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Friday, July 31, 2015

July Starbox Review

Hey guys!!

I have a new Subscription Box Review for you! 

 (But 1st...i'm linking up with my gorgeous (and hilarious) Blogger Babe Pal, Amanda from Meet @ The Barre today! Go check out her awesome blog!)

Now on to the review!!

This was a "new" to me monthly subscription box by the company, Starlooks!
 In case you haven't heard, Starlooks has some awesome cosmetic items out there! Very high quality makeup and haircare items in my book!
They have a few different subscription services, but I was so excited to try their new Custom Starbox this month!

You might be thinking...another makeup subscription box!??

But NO....this is not just a makeup subscription is SO MUCH MORE!

So here's the Custom Starbox Deal....

This box is $12 a month with free shipping and you get 3 "perfect sized" makeup items (or 3/4 the size of the full size item - NOT a sample size, they are much larger) 
here's the kicker... 
3 Fashion/Lifestyle/Home Good/Starlook Cosmetic GIFT CARDS!!!!! 
Yes...did you see that!!?? Not only do you get 3 makeup items for only $12 a month...You get 3 GIFTCARDS TOO!
And these giftcards aren't like "spend $100 and get $25 off" kind of cards. NO!
They are legit giftcards that WAY exceed your $12 a month cost!
And...this is a CUSTOM monthly box...So you get to choose your 3 makeup items AND 3 giftcards! 
I love having the option to pick and choose what I want every month!
How cool is that!?
You can even research the giftcard brands before you select them so you will know if you like them BEFORE you select them.
The power is YOURS with this box, and I am SO loving it!

You also get 4-5 choices for your makeup items, and probably 7-10 choices for your giftcards!
There are new companies to choose from each month too, so you won't be stuck with the same choices every month (although every 3rd month they bring back some previous companies so you have the option to choose one you might have missed before). 
The companies that you can choose from have some very high quality goods!
I'm talking jewelry, swimwear, clothing (men, women, & kids), accessories, handbags, home goods, and more! 
It really is so hard to choose just 3!
And don't forget, Starlooks offers a $20 giftcard to their own website to choose from too! That ALONE exceeds the $12 cost of your box! 
You can also pick, then repick, and pick again until you are satisfied! You have until the 10th of each month to make your final box decisions. Or, if you can't choose, Starlooks will pick for you!
This is definitely the most unique subscription box service I have seen!

Here's my full video review of my July Starbox (and i'm wearing all 3 of my new Starlooks makeup items from this box):

Cool right!??

Here's a little bit more in depth info on my July box!

Here are my July picks!

3 "Perfect Size" Starlook Makeup Items:

This stuff is GORGEOUS on! It blends out perfectly and gives such an amazing highlight!

A lovely shimmery pink color! It blends out very easily and I actually really like having the wand for application. I've never had a highlighter like this one and I have found myself reaching for it quite often!

 I am SOOOOO loving this blush. 
Like...I'm pretty sure it has replaced my old fave! I have been using it on repeat ALL week long!

I love anything rose gold, and this color is just peachy pink perfection! And it has the prettiest subtle shimmer that is PERFECT for summer! Totally obsessing! It's so highly pigmented too, so it shows up quickly without having to use a lot. 

You guys know I am a lip gloss snob.
It has to have ZERO smell (or a pleasant one) and pretty much ZERO taste for me to use it.
It also can't be super sticky or runny either. 
I am happy to say that this one fits the bill! 
It has a slight vanilla smell, but I like that! And it is very pigmented and not sticky!  YAY!!
A nice glossy finish, but not overly shiny. 
Totally loving this mauve, pink color for every day wear!
It's very long lasting too! Score!!

So..Did you do the makeup math there!?
That is $34 worth of makeup items and your box is only...$12!!
And we aren't even done yet!!!

3 Gift Card Picks:

For July I decided to get a jewelry, Starlooks Collection makeup, and clothing giftcard. Don't you think that's a nice variety?
It really was SO hard to choose!

 I reached out to this awesome handmade jewelry company to get to know them a little bit better before I made my purchase.
They are SOOO nice and emailed be back very promptly. 
Their showroom is currently located in Los Angeles, CA, but they also have a website and do pop-up shops! 
Here is a little bit more info on their company, in their own words:

* Our name...The onyx stone comes in a variety of colors and is often known to represent a renewing, revival or fresh start.  As a brand, we are happy to represent a revival of love, a fresh start with love as we connect with our local talent and fashionistas who are inspired and making moves to pursue their dreams.   
* We started out offering fashion styling for emerging local performing artists and talent, and have since expanded the line to a daily look; sassy, fun and bold fashion accessories for all of our ladies, and some gentlemen. 
* Our showroom is currently located down in the unconventional gallery space in the Arts District Co-op with other raising brands and artisans.  We love being a part of the growth of LA and everything local and artistic, as we continue to expand globally. 
*In the coming months we are excited to launch a new collection called Lightworks which is made of iridescent fired glass.  Each piece has a unique heroine story.  Stay tuned!

I really love being able to converse with a company and see a little behind the scenes info on what makes them unique. 

I am so excited to order these "Angel Arrows" Golden Earrings - $35
 Aren't they perfect for summer!? I love that they are on the front and back of your ears! Totally a gorgeous statement piece!
Side Note: the Giftcard does not apply to shipping costs. Even though it is $40, it only covers the $35 for the earrings.
So...$5 for a unique pair of handmade earrings is still OK by me!
Check them out!

Instagram/Twitter: @ONYX_XOXO

 I totally loved the option of being able to choose a giftcard toward Starlooks makeup! I chose the Scheana Marie collection because she has some gorgeous lip and eye products in there - All full size!
I have my eye on this perfect pink nude lip liner (I just used mine up)!

 Perfect pinky nude!! get FREE shipping with Starlooks giftcards! So this little lip beauty is TOTALLY free!!! How awesome is that!?

I was so excited to be able to choose a clothing company as one of my July Giftcard picks! Who doesn't love FREE clothes!??
 I reached out to ElevenParis to find out a little bit more about them, but I never heard back...So that's a little disappointing. 
However...they still have some SUPER cute clothing, shoes, and accessories on their website! 
They carry men, women, and kids clothing too! So you can always use your giftcards for gifts for other people as well!
How cool is that!?

I have my eye on this adorable tank from ElevenParis.

 Is that top not perfect for summer!? 
You could also layer it with a cute blazer and statement necklace when it gets cooler!
They have some really cute clothing items, and it was so hard to choose just one! This shirt also comes in blue, or with sleeves!

Since my $50 to Eleven Paris came in 2 - $25 giftcards, you can only use 1 per purchase. 
Sad face. 
BUT....I can always buy that super cute red striped tank now with one $25 card (the total with shipping is $14.50 after my gift card- still not bad) and save the other for a Christmas gift!
That's a win win in my book!!!!

I will be doing a follow-up review/video of the items I buy with my gift cards! So, STAY TUNED!!!!

So...did you guys do the gift card math there!??

$110 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe that!??

Yes...3 makeup items that you get to pick out...then...
$110 worth of gift cards!!! 
I. Can't. Even.
What an incredible value for only $12 a month!

The total value of this box is $144 BUCKS!!! 
And you get so much more than makeup! You have the freedom to choose which items you want, and what giftcards you want! I LOVE that!
Need a new swimsuit!? They have a giftcard for that!
Need some new throw pillows for your couch? They have a giftcard for that!
Need a new wallet!? They have a GIFTCARD for that!!!

You guys HAVE to go check out Starlooks and this affordable monthly subscription box NOW!
I am so in love!!


 You guys know I am a total Subscription box junkie....but this one has quickly become one of my top faves! I love the unique option of fashion and lifestyle giftcards as well as the makeup!
It is literally the perfect box!

Check out Starlooks - HERE!
Follow them on Social Media too - Instagram / Facebook / Website

Also, follow me on Social Media for makeup funnies, and fun makeup tips!!!

Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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