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Monday, June 22, 2015

Stylish Ave - Custom Tea Subscription Box Review **Special Promo too!

Happy Monday my beautiful friends!!
I hope you all had a wonderful and FUN weekend that felt like more than just 2 days! ...(but really we know weekends only feel like 2 minutes)...

I have a super special review for you all today! 

If you are new to my blog...Let me tell you a few things about myself...

1) I am a Makeup Addict.
2) I am a Subscription Box Addict.
3) I am a Tea Addict.

 Yes, all those things are TRUE. 
I openly admit it. 
I am an addict to all things makeup, beauty, and TEA related!

So....What I told you...I found a Subscription Box....that is all those things....COMBINED!!!!!


< Cue the happy dance music!!! >

If you didn't know, Tea has many health, wellness, and beauty related properties. Tea has a TON less caffeine than coffee and sodas and it is actually good for you!
Teas have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments, and have been thought to restore and protect a youthful glow. 
I love drinking Chamomile tea before bed to help me relax, and it actually makes me sleepy too! If I have a rumbly tummy and just don't feel well, I drink mint tea to help calm down my digestive system and relieve stomach pain(It really works!!). Mint tea is also great to relieve tension headaches too!
Obviously I only use teas for minor aches and pains - always consult your Physician first!
But simply put.....Tea just makes me happy! 
I feel like drinking tea helps me drink more water and less soda or sugary drinks that are full of empty calories and sugar! I actually don't even drink sodas anymore since I have started drinking organic teas!
 In my personal experience, drinking tea helps to keep my skin clear and hydrated. Plus, green tea and herbal teas are chocked FULL of antioxidants! Those always helps your skin and body!

So on to my new favorite Subscription box.....

Let me introduce you to.... you see all that TEA for only $20/month!!!???? (See below for a special Promo!)

In case you can't tell.....let me show you just how much Tea was in this box!
That's 8 large packets of tea there!!!
(And when I say Large...I mean cover the palm of my hand Large!)

When I first opened the box...I was overwhelmed by 2 things...

1) How much tea was in there.
2) How AMMMMMAZING the box smelled!!

Seriously...This box smelled like fruity bubblegum goodness!
I might have stuck my face in it and breathed it all in for about 5 minutes (or 10).

After I pulled my nose away from the divine smell, I decided to dive in and check out what teas were in my box!

I received 2 Packets of Each of the Following:
 - Mint Green Tea
- Chai With A Twist Green Tea
- Herbal Berry Spring Tea
- Strawberry Summer Black Tea

As you can see, there is a nice variety of tea - Herbal, Green, and Black!

Side Note: I love to drink black tea in the morning because it is the strongest and has the highest (although not much) caffeine content. (A cup of Black tea has HALF the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee!!!) Green and Herbal Teas are great to drink throughout the rest of the day because they have very little caffeine. They are also more mild in taste than Black tea.

Stylish Ave so nicely gives you the ingredients AND directions right on the package! It's hard to know what type of tea needs what steep time and water temperature. So I loved that Stylish Ave took all the guess work out of my tea brewing for me!

As I said before, this Large Tea box is $20*(See Promo Below) and such a great value! You can't get this much tea for that price anywhere else! I have purchased individual loose tea packets from other stores that are the same size for $7-$10 each! do the math! Stylish Ave also has a Small Tea box that runs $15/month if this seems like too much tea per month for you. PLUS...Free Shipping on the monthly subscription boxes too!!!
 I love Tea box options!!! 
If you really like one of their teas, they also sell them individually as well! 
Another Tea SCORE!

Another great thing about Stylish Ave is that their subscription boxes are CUSTOM!!!! 
Yes...that's right!! You get to choose which teas you want!
What other company lets you do that!?
Could this box get any better!??

Oh wait....Yes it can....

Let me review these yummy teas for you!!!

Strawberry Summer Black Tea
This Black Tea is the perfect morning tea. Slightly sweet and full of berry flavor. 
The berry flavor is perfect - not overpowering at all. It's a nice stout black tea, but the strawberry adds a subtle sweetness to it that makes it so delicious! I normally don't add sugar to my teas, but sometimes black teas can be a little on the bitter side, so I added just a little teaspoon of rock sugar to my cup to up the sweet strawberry flavor.
It is wonderful hot, and I enjoyed it immensely that way...but I also tried it iced...and boy was that AMAZING too!!
Since it is called "Strawberry Summer"...This is the perfect summer iced tea - It is literally in the name. 
When I made it iced, I had previously hot brewed the tea earlier in the day and then let it come down to room temperature. Then I added a bit of fresh, local honey for natural sweetness and some fresh cut strawberries and poured over ice. 
I love this tea hot....But iced ---- Amazing!!! The fresh berries in it really make it a wonderful summertime tea! I just imagined myself sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair sipping this tea....perfection!

Mint Green Tea
I guess I should add a #4 to my list of addictions...because I am also addicted to anything MINT!!!!
So...obviously when I got this in my box...I was SUPER excited!
I love mint tea and loose mint tea is just....delicious! 
This one is no different. Perfect subtle hint of spearmint in this mild green tea. I loved drinking this one in the afternoon. The mint would help wake me up, but since it is a green tea, there isn't much caffeine content. YAY!
 This tea was just so light and fresh! 
And...because it's freshens your breath too! 
How is that not awesome!?
Why not try this mint tea right after lunch to help soothe your full tummy AND give you fresh breath!?
This tea is definitely on repeat in my cup!

Herbal Berry Spring Tea
Herbal teas are probably my least favorite kind of tea out there. Sometimes they seem super weak and barely flavor the water at all. 
But....this herbal tea was SOOO not like that!
This tea has chamomile, rosehips, hibiscus, and other naural flavors - so it is perfect for an afternoon or evening tea.
This tea might be herbal....but it has FLAVOR!! 
You can see in my picture above that you can actually see the bits of dried fruit and flowers in it. All those ingredients work together SO perfectly to create the most delicious herbal berry tea.
This tea almost doesn't taste like TEA! It's so fruity it tastes like juice! 
It is even red in color instead of a dark brown or green like other tea.
 Can you see the deep red color!? 
I loved the intense berry flavors and I actually prefer this tea iced - since it is so similar to juice! 
It has a nice tart, but also sweet fruity taste. I think it would be lovely with other fresh cut berries in it too! 
Drink this cocktail of berry goodness with your toes in the sand at the beach this summer!
MMmmmmm MMMMmmm!

Chai With a Twist Green Tea
Calling all Chai lovers!!!!!
You need this tea in your life!!!!!
I think one of my favorite teas in the WORLD is Chai! I just love spicy - cinnamon and clove flavored teas!
This tea is like Christmas in a cup....Seriously I got all warm and fuzzy feeling when I was drinking it. 
Just a sniff of this tea and I am in my happy place!
Most Chai teas that I drink are black tea, so I was happy to try this Chai Green tea! 
The green tea definitely tones down the strength of the flavors, but in a good way. Black tea is usually very strong and stout, but this green Chai is great for the morning, or throughout the day. I love that I can drink it later in the evening because it is a green tea and has less caffeine. 
You can definitely taste the traditional cinnamon and clove flavors in this tea, as well as a slightly nutty flavor too. There is also a slight citrus hint from the orange peel that is also in this tea. 
Overall, I am loving the fact that this Chai is green! Sometimes you just want a more mellow, but still spicy Chai...And this is IT!!!!


If you are new to the Tea world, let me show you how I brew my loose teas!

First, you will need a Loose Tea Infuser.
Tea infusers come in many shapes and forms.

This tea infuser allows you to put the loose tea in the cup, then pour your hot water in and let the tea steep. Then you simply place the infuser ON TOP of your mug, and let the tea drain through the bottom. I love this kind because NO tea leaves can get through the micro-mesh strainer at the bottom. This is the ONLY way I brew my loose tea. It's just awesome!

Another, cheaper way to brew your loose tea is with a ball tea infuser.

With this version, you just put your loose tea into the ball, then put it directly into your cup with the hot water and let it sit in there. Then you can remove the ball once it is fully steeped. This method works fine, but I find that you get more tea leaf fragments in your tea than with the other infuser.

Here is my infuser - loose tea process:

Chai With a Twist Green Tea in the Bottom of my infuser.

Hot water added to the loose tea...Steeping for 2-3 minutes.

Get your Cup ready!!

Set your infuser on top of your cup and let the glorious tea goodness strain through!

Now you are ready to enjoy your delicious TEA!


I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this Tea Box for you from Stylish Ave
  Remember, they have 2 sizes of custom tea boxes to choose from (Small - $15 and Large - $20) as well as individual teas available for purchase. 

********* SPECIAL PROMO CODE********* 
Stylish Ave has just released an AMAZING - Limited Time - Promo Code if you sign up for their Monthly Custom Tea Subscription Box!!

As I said before, the Large Box is $20/month...but with this special code....their box would only be.....$5 A MONTH!!

Is this real LIFE!??

8 Large Packages of Loose tea per month for only 
$5 BUCKS!??

And guess what....Their Small Box that is normally $15/month is now only $3 A MONTH with this code!!

Holy cow.
Mind Blown!

Use Promo Code: 8U71L6G at checkout to get your box for CHEAP each month! Plus FREE SHIPPING on the monthly Sub Boxes too!!

Don't miss out on this AMAZING deal! 
I would seriously pay $20/month for this delicious tea, so $3 or $5/month is literally blowing my mind.
Plus...if you do a monthly subscription, from your 2nd month box on you will have the option to add goodies and snacks FOR FREE for the next month
Remember...they let you CUSTOMIZE everything! 
Can you believe yummy teas and goodies will only be $3 or $5 a month!?
Custom Teas AND Snacks = Perfection!

Just remember this Promo Code ONLY APPLIES to the Monthly Subscription Box and is for a limited time!

Get it NOW - Here

They also have a brand NEW box called "Tea Break" that gives you yummy teas AND snacks for only $20! 
(not a monthly box) Perfect for sending someone some Tea and Snack love through the mail as a gift!
How cute is that!!???

Wouldn't a subscription to one of the monthly boxes or this Tea Break box be a wonderful gift for someone!???
If you have a Tea-Lover in your life...don't miss out on the awesome Monthly Sub Box Deal!!!


I loved getting this box! It really is stuffed FULL of high quality, organic teas! They definitely have something for everyone and you can CUSTOMIZE it just to your taste!
It is such an incredible value and the owners are so nice and helpful. 
Please go check out their website -
and their other social media pages! They have an awesome giveaway going on right now, so check them out!

Follow Stylish Ave on Social Media:

I hope you all enjoyed this fun and special Tea review! You know I love me some TEAS!!!!
Oh...And Makeup too! 

Tea can make you feel....BeauTEAful! ;)

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL BUNCHES!!!! XoXo

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*I was given this box for review purposes by Stylish Ave. However, all thoughts and opinions stated here are my own and 100% honest. 


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