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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dutch Braid Pony Tutorial

Happy Friday you guys!!!!

What better way to start off the weekend than with a new HAIR VIDEO!!!??

Ok...Maybe that's not the MOST exciting thing in the world...But it just might give you a fun new hairdo for the weekend!

As you all know I am obsessed with braids...And they are all the rage this year!!
 I am so happy about that because they are so fun and easy to do! In case you haven't seen them...Here are some other fun braid tutorials... Here and Here.

This week I decided to do a Dutch Braid Ponytail for you! 

A Dutch Braid is literally a French Braid....but upside down.

In a French Braid you go Over & Under to weave the braid....But with a Dutch Braid, you go Under then Over to braid. Going Under instead of over makes the braid "pop up" instead of lay flat on your head. That makes it easy to pull and loosen the braid to get that thick, messy braided look!

Anyways....On to the tutorial!!

What do you guys think!? If you already know how to French Braid, you can totally do this one EASY!!

I love how doing this braid makes it look thicker and more messy than a typical French Braid! 
I think it's way more fun!!

 You can do so many variations of this one too! 
You can make the rest of the ponytail into a bun for an updo... Or you can do 2 Dutch braids for some fun messy pigtails too! The possibilities are endless, but they are all perfect for summer!!!

Wouldn't this braid be super cute for the beach!? It would keep your hair out of your face and off your neck!



 Will you be trying this fun braid!??

Thanks so much for reading and watching!!!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

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I love you ALL!

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