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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mascara Monday #3 - Urban Decay Perversion

Happy Monday, friends! 

Welcome to Mascara Monday #3!!! 

If you have no clue what I'm talking about... Check out Mascara Monday #1 (HERE) and #2 (HERE). 

This week I am applying the Urban Decay Perversion mascara for you. are my thoughts on this baby. 

Simply put, it separates very nicely and defines your lashes. I don't think it gives a lot of volume or thickness (I'm a volume and thickness girl). It also doesn't really curl your lashes either. 

The brush is okay... It feels kind of fuzzy and feathery to me. It seems like that makes me have to work a little harder to get the product on...and to make my lashes look good.  I think it doesn't curl my lashes because the brush is so light - not rubbery or dense at all.

Really...I'm kind of on the fence about it. It is a nice mascara for a more natural looking lash. However, it's $22!! So... In that respect, I feel like you could get this same look with a drugstore mascara for much cheaper. 

If this mascara had a bit more... "Oomph"... and the brush was a little better... The $22 wouldn't scare me. I have paid more for some brands (Insert shocked scream here) but if they WORK... I don't mind! 

This mascara is definitely not my fave...But it also isn't the worst either. Just so-so. 

I actually really prefer this mascara for my bottom lashes more than the top. Since it separates nicely, that makes it perfect for the bottom lashes...but I'm sooooo not spending $22 on a bottom only lash mascara!!! 



If you would like to try this mascara for yourself, it is available at Sephora (HERE) and Ulta (HERE). 
But just remember.... It's $22!!!! (The travel size is still $12 BUCKS! What!? That is super steep for a tiny size!!!)


Thanks for reading and watching!! 

Stay tuned next time for Benefit Roller Lash Mascara!!! 


I love you all!!!

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