Heavenly Angle Music>

Let me introduce you to Lip Monthly Subscription Service! 

For only $10 a month, you get 2-3 Full Size Lip items, and 2-3 Sample Size items (Sometimes you get 4 Full Size Items like this month)!

Usually, you get ALL lip items and 1 fun other makeup item!

How was this box not MADE for ME!!!????

June was the 1st month I received this service, so I decided to do an "Unboxing" / 1st Impressions video for you!
This way we get to open my bag together!
It's like you are really WITH me on this one!!! YAY!
I have also included some lip swatches of my lip items at the end of the video for you too!!

Watch below to find out What's In The Bag!!!!!

What did you guys think!!??

Were you as impressed as I was?

Holy COW I can't believe the high quality items that were in this bag! (Oh and how stinkin CUTE is that makeup up they came in!? SO ME!!)

I really was blown away by the gorgeous lip colors in this bag! I love reds and pinks and these colors were SO perfect for summer...I still can't even get over it! It's like LipMonthly got in my head or something (and I LIKE it!!).

Here are the swatches and full reviews of the lippies!

(Gasp!! Look at those G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. colors!!)

 Ok so...Right outta the GATE LipMonthly nailed it with this summer red!! I love that it is more orange toned and is a lighter red color. I will say it again..perfect summer red!
This lipstick is super smooth and easy to apply. 
No smell or taste at all!
Nothing. (YASSSSSS)
And it has a nice satin (semi shiny) finsh. 
It is very moisturizing and light on the lips. 
It is a typical satin finish lipstick (Satin usually is more sheer/thin) in that you will need to reapply throughout the day. But that doesn't bother me. 
I am definitely going to be looking into this "new to me" brand because I want every color!!!
 It does seem a bit expensive at $14...but it feels very high quality and I wouldn't mind spending that for this lipstick!

So Susan was another "new to me" brand in this bag...and I am SO glad it was in there!!
I'm a red lip fanatic...Blah blah blah you all know that...but this lip AND cheek mousse was a brand new brand, type, and texture for me.
I thought this was kind of like a glossy stain when I swatched it on my hand in the video, but when I put it on my lips it dried into a smooth matte red.
Be. Still. My. HEART!
This is seriously my NEW FAVE red lip item of all time. I am obsessed with how well this stuff applies, lasts, and looks!
It feels so light (since it's a mousse) and it dries quickly, but it doesn't dry out your lips like a lot of matte lip products do. 
It smells GREAT (fruity) and has no taste. 
YAAAY!I have yet to use it as a cheek color because I am obsessed with it on my lips! I have already used half the tube...and that's saying something since I haven't had it for a whole week yet AND I hardly EVER finish up a lip product.
Since this sinks into a matte finish, it does act like a lip stain so it lasts and LASTS. Like...I pretty much went to bed with red lips the other night!
At $17.50, I would say that the multipurpose aspect and staying power of this lip mousse make it worth every penny! (I would probably even pay up to $23 for it!)
Another WIN from Lip Monthly!!!

Ok, I know in my video I said this color is "My Jam"....and I didn't even notice that the actual color is Fig Jam....
<Insert knee slapping laugh here>
So this color is literally...jam... HA!
But anyways....After I stopped giggling at the name...
This pink is perfect!
I mean come on...I'm a girly girl...I love pink...and this is my PERFECT Go-To summer pink!!!
I really was super excited to get this color in my bag. 
I love that 2 out of the 4 Lip Monthly items are lip and cheek tints! How cool is that!? It totally doubles your products!
Out of all the lip items, this one has the strongest scent...but it's a pleasant fruity smell. It does have a bit of "taste" to it, but also not unpleasant. 
I am super sensitive to smells in my makeup and lip products, so when I say it's not bad...It's REALLY not bad!
This lip cream is on the sheer side, but it's super buildable!
I love that you can swipe some on for a light wash of color, or apply more for a POP of pink!
It is so light on the lips too! Even though it reminds me of a balm, it doesn't feel sticky or thick at all. Just light and perfect for summer! This is definitely going with me when I travel.
Even though I do love this one, the $19.95 price tag seems a bit much. They do give you a lot of product in the container and it does double as a cheek cream as well, so I can't complain!

 I love the fact that the Lip Monthly bag is mostly all lip items, and then they throw in a fun little makeup extra!
I love eyeshadow singles because they are so easy to travel with and you get a lot more product in a single than in a palette sometimes. 
I have used some other JCat products before, but I was new to their eye shadows.I love this pearly grey shade!
It's the perfect cool tone silver for a smokey eye!
This shadow doesn't have a lot of fallout either...YAY!
And it is super build-able too! 
I love that I can use it as a light grey or pack on more for a deeper color.
I wouldn't call this shadow a shimmer, it's more of a pearly-grey shade. 
Definitely a steal at $2.99 AND a great addition to this bag!



Are you guys loving this bag like I am!?

Seriously can't believe that this is only $10/month!
$54.44 total value guys!!!!!!
Make sure you go to and get your 1st month for only $5!!!!!!!
How is that not a serious STEAL!!??

Follow Lip Monthly on Social Media and Check out their Website!!

Thank you all for reading and watching! 
I hope you enjoyed this Unboxing and Review! 
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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*I was given the LipMonthly June Bag for Review Purposes. However, all thoughts and opinions stated here are my own and 100% honest.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pi Chai Review

Hello my lovely friends!

Now... I know this is a makeup and beauty blog... But I am also a tea addict and subscription box junkie, so you will be seeing posts about those things once in a while too! 
I hope you don't mind!

Today... I have the Holy Grail of Chai for you! 

Meet your new Tea BFF.....Pi Chai

I was so generously sent samples of Swallowtail Foods - Pi Chai last week! 

And you guys.... It was love at 1st SIP!!!!

Pi Chai - "Infinitely Delicious" (how cute and cool is that name and slogan!?) describes their chai flavor as...

That is the TRUTH!!

I have tried just about every kind of chai latte mix out there --- from concentrate, powdered, coffee chain brew, home brew, etc. 
You name it, I've tried it! 

I absolutely love chai lattes and trying to make it at home just never tastes.... Right. It's too watery, too strong, too weak... You get the picture. 

Pi Chai takes the guess work and hard work out of making the PERFECT Chai Latte at home! All you need is 8 oz of hot milk or your favorite milk substitute and the chai mix! Swirl together to blend the perfect cup of Chai Goodness right at home!! 

The best part is they have 3 yummy flavors: Original Chai, Chocolate Chai, and Java Chai.

The original is the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy blend of classic chai that you know and love. The chocolate is like a spiced up cup of hot chocolate (heck YES!)! And the Java... Well... If you are a coffee AND tea lover, you will DIE over this blend! 

Yes, it's summertime... But you can brew these and pour them over ice too! DELISH! 

I can't wait to order a bag so I can have it on hand every morning! Seriously so easy and delicious! 

Order a 10.2oz bag of your new favorite HERE for $8.99!! 


Thank you so much Swallowtail Foods for sending me my new favorite chai mix!! 

Do yourself a favor (or flavor haha... Sorry not sorry for that joke) and get this NOW!! 

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I just grew up and joined Twitter this week! Even though I feel like an old fart and don't understand it yet! 

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Stay tuned next week for a new eye tutorial! 
It's my go-to summer eye look! 

Thanks so much for reading!!!
Make sure you've checked out my 4th of July Style Guide - HERE
And my latest subscription box review of Lip Monthly - HERE

I love you ALL BUNCHES!!!! XoXo

Brow How-To

How Now Brown.....Brows??

Wait...that's not how the saying goes...


Remember how I did that post on how to look polished without the...polish!? 
Well, In case you haven't read it...Click HERE

I spoke about how cleaning up your eyebrows can do a world of difference for your face. Clean and Polished eyebrows let the world know that you CARE and that you are put-together (On the outside at least)! I'm not saying you have to have perfectly coiffed brows every day... Just not a uni-brow or caterpillars on your face....that doesn't look good on anyone! 

I know eyebrows aren't the easiest thing in the world, so I decided to make a video tutorial to show you how to know where your brows should START, ARCH, and END! 
I also show you how I shape, fill, and clean up my brows with a brow pencil and brow powder!

Cleaning up your brows can literally change your whole face - for the better!!
See what I mean!??

Even if you don't want to fill in your brows or use any brow products, just plucking them and cleaning them up into a nice natural shape can help TREMENDOUSLY!
Not everyone needs brow fillers or pencils, so do what you are comfortable with! 
It literally took my brow hair falling out after I had my son for me to finally pay attention to how important they are to your face! I never thought I needed to shape them or fill them until I noticed how sparse they were getting in some areas - Not a good look on me.

So, even if you are against all makeup and loathe brow pencils and powders ( are reading a makeup case you didn't know)... At least after watching my short tutorial you will know what areas to clean up to help you look more polished!

Watch this for all the details on how to do your brows!

*Note: not everyone has an "arch" in their brows, so if you don't have a natural arch, just ignore that part! Everyone has a different eyebrow shape, so don't think you HAVE to have a big arch. 

Here is a chart showing you some different brow shapes and how they look in real life. 

It has taken me 29 years to finally figure out my brows...they really are tricky!
But, if you follow the simple tips in my video, that should help steer you easily through the stormy brow waters!

Here's a quick cliffnotes version of how to find your natural shape:

Here are the items I use DAILY to do my brows:

Bodyography Dual Ended Brow Brush

*Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette
*You can use your regular face powder for the "clean up" step, but I like the matte and shimmer powder in this palette for clean up and highlighting. This palette has so many neutral matte and shimmer tones that will suit every skin tone. You could definitely use this palette as brow powders too! Perfect for eyes and brows!

They also have a MINI palette too!! Perfect for an eyes & brow compact or travel! - Here

Other Brow Tips:

As you have seen in my video, I suggest using a brow powder DUO. Most brow powders come with at least 2 shades. It's nice to have the lighter color to start your brows, then use the darker color to shade and define the arch and end of your brows. It's not necessary to have 2 colors, but I like the customization and "contour" option.

I swear by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder because it stays PUT!! I know it seems rather expensive at $23, but I have had this compact for a year and a half (with daily use) and I haven't even made a DENT! 

If you would just like to start out small in the brow world before jumping in, I suggest these other brow powders.

If you have slightly unruly brows that like to flap in the breeze...I would suggest using a brow gel or wax after you have filled them in. Think of it as a mascara for your brows!
They have clear brow gel to seal them in place, or tinted brow gel if you need a bit more thickness and stamina. (Brow options are endless!!)
  If you go for the clear gel, it can also double as a clear mascara AND hair flyaway zapper!

Here are some Brow Gels I recommend:

As I said before...Brow options are literally ENDLESS!!

But what kind of Manic Makeup Girl would I be if I didn't try to cover most of the brow bases!??

If you are looking for a way to combine the sharpness of a brow pencil and staying power of a brow powder, you should definitely look into using a Brow Pomade.
It is literally like a little pot of brow powder/gel/wax that you apply with a brush. 
I have used this method before in a pinch, but it actually kind of made my brows thicker...So if you are on the thinner side of the brow spectrum, this is definitely something you might like to try!

Brow Pomades I recommend: 

You all have seen and heard how I LOOOOVE my Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil (Check my favorites video - HERE).
I just love that it is sooooo tiny so you can shape and fill your brows without them looking "Clownish".'s SO affordable! It's under $6 ($4 at Walmart!) and I am still using the 1st one I bought back in March!! So you know it lasts for a while!
Other regular brow pencils are hard to use, and hard on your brows! I hate using the stick pencil kind because they HURT! That's why I love this pencil because it is soft, and easy on my skin and blends flawlessly. No tugging or pulling!

Here are some other Brow Pencils I Recommend:

Side Note: You might have noticed that I have mentioned Anastasia Beverly Hills products in every section......and that is because they are the HOLY GRAIL of eyebrow products!
Seriously....If you want the best of the best for your brows, always go for Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products. 
There is a cult following for their brow items and with good reason!

Here are a few AMAZING Brow Sets from Anastasia Beverly Hills if you want to jump into the brow pool and have all your bases covered:

ABH Beauty Express Portable Brow Kit - $39.50 (Super Deal)
This set comes with the Brow Powder Duo, 2 highlighting powders, brow wax (to hold the hairs in place - like a gel), and 5 eyebrow shape stencils. Talk about an AWESOME set! This is perfect if you want some help with eyebrow shapes! The stencils will help guide you to your perfect shape!

ABH Bold Brow Kit - $36
This set is also an amazing brow deal! You get the Brow Powder Duo, a clear brow gel, AND the double ended Brow Brush! All you need for perfect Brows!!!

If you are looking for a more affordable, but nice brow set, check this one out:

Ulta Eye and Brow Shaping Kit - $10


I hope this little brow tutorial helped make your brows seem a bit less scary (And hairy)!!!!

Now you will be able to give the world a polished Brow-ZING look!!!
Don't let brows beat you!! 
No "Brow Beating" allowed here!
<Last Brow Pun I Promise>
 Just follow my simple tips and tricks and you will be rocking those brows with pride!!

Thank you all for reading and watching!!

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