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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lalogy Organic Skincare Review

When it comes to skincare, we can all agree that organic is the way to go, Right!??

Have you ever thought of all the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis!?
Our food, household cleaners...yes, even makeup and skincare are loaded with them (just look at the ingredient list on the back)!!

Now, we aren't a 100% organic household...But when I can get a product in an all natural fashion, I scoop it up!

I have become much more aware of what goes into my body and on my skin since I had my son. Throughout pregnancy I tried to eat organic and healthy and I was on a mission to find organic skincare items too! 

That mission was filled with many ups and downs. Most "Organic" or "All Natural" products I tried, ended up being NOT 100% organic and all natural after all.
The bottles would say ALL NATURAL in big, bold letters ALL over the bottles...then when you look at the back label, in teeeeeny tiny letters it would say "89% natural ingredients".....


Most times I felt duped and lied to when I would buy an organic/all natural item. How could they say they were one thing, when they weren't!??

Don't even get me started on the SCENT of these "organic" skincare items.
I hated spending $20 on an item and then the smell was like....Dirt....
I would end up washing it off before it even had a chance to "do" anything! 
That's such a waste of money!!
I usually just ended up throwing it in the trash and going back to my old skincare items that weren't all natural.
It seemed like an endless cycle of 
Over and Over!!!!

That was....until I stumbled upon Lalogy!

Now, of course I was skeptical...I had tried probably a hundred other "organic" skincare items...and they either didn't work...or smelled awful!!!!
But.... The first thing that caught my eye about this organic company was that you have to keep their products
That fact alone really struck a cord with me.
Why did I not have to refrigerate my other "all natural" items!?
If they were so "fresh" and "organic"....why could they survive a nuclear holocaust and not have a spot of mold on them!?
  Doesn't make sense to me.
I know some natural products do have self-preserving qualities, but normally....natural items should have an expiration date. Maybe that nasty dirt smell is suppose to preserve it!? I don't know...but Lalogy's products are SO insanely FRESH, ORGANIC, and hello...ALL Natural that they not only NEED refrigeration to keep them fresh....they REQUIRE it!
If that doesn't speak to how fresh, clean, and organic they are...I don't know what does!?

Lalogy also prides themselves on being Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Non GMO, and is void of Synthetics, Fillers, and Synthetic Fragrances. ---- How is that not amazing in this day and age!?

After I thoroughly read Lalogy's entire website and product reviews about 8 times...I decided to reach out to them to learn a bit more about this company. 
Not only did I receive an immediate response from them, but they were SO kind and helpful. Customer service at it's best!
I was already loving this company and I hadn't even tried a product yet! It speaks volumes to me when a company takes the time to converse with you about their products and you can sense (even through email) the pride they have in their business. 

After corresponding with this lovely company for a little while, they graciously sent me their awesome travel bundle with all of their organic skincare items to try! I have been faithfully testing these goodies out for the last 3 weeks, twice a day. I did keep them in the fridge like they recommended (and I had to tell my husband NOT to eat them...I was afraid he would slather it on a sandwhich)! on to the good part...


When I finally got my hands on these organic goodies, I was of course...preparing for the worst. I had SUCH high hopes for this brand and I was keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't smell awful.

I am SO happy to report that each and every one of these skincare items smells like.....HEAVEN!!!
No. Lie.
If I could bathe in this stuff....I would! It smells that good!
You can tell the scent is all natural, not a synthetic fake smell. Just good ole FRESH and CLEAN herbal-like smell. 
It was so refreshing to finally find an organic line that actually SMELLED good! I can't even emphasize that enough!

So let me introduce you to each of their skincare items:

"Sunkissed" Antioxidant Cream
 "Balance. Smoothen. Tone."
 This is the PERFECT every day moisturizer. 
SO light on the skin, but seriously hydrating. 
I love the antioxidant properties in this cream because they fight off free radicals you come into contact with during the day that can age your skin. 
I seriously felt like it created a protective barrier for my skin throughout the day and kept my skin fresh and clean.
Lalogy's website describes this cream as

"This formulation is uniquely designed to help surround the skin in a protective bubble that helps to delay the appearance of premature signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles."

I really felt like it did that! Most times, my daytime moisturizer felt like it disappeared and wasn't doing anything to protect my skin during the day. Some days I didn't even wear moisturizer because I thought it was pointless and only made my skin oilier...NOT with this stuff! I didn't miss a day!
My skin felt so soft and pampered after using this....and the fresh and clean! A hint of citrus and lovely! Plus...since it's cold from the fridge, it's extra refreshing in the mornings!
This is the perfect all natural moisturizer and anti-wrinkle cream to wear every day!

If I HAD to pick a favorite....(I mean...If someone held me at gunpoint and made me pick... because all of these are SO good)...I would have to say "The Hangover" is my fave of the bunch!
I feel like this stuff is a facial in a jar!
I literally saw instant brightness and a more even skin tone after just one use. I always have redness around my nose, and that was completely GONE after I applied this cream. 
And the scent.....omg....It has a light citrus scent (which is one of my all-time FAVE scents).
This cream is a little thicker than the "Sunkissed" moisturizer, but it sinks in quickly and leaves your skin super smooth and hydrated - not oily!
If you have a rough night out...or in (hello I remember the zombie days of having a newborn)...This stuff makes your skin GLOW like you've had 12 uninterrupted hours of beauty rest AND a spa facial! I swear it plumped up my fine lines around my eyes and made my skin look more youthful! 
I probably stared at myself in the mirror for a good 5 minutes after applying this cream for the 1st time. I was just in awe that an organic product could have such immediate results!
This also helped my makeup apply flawlessly too! It created such a smooth and even canvas that I actually didn't even wear makeup some days because I felt so good about my skin!
(That's huge for me!!) 
I could literally go on and on and on about this one. I recommended this cream for any brides out there who need a little extra skin TLC before their big day - HERE - because it is so nourishing and truly revitalizing.
A true miracle in a jar!

"Lullaby" Corrective & Hydrating Night Cream
"Restore. Rejuvenate. Repair."

If there's one thing in this world I can't live's a good nighttime repair cream!!
We put our skin through SO much on a daily basis!
Nighttime is such an important time to nourish your skin and help it to rejuvenate and repair.
Just like your body need sleep... your skin needs "sleep" too!
I like to call this "beauty sleep" in a jar! 
Helping your skin be able to create fast cell turnover is crucial in maintaining good skin and preventing wrinkles. 
Most of our cell turnover happens while we sleep, so why wouldn't you want to aid that process to the fullest!?
This cream is truly a luxurious experience for your face.
 I actually looked forward to taking my evening shower and then applying this on my face because of the scent and luxurious texture of it. 
It smells ever so slightly of floral notes, but it is totally relaxing. 
The texture is a little more mousse like of all the creams, so it also goes on light, but still very hydrating.
I loved waking up in the morning to see a more even complexion and glowing skin. 
I know this cream helped restore and repair my skin throughout the night, and it still amazes me that this is ORGANIC!! I never knew organic skincare could actually be so effective!

"Brighten. Tighten. Refresh."
 You guys KNOW my struggle of finding a good eye cream that actually WORKS for de-puffing and diminishing dark circles.
I have been through I don't know HOW many eye creams, serums, oils, etc. trying to find that magic eye rewind product.
Normally, I end up having to use 2 eye products to get the results that I want - one for firming, one for dark circles.
I have to say that this eye cream is up there with the "favorites" category for my eye creams!
The fact that it is so cold from the fridge, and has a dose of puff diminishing caffeine in it is AHHHHmazing for my eyes!
Those are the 2 things I normally use to combat puffiness (Remember...Cold Tea Bags)!!
This cream definitely has the strongest scent out of the bunch, but it isn't overpowering. It smells like witch hazel (which is in it) but it smells refreshing. 
It's such a nice and effective blend of cucumber, witch hazel, avocado, and other awesome natural ingredients!
I definitely noticed a reduction in my morning eye puffiness after I started using this morning and night. And you only need a TINY drop of this cream to get it's benefits - this cream will last FOREVER! 
A wonderful eye cream to keep in that skincare arsenal (or Fridge)!!!


Do these creams not LOOK luxurious!?
(And don't you love their cute product names!? Genius!)
Can you believe they are all natural AND organic!?
My mind is STILL blown.
I never knew there were good-smelling and totally effective organic skincare options out there!
Before, I felt like I was rubbing something I whipped up in the kitchen on my face...lumpy...smelly..not effective in the least. But these creams not only smell great (did you realize yet that I love the smell!??) but they also WORK. That has been something SO hard to find in the organic skincare world.
I know these might seem a little more expensive than other skincare items, but the quality is beyond anything I have ever tried (non-organic products also). 
I would recommend getting the Travel Bundle so you can try everything at once, for only $39.99! And you get a very generous amount of product in them. Since you only use a little for each application, these creams will last you for a long while. 
Aren't they a nice size for travel and for sampling a new company!? I won't be going anywhere without these!


I am really loving this healthy skincare option! 
I finally feel good about what I am putting on my skin, and what I see in the mirror!
Lalogy has really changed my view on Organic, All Natural Skincare.
If your skincare items aren't in the might need to look at the ingredients!!

Thanks so much for going on this Organic Skincare Journey with me! I am so thrilled with the results!
Please go checkout Lalogy for yourself!
You won't regret making this "cool" (literally) skincare change!

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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  1. Ummmmmmm that totally made me stop and think. Yes. If creams are all natural etc etc it would make sense to keep them in the fridge. My nose for some reason is always the area that gets red and patchy, that looks like such a great product! Thanks for the recs girl

  2. nice!! love that they're fresh/natural products!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

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  4. Seriously SUCH great finds. How do you find things at such good prices? Appreciate you sharing these!

    I'm blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

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