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Friday, July 10, 2015

Budge Proof Bridal Beauty - Wedding Season Makeup

It's Wedding Season!!!'s also SUMMER!

I don't know why wedding season and 100 degree weather go hand-in-hand...but they do!

No matter if you are the Bride, Bridesmaid, or wedding guest... I have the BUDGE PROOF beauty guide for you to beat the humidity, sweat, sun, rain (or tears), and anything else summer and weddings can throw your way!
I am approaching my 7th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband. This post made me all sentimental thinking about that day. It was just lovely!
We got married in October....but it was 90 degrees that day.
I'm not even exaggerating.
So...I still know how it feels to have a "Summer" wedding...but not in the Summer...haha!
I felt so beautiful that day...and I want the same for every bride, bridesmaid, wedding guest, etc!
Weddings are just so fun and the perfect time to get dressed up and splurge on some new makeup, or get your makeup done.

Most items I will talk about in this post are considered "high end" makeup brands...but...sometimes you have to get what you pay for! 
Don't scrimp on makeup for your special day - You will end up melting like a snowman at the beach!
I have spent the last 7 years trying to recreate the wedding day makeup glow that I loved. So... I have pretty much tried just about every product out there. 
Sometimes the higher end products blow me away....sometimes they don't. Just know that I am always 100% honest with you and when I recommend something, it's because I truly believe in it. 
I have included drugstore options where I can, and only if I believe they hold up as well or better than the high end brands.
If I don't mention a drugstore's because I don't recommend one (And you know I've tried them ALL!)
So just keep that in mind!

Keep reading to the end, because I do have some money saving options for the high end brands too!!

Budge Proof AND Budget Proof Makeup options!!?...SCORE!


First off, let's talk PRIMER!

You all KNOW I am a huge fan of using a high quality face primer (after you moisturize) before you apply your makeup. 
You can see which primers I love in this post - HERE!

Priming is absolutely ESSENTIAL to keeping your makeup in place and keeping oil at bay!
Primers aren't just for oily folks...
Even if you have dry skin, there are "moisturizing primers" out there too! (I know..sounds like an oxymoron....but it works!)
 Prepping your canvas...AKA "Face" the only way to truly give your foundation something to hold on to! It creates a barrier between your makeup and your skin. Plus it can also help fill in fine lines, pores, and smooth out uneven texture. 
Think of it this way....You wouldn't paint a wall without priming it first, right!??
Granted...most paints come with primer mixed in already....but you get the idea!

Even if you don't wear a primer for everyday makeup....Primer is an absolute MUST for a special occasion, and bridal makeup!
Fight Humidity, Oil, Sweat, Water, Wind, (Crazy Mother-In-Laws) and just about everything with a primer!

Here are my recommendations for primers:

This is my Holy Grail Primer! I use it every stinkin DAY!
Perfect for all skin types!
Creates a nice matte finish and doesn't clog your pores. 
Smashbox also has color correcting primers (Green for Redness and Apricot for purple/blue), and a pore filling primer as well. Pretty much something for everyone with this brand!
Perfect for every day use OR a special occasion. It will perfectly prep your skin for a full day of makeup, pictures, and dancing!

If big pores or fine lines are bothering you...look no further than this filling primer. 
Perfect for banishing any pores or lines AND priming your face!
Who doesn't want a perfectly smooth face on their special day!?

Boots No7 Photo Fix Wrinkle Filler & Primer - $13.49
 This one is another great pore and wrinkle erasing primer!
It is considered a "drugstore" brand since it is sold at Target, but it feels and acts very high end! I would try this one out 1st before you commit to a higher end pore filler primer simply because of the price! You get 1oz of product AND it's half the price of other primers!
It works wonderfully at keeping oil away, filling fine lines and pores, and creating a perfectly smooth and primed canvas for your makeup.

If you have dry skin, THIS is the primer for YOU!!
This hydrating and smoothing primer helps rid your face of dry patches and prep your skin!
Dewy, Primed Perfection!


Next up...Concealers!

Now...I know we all wish for perfect, glowing skin on our special day....But in all reality, that doesn't happen.
Stress Eating. Insomnia. Crazy Caterers.
All those things usually come along with a special event and unfortunately...they aren't good for the skin!
Breakouts and Dark circles are no respecter of persons, so you might end up with one (or both) of these issues on your big day.
That's where a high quality and full coverage concealer comes in!

Dark Circle don't stand a CHANCE with these concealers on your side:

This is my GO-TO concealer for my dark circles or blemishes!
Full coverage doesn't even begin to describe it! 
I don't know how it does it...but redness, scars, circles, tattoos or anything else you want to cover up DISAPPEARS when you use this stuff!
I use this under my foundation to conceal or over my foundation to spot treat any bad areas after I am done with my makeup. Perfect for under OR over!
A nice matte finish that doesn't cake or crease!
Not moisturizing, but not drying either. 
Utterly sweat and tear proof! I can't make this stuff budge!
Perfect size to carry in a small purse or clutch on your big day for touch-ups!
No matter what happens before your big day, conceal it with this industrial strength concealer!

This concealer is PERFECT for gals with dry skin or dry acne spots. It's also great for the under eye area because it's SO moisturizing. 
I rave about in my "Conceal to Reveal" post - HERE!
The moisture ring gives you the right amount of hydration for dry areas AND great coverage that doesn't crease!
Only use this UNDER foundation though! Since it is hydrating, it's very shiny and won't mix well over makeup. 

If you are looking for a multifunctional, but full coverage concealer...this one is for YOU!
This concealer is absolutely WEIGHTLESS! It literally feels like air! Perfect if you want coverage, but no heavy, cakey feeling!
This stuff if great for covering blemishes or dark circles under OR over foundation. It's also great for highlighting too!
The perfect ALL-Purpose, long-lasting concealer!

NYX HD Photo Concealer Wand - $4.99
This is an AMAZING drugstore option concealer. 
Perfect for using alone under makeup as an under eye and blemish concealer...or as a highlighting concealer over your foundation.
A nice light formula that doesn't cake up or crease. 
A total steal at under $5! Just make sure you set it with a setting powder to make it last all day!


Up to Bat --- Budge Proof Foundations!

What's more important on your special day that having that flawless face!? (okay...maybe the dress is more important...but still...)
 Even if you don't have perfect can still "look" like it with a good foundation!
I love airbrush (or airbrush - "like") makeup because it literally looks PERFECT and flawless on!
So smooth, but natural too!
It definitely helps you get that gorgeous glow! 

If you aren't going to a professional to get your makeup done, check out my recommendations for an airbrushed look, at home:

I know...You are thinking..."This stuff AGAIN!??"
But's THAT good!!
See it in my past post - HERE!
This stuff is the perfect Airbrush-In-A-Can foundation!
So easy to apply and sweat, humidity, tears, and ugly cry PROOF! (Well... It can't keep the ugly cry away...)
You literally just spray on your face, beauty blender, or makeup brush - blend AND GO!
This is about medium coverage, but totally buildable to get the kind of coverage you want!
It really is super long-lasting!
It's the closest makeup to my wedding day airbrush makeup that I have found!
It comes in 10 different shades to match any skin tone!
Perfect - Flawless - Airbrush makeup for any special occasion!

Guys...this stuff is NO JOKE!
I have never had a foundation that is like...100 x's MORE than full coverage! 
This stuff covers EVERYTHING!
Smooth. Matte. Concealing. 
It literally acts like a concealer for your whole face (You can literally cover and conceal tattoos with this stuff).
Plus....You can't sweat this stuff OFF!
I mean's the toughest foundation I have ever tried.
Let me remind you...I live in Florida. I have oily skin. We have 100% humidity.
Sold yet?
If you want something to literally lock into place and not budge for ALL day and night...TRY THIS!
Just remember that it IS full coverage and totally if you want a more dewy look, you will have to thin it out with a moisturizer.
For special days though...this stuff is a definite top pick!
(It comes in 18 shades too!)

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation - $12.99
Guys...I almost can't even believe that this stuff is a drugstore foundation. It's that good!
This is a FULL coverage foundation - like seriously FULL coverage. If you don't like full coverage...this isn't for you...but for a special occasion, I think full coverage is the way to go since it creates a flawless base for your face!
Most drugstore makeups aren't full coverage (even if they say they are), so this one kind of blew me away in that department.
This stuff is also seriously MATTE too. No shine, no shimmer, nothing but pure matte 100% foundation coverage. And it's SUPER long-lasting too!
Perfect for a special event! 
If you want to use it for every day and aren't into 100% full coverage, try adding a dab of your moisturizer with a dab of this foundation and mixing for a BB cream effect!
I love to apply this foundation with my Beauty Blender sponge and it applies like a DREAM! So smooth - So flawless... I actually don't even have to use concealer with this because it is so full coverage. 
Perfect for special events!


Set It! And Forget It!

Setting Powder. 
Why would you want to put all kinds of hard work into your primer, concealer, and foundation...and then...not set it in place!?
Even though some foundations will stay, setting it in place is ALWAYS a good idea.
Nowadays they call setting your makeup.. "baking" your face...So go ahead and bake it up so that it will stay all day! (But I have to be honest...that term just makes me want cookies...haha!)
You don't want any kind of foundation migration happening, especially on an important day!
Setting powders not only...Set...they help soak up oils and keep your makeup from creasing and caking.
Who wants that!??
Not ME!!

Here are my recommendations for setting your face in place:

Again...Another repeat....
But this stuff is my HOLY GRAIL setting powder!!
Seriously I do not get a single DROP of oil come through when I wear this powder! 
It's magic!
I rave about it - HERE and HERE!
My makeup can literally stay for DAYS when I use this.
I have never EVER EVER had something keep my makeup in place and soak up the oil like this stuff does!
Insanely GOOD and a MUST for a summer event!
It comes in a range of colors for all skin types and I use the Banana color!
No special event is complete without this stuff on your face!
It's super matte - no shimmer here.
A little dab will do go small when ordering this powder! It lasts forEVER!

This stuff has a cult following.
Like for real....It's pretty much in every makeup guru's bag or on their wish list.
This setting powder is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for setting the under eye area since it has an invisible brightening effect.
I don't know how it does it without shimmer powder...but it works!
Apply this magic powder anywhere you highlighted or want to set to get a glowing radiance boost AND makeup staying power!
Perfect for brides and the bridal party...and for guests too of course!


Let's talk EYES!

Your eyes will be a major focal point on any big day!
Not just because of your gorgeous eye makeup, but because where does everyone (normally) look first!??
Eye makeup can be tricky to make budge proof....but don't worry...Manic Makeup Girl has the tried and true items that you need to keep that eye liner, shadow, and mascara in PLACE!

Budge Proof Eye Makeup Recommendations:

This is THE ONLY eye primer that I recommend.
This is the ONLY one I use and will ever use.
All others are a JOKE!
$20 for an eye primer!?
Yes. PAY IT!
It will seriously last you your whole life (I have yet to use a whole tube). And it comes in a variety of colors (Natural to shimmer).
Why use an eye primer if you are already using a face primer?
Because your eyelids tend to be more oily than the rest of your face. AND they do a LOT of moving (blinking...or looking at Crazy Aunt Lou in your peripheral vision).
Who wants creased and greased eye makeup?
That will KILL your pictures (and my heart!)
Don't let it happen! This stuff will keep your eyeshadow and eye liner in place through EVERYTHING!
It even kept my eyes looking PERFECT throughout my 12+ hours of labor and delivery! And I can guarantee that your special event will be MUCH more fun than that!
Read about my labor tested makeup - HERE
Don't get a bridesmaid...or have a baby without IT!

Gel liner is totally the way to go for a special occasion. 
I highly recommend all of these liners for a special event - Especially bridal makeup!
I find that gels are a great mix between a liquid and a cream/kohl liner. 
Liquid Liner can run easily (when tears are present!) and kohl liner can tend to smudge after a while. Gel is the best of both worlds - Creamy like a kohl pencil liner, but sharp like a liquid! Gel also acts like a waterproof liner, but it isn't necessarily "waterproof".
Gels go on smoothly, but they dry quickly and become utterly budge proof (until you use makeup remover!). 
I wore the Benefit Push Up Liner during my labor too - HERE (it seriously stayed in place for 3 days while I was in the hospital...No LIE!!)
Gel can be a little bit tricky to apply, so if you are doing your own makeup, make sure you have a little time to practice. 
It glides on super smooth and soft, so the Benefit and Maybelline kind are probably the hardest to apply if you are a newbie (not super hard...just a different texture than a liquid or pencil).
Gel also dries pretty quickly (and won't budge), so that's another reason to practice a little before the big day.
If you are new to the gel liner scene, try the Bobbi Brown Pencil Gel liner since it will be the easiest to apply.
Yes...even the Drugstore Maybelline --- it beats out a lot of high end gel brands for me!
For special occasions and the summer heat....look no further than these budge proof babies!!
Gels ROCK!

Waterproof mascara might seem like the best option for a wedding...but in reality....that stuff never comes OFF!
I think it could literally survive a nuclear war!
It is actually TERRIBLE for your lashes too!
It can break them right off!!!
Don't do it!!!!
Instead of using total waterproof mascara....why not use your regular favorite mascara and then a waterproof topcoat!??
 That way you have the benefit of waterproof, but still have the regular mascara base (which makes it super easy to take off with makeup remover - like always!).
Now there will be no mascara tears during the ceremony...or AFTER... in the shower!


Lasting Lips!

Keeping your lip color on your lips for hours is usually tricky.
Some lipsticks disappear in an hour....some stay on for days but dry out your pout...others are so sticky or smelly you just end up wiping them off ASAP! do we keep our lip color on our lips without bleeding, drying, or sticking?


Seriously...lip stains are God's gift to brides! 
Even if you want a nude lip on your special day...finding a nude colored stain and applying it as a lip base can make a world of difference in your lip color lasting throughout the day. 
I'm not necessarily saying wear a lip stain alone...They can be super drying and matte! 
But...if you find a color you like, and want to wear that for your special day...apply the stain 1ST to dry lips, then apply a lipstick, lipgloss, or other lip item on top to add moisture, shine, or shimmer. 
Just make sure you exfoliate your lips 1st before you apply a stain! You don't want it sticking to any dry patches.
Creating a color base that won't budge, bleed, or transfer is the way to go for a special day - especially if you plan on kissing someone!!
You can simply bring along the lipstick or gloss you use over your stain to reapply as needed throughout your event and can rest assured your lip color will stay put!

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain - $8.99
Don't knock this lippie because it's drugstore brand...this stuff rocks! It literally lasts for days!
They have so many shades (from nude to pink to RED) and they are SO affordable!
It also smells fruity too! YUM!
This is like a felt tip marker for your draw on your color and let it sink in and dry...then apply your lip liner, lipstick, gloss (or all 3) on top!

If you don't want to have to add the lipstick or gloss on TOP of a stain...go ahead and splurge on this next lip item...

YSL Glossy Stain - $36
Yes...$36 for a lip product!?? GASP!?
But really you guys...if you want the top of the line lip items...this is your guy!
I got a sample of this stuff a while back and it blew my MIND!
This lippie combines the staying power of a lipstain...and the glossy shine of a lip gloss!
Such great staying power and COLOR!
Oh...I die over the color and perfect subtle glossy sheen.
So many colors to choose from too (over 20).
It is a pretty penny...but if you want to splurge on something special for your big day...this is it!
Just make sure when you apply it, you do one lip at a time and let them set in between coats. DON'T RUB TOGETHER!
Once they set, they are SET for life!
Lipstick is probably one of the main things (or the only thing) you will be reapplying for your don't feel bad splurging on a special one since you will be getting a lot of use out of it!


Another way to make that lip color last is by using a lip foundation! 
If you choose to use a lip stain, laying this lip foundation ON TOP of that will make this the HOLY GRAIL of STAYING POWER!
I love using the Buxom Lip Foundations!
Even when I don't use a stain, the foundation alone makes my lipstick last SO much longer!
The lip foundations aren't super moisturizing, so you will still need to apply a gloss or balm on top...but they are a MIRACLE of lip items!
They come in mostly nude/brown/pink shades and a colorless option, so I would suggest using the colorless one if you are going for a bold lip.
I can't live without them...I love them SO MUCH!
A MUST for a special day!

Buxom Lip Foundations - $19

My personal fave is this Colorless Lip Foundation... It's perfect for going on over a stain and under a lipstick! Double up the staying power with this item!!


Final Step!

The final prep step in making sure your makeup is 100% budge proof is a makeup setting spray!
Makeup Setting Sprays are like hairspray...but for your FACE!

Not only does it lock in your makeup, it also keeps oil away too!

WIN WIN!!!!!

This is my FAVE makeup setting spray EVER!!!!!

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray - $30

I have mentioned it before...probably 100 times...but it really REALLY makes a difference in how your makeup lasts!
Click HERE for the total low down on this spray!
You definitely need to spray 3-4 good sprays of this stuff on your whole face after you are completely done!
You might think that spraying a liquid mist on your face will make it oily, messy, or ruin your hard work...but it WON'T at all!! 
Just hold it about 8-12 inches away from your face when you spray!
You can (and should) also spray this on your face PRE-Primer!
This stuff is primer in a bottle, so it will only help create another priming barrier before your makeup is applied. 
If you are doing your own makeup and are using a Beauty Blender Sponge, spray this setting spray on your sponge while you are applying your foundation (to keep the sponge moist AND set your makeup as you are applying it). 
This stuff is an absolute MUST for brides, bridesmaids, or any outdoor event you will be attending this summer (or all year..I use this every day!).

If you are looking for a more budget friendly setting spray, try this one! It works great and is CHEAP! Perfect for a matte makeup finish!

NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray - $7.99


15 Budge Proof Bridal Beauty Tips:
I have been honored to do the makeup and hair for a few friends on their big day! So these are a few tips and tricks I have learned in my experience to help your makeup and hair last!

1) Always use a good moisturizer! 
Even if you have oily skin like me...USE IT! Your skin craves hydration and you need to make sure you have prepped your skin correctly before any big day ( should be doing this every day). 
Especially the month before your day....start keeping a strict beauty regimen (Cleanse twice a day, moisturize, etc. - DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!).
I know big events can cause stress, lack of sleep, and unusual eating I have found the PERFECT moisturizer to keep in your back pocket to revitalize, brighten, smooth, and hydrate your skin.
And the best part's ORGANIC and ALL Natural!

 Meet your beauty BFF...."The Hangover" from Lalogy!

 This stuff can cure ALL sins.....Seriously!
If you use this moisturizer the day (or week) of your event...You will swear you just got 12 hours of beauty rest AND a facial!
The most awesome part of this organic skin care item is SO fresh and pure you have to keep it in the FRIDGE!
(Why do we not have to keep our other "organic" products in the fridge!? Hmmm...must not be "all natural" after all!)
It feels SO good on your skin since it is fresh from your refrigerator! And the smell...omg....HEAVEN!! 
 *A full post will be coming soon on all of Lalogy's skin care creams (hint: I'm obsessed).*
But in all reality....If you are in need of some serious hydration AND miracle working...look no further than THIS organic cream!

2) Drink your water!!
Did I really even have to type that!?
You all know this already...but it is SOOO important!
Water helps with pretty much everything - Including your skin!
If you are stressed and aren't getting much sleep...water can be your BFF! It can help clear up your skin AND make those dark circles a little LESS dark. 
If you don't like water...try making fruit/veggie/herb infused water at home! So many yummy combos to do! A favorite of mine is fresh cut strawberries, lemon, and mint!
(Watermelon & Basil is also delish...As well as just plain pineapple, or Cucumber, lemon, and mint too)!
Grab one of these 24oz  travel water infusers to make sure you stay hydrated on the go before your big day!

Just do it!

3) Do an eye treatment!
Our eyes are the FIRST places to show our stress and lack of sleep! Make sure you aren't carrying any bags or puffiness into your big day!
There are tons of home remedies to do to help make your eyes bright - Tea bags...Cold Spoons...Etc.. (Click HERE for my tricks)...But my favorite trick is to use an under eye patch! It is specially formulated for your delicate eye skin and it targets dark circles AND puffiness.
Use an under eye patch/gel to help nourish your delicate eye area and BAN the poof! These are perfect to use the week before or the morning of to help keep puffiness away!

Earth Therapeautics Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery Patch (set of 5) - $9
If you need help banishing under eye problems, check out my post HERE for all the tips, tricks, and recommendations to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

4)  Get travel sizes of your Big Day makeup!
Did you know...most high end brands offer smaller travel size options of their products!?
They are the perfect size to try out a new item before you splurge, OR for!
I love having the option to carry my favorite makeup items with me for a big event. It's even better when they are tiny so they don't take up much space!
I would recommend getting the travel sized versions of your special day makeup not only for touch ups, but to save $$$! 
If you don't want to purchase full size items of high end makeup just for one day...then get the travel sized items at the cheaper price - but still get that gorgeous GLAM look!
Another option is to ask your makeup rep at your favorite makeup counter or store (Ulta / Sephora) for a sample size of the makeup item you want!
They will pretty much give you a sample of ANYTHING in the store! Just explain to them that you are wanting to have a travel size of that item for a big event and they will give you a little prepackaged sample or tiny container of the item you want!
They usually have LOADS of prepackaged samples behind the checkout counter...never hurts to ask!
Also...make sure you check out the "Point Perk" options if you are a Sephora VIB member or Ulta Rewards member! You can get extra travel size beauty items and samples for FREE!

Here are some of the items I have mentioned above in the travel size:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - $16
Benefit The POREfessional Primer - $10
Benefit BOI-ING Concealer Eye Bright Compact - $12
Urban Decay Primer Potion Eye Primer - $12
Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner - $12 
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - $14

*Not listed above, but personal FAVES of mine in Travel Sizes:
 Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara - $10 
Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Eyeshadow Palette - $24
Urban Decay 3 Piece 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil Travel Set - $19
Nars Blush & Bronzer Travel Duo - $24 

5) Get your GLOW on!
Do we not want to literally GLOW from head to toe on our big day!?
Not like oily glow....but glowing bronze shimmer perfection!
Investing in a nice body glow lotion or spray is a MUST for a special day!
Not only does a subtle shimmer help hide skin also makes you look radiant in pictures too!!
Just make sure you exfoliate your whole body before your big day so no shimmer clings to dry patches.
Add some glow to your collarbone, shoulders, chest area, arms, legs, and pretty much anywhere you want to GLOW!
Just make sure your shimmer isn't a tanner/body bronzer that can rub off on your clothes!
You don't want stains on your clothes or wedding dress!

Here are my options for the perfect radiant GLOW:

Prtty Peaushun Body Glow ($24-$39)
This stuff is ALL over Hollywood to give the celebs their beautiful red carpet glow! 
It comes in a variety of colors so you can closely match your skin tone so you can get your BEST glow!
This stuff makes you look like you just got back from a vacation in Bali!
A definite MUST for a special day!

You can apply it perfectly with the Beauty Blender's Body Blender Sponge! This sponge is the size of your hand so you can apply self tanners and body shimmer lotions with it flawlessly! Just make sure you treat it like a regular Beauty Blender and get it wet BEFORE you use it (every time).

The Body Blender by Beauty Blender - $28

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream - $12.99
A great drugstore option for a skin perfecting glow!
Just rub on like a regular body lotion!

6) Don't wear sunscreen!
 Did I just tell you NOT to wear SPF!!??
 Okay so here's the deal with SPF for a special event...Wearing sunscreen or something that contains some kind of SPF (Example: BB Creams) under makeup can give off a "white sheen" in photographs. Somehow the SPF hiding under or in your makeup can totally shine through your makeup and give a white cast in pictures. 
(Think Casper the Ghost)
Not good at all!
Sunscreen reflects the it also shows up that way in pictures (it's not a nice way to highlight). 
So...unless you are going to be in the sun for HOURS and are as white as a sheet....stay away from it for that one day. 
Sunscreens can also make your skin a bit more oily just steer clear for your makeup and picture's sake!

 7) Love your Lips!
Make sure you exfoliate your lips before a special day!
Lip products will go on much smoother AND last longer when there is a silky smooth base for them to cling to!
 ELF Lip Exfoliator - $3

I love to keep this ELF Lip Exfoliator in the shower so I can use it every day!
Just rub it on like a lipstick and let the sugar granules remove the dead skin. Then rinse off the remaining sugar and your lips are soft and moisturized!

8) Tame the Tan!
If you choose to tan for your big day (fake bake I hope) MUST take that into consideration for your makeup!
Not only will you have to change foundation colors, but you need to make sure your lip color and other makeup will still look good with your new skin tone!
Also...if you are getting your makeup professionally done... YOU MUST TELL YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST YOU ARE TANNING BEFORE THE DAY OF!
Especially if you are getting a makeup trial done, your makeup artist MUST know what foundation shade you will be (they usually make a note of it so they can have it ready on your big day). Hellooooo that's why you have a makeup trial!! To get matched for your foundation and other makeup colors!  
If you are going to be tanning, please make sure you are already the color you want to be for your event when you get your trial done or BEFORE you go makeup shopping!
Getting the wrong shade could result in hours more in the makeup chair (and putting your makeup artist AND YOU behind schedule).
Just make sure you take the TAN into consideration BEFORE you do anything makeup related!

Also...if you will be getting a spray tan, using gradual tanner, whatever....make sure you have tested it out at least a month prior to your big day. 
You don't want an orange fake tan disaster the week of!!!

9) Hot Hair!
Hairspray is a MUST for a special event! Especially brides and bridal parties!
No matter what hairdo you go with, hairspray is always a great idea!
Who wants flyaways...flat curls...or a fallen updo for pictures!?
Having your own personal hairspray can is a great idea to have on hand for any event!
Personally...I LOVE using the Elnett hairspray for special occasions. It gives you super strong hold but it keeps your hair super soft and flexible!
I love that!
It totally combats the 100% humidity in Florida too! YESSS!
No one wants STIFF curls or hard as a rock use this stuff to keep a natural texture, but keep your hairdo in place!
Another perk to this spray is that it brushes right out!
No more hairspray rats nests after a big day!
You wont even notice that you've used it!
Make sure you get the unscented kind...the regular one smells old lady beauty parlor...YUCK!

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Unscented Hairspray - $14.99

Also comes in a travel size - $6.99!
(Perfect for carrying to the event...or for using to spray under a clingy static-y dress!)

10) Blot it out!
How many times have you tried to lightly blot out a little bit of shine with a paper towel only to realize you just wiped off all the makeup on your nose and forehead!??
Too many times to count!!
 To make sure you keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless ALL MUST have blotting papers or a blotting sponge!
That way your makeup stays on your face...and the shine is GONE!

Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender (2 sponges and Compact) - $20
Totally obsessing over this new blotting sponge by Beauty Blender! How amazing and revolutionary is this!??
Now you can lightly sponge off the oil and still keep your makeup in place! It also comes with a little compact and mirror! So sleek and skinny for keeping in your bag!
Don't worry about bacteria here either...the compact breaths AND you can just wash the blotter sponge with soap and water (or your Beauty Blender cleanser). 
Perfect cushion blotting power right here!
I would highly recommend this for a bride or bridal party!

NYX Blotting Paper - 50ct - $3.99
 Love these traditional blotting sheets! The thin tissue paper helps lightly dab off oil and keep your makeup fresh!

11) Emergency Kit!
You never know what might happen on your big day. 
A zipper could get stuck...a button could pop unruly curl could keep coming loose...who knows!
So be prepared for it all!

Investing in an emergency kit is a must! You might want to make your own, OR just pick this one up at Sephora!
It's got you covered from head to toe! And it's only $16!!
This would make a great gift for a bride or for your bridesmaids!

Minimergency Kit - $16

12) Blushing Bride!
Not sure which blush to chose for your big day!? 
It can be tricky.
When it comes to blush...there are 1,000's of options out there...coral, pink, orange,'s a girl to choose?
Well..I have an easy and fool proof method to help you know what your best blush shade should be!
Simply...fold down your bottom lip...and see what color your inner lip is!
Find a blush that is similar in tone to your inner lip color and THAT is your best blush shade!
How easy is that!?
Now you will be able to tell if a blush is too pink, red, or orange for your skin tone! Who knew you were carrying around your perfect blush shade right under your NOSE!???

13) Pick a Signature Scent!
It's a fact: Scents evoke memories.
How many times have you gotten a whiff of something and it's taken you back to some place and time in your mind?
I love picking out a new perfume, lotion, or body spray for a special day, trip, or event!
I got a new amber scented set for my wedding and honeymoon and to this day whenever I wear it, my husband says... "Oh it smells like our honeymoon cabin in here!!!"
I love it!
It brings back such fond memories and I love being able to have a reminder of that special time in scent form.
So go ahead and splurge on a new perfume to spritz on for your wedding and carry with you on your honeymoon! 
It is a wonderful way to add another special twist on your big day!
Also...most perfumes come with travel friendly rollerball options too!!

  14) Have fun!
Don't forget to have fun and try to relax!
Yes...stuff will happen...but if you keep a good attitude, chances are you will be able to laugh about it later!
So go ahead! Dance the night away and just let go!
At least with these tips, you won't have to worry about your makeup!

15) You Are Beautiful!
No matter what you decide to wear, just remember that you are STUNNING - With or without makeup!
It's your day and it goes by so fast...ENJOY IT, Beautiful!!!!!!

I still can't believe this was 7 years ago!


Congrats! You made it to the end of this novel post!
I know this was a long one...but I feel like so much goes into a special day...and you want it to be JUST that --- SPECIAL!!!
I hope I can help spare you some makeup mishaps and wedding day trials. 

Please share this post with any friends you know are getting hitched! Or if you are going to be making the wedding rounds this summer - PIN IT NOW!
That way you can always have these tips handy!

What are your tips and tricks for keeping your makeup and special day smooth and flawless?
I want to know!!

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  1. Primer is an absolute must! I have such oily skin an oil refinery could open up on my forehead. All jokes aside I would totally use a lip stain if I ever got married or had a big event- I wear them just on a normal day sometimes and they're just so convenient without having to worry if it's coming off. A must for a big day!

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