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Monday, July 6, 2015

Beach Bronze Eye Look - Tutorial

It's officially Summertime!! in Florida we just go from Summer...there is no other season.

So, to celebrate the official beginning of summer, I decided to do a beach bronze eye look for you guys!

This is my Go-To eye look for the summer!
I probably wear it every day...and in most of my videos too!! 

When I think of summer...I think of warm gold and copper colors on the eyes with bronze glowing cheeks!

Think....Bronze Goddess
Can you smell the sunscreen and hear the palm trees swaying in the breeze yet?

Nothing says summer like a little warm glow!

I have had 2 of my eyeshadow palettes on repeat lately to get this look...

 I know this palette has a big price tag ($52), but you all know I LOOOVE my Smashbox stuff!
They have such high quality eye products and this palette is no different. You get 14 shades (7 matte / 7 shimmer) AND a super nice dual ended eye brush! Since this palette is full of gorgeous neutral shades (cool and warm toned), it can also double as a brow powder palette too! If you want to know how to do your brows, check my easy tutorial - Here
They also have a Full Exposure MINI palette with the exact shades I have on repeat to get my summer eye look. It's only $24 and has 8 shades (4 matte / 4 shimmer). This mini palette would be perfect for travel, or a little brow compact!
Get the mini - Here!


  In case you didn't know, I received the Revealed 2 palette in my April BoxyCharm box - Here.
I love the summery eye colors in this palette! It literally has a color for every skin tone and eye color and you get 20 shadows!
Plus....It's so affordable at under $20!!!
That's why I chose it for today's Beach Bronze Eye look.
Check out my full review of this palette - Here

Now....On to the Tutorial!!!


Super easy and summery right!??

Here is a breakdown of which colors I used from my Revealed 2 Palette and in what order:

Here are the other eye products I used to complete my look:

I love using this liner for my bottom lash line and waterline. It smudges perfectly into smokey perfection and since it's waterproof, it doesn't budge all day! It does come off easily with makeup remover though! 

 Smashbox again...I know...I freakin LOVE this liner! It is HOLY GRAIL status for me! It literally sharpens itself every time you open it...What more could you want!?
I love using it to "wing" out my top lash line and it glides on so smooth and effortlessly. It is usually hard to get a good wing with a kohl/pencil type liner, but this one works every time!! It stays put for days! 
It's $20 and worth EVERY PENNY in my book!!!

I love this mascara!! It's definitely a favorite of mine and I still can't believe it's a Drugstore brand! It beats out a lot of high end ones in my book! You can usually get it for under $7 ($5 at my Walmart!!). Check out my full application and review of this mascara - Here!


You can get this glowing bronze look with both of the eye palettes I have mentioned. I am seriously crushing on these warm tones right now! Shimmery Golds and Warm Browns always go well together, so don't be afraid to make a beach bronze look of your own!

What is your go-to summer look!?

I would love to see pictures of your beautiful faces!
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I love you ALL!

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  1. Love the look! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thank you!!! Thanks so much for watching!!! XoxoX

  2. I love Smashbox too - that mini palette is awesome! Lovely picks x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    1. Smashbox is just amazing isn't it!? Love that mini one too!! Thanks so much for reading!!! XoxoX

  3. I love smashbox too!! Thanks so much for sharing this! You look beautiful!!


    1. You are too sweet!! Thank you so much!! Smashbox is just awesome!!!! Thanks for reading!!! XoxoX

  4. Love the tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thanks so much for watching!!!!! Have a lovely week!!! XoxoX

  5. Love the Smashbox eye pallet, a total must!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

    1. It really is!!!! Thanks so much for reading!!! XoxoX

  6. Your eyeshadow looks great, so perfect for summer!

    1. Thank you so much!! I just love those warm tones for the summer months!!! Thanks so much for reading!! XoxoX

  7. I had no idea that Smashbox gem came in a mini!! Ohhhhh I definitely need to scoop that out!!! Thanks for the mascara tutorial that Miss Manga has been on my radar for quite some time.

    1. They always keep the little travel smash I one up close to the checkout counters!!! It is a must for travel!! (And it's so darn cute!) that miss manga is such a great mascara! I can't even believe it's a drugstore brand!

  8. I love this eye look! Perfect for summer.

    1. Thanks girl!!! Love these warm colors for the summer months!!! XoxoX