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Friday, June 26, 2015

Pi Chai Review

Hello my lovely friends!

Now... I know this is a makeup and beauty blog... But I am also a tea addict and subscription box junkie, so you will be seeing posts about those things once in a while too! 
I hope you don't mind!

Today... I have the Holy Grail of Chai for you! 

Meet your new Tea BFF.....Pi Chai

I was so generously sent samples of Swallowtail Foods - Pi Chai last week! 

And you guys.... It was love at 1st SIP!!!!

Pi Chai - "Infinitely Delicious" (how cute and cool is that name and slogan!?) describes their chai flavor as...

That is the TRUTH!!

I have tried just about every kind of chai latte mix out there --- from concentrate, powdered, coffee chain brew, home brew, etc. 
You name it, I've tried it! 

I absolutely love chai lattes and trying to make it at home just never tastes.... Right. It's too watery, too strong, too weak... You get the picture. 

Pi Chai takes the guess work and hard work out of making the PERFECT Chai Latte at home! All you need is 8 oz of hot milk or your favorite milk substitute and the chai mix! Swirl together to blend the perfect cup of Chai Goodness right at home!! 

The best part is they have 3 yummy flavors: Original Chai, Chocolate Chai, and Java Chai.

The original is the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy blend of classic chai that you know and love. The chocolate is like a spiced up cup of hot chocolate (heck YES!)! And the Java... Well... If you are a coffee AND tea lover, you will DIE over this blend! 

Yes, it's summertime... But you can brew these and pour them over ice too! DELISH! 

I can't wait to order a bag so I can have it on hand every morning! Seriously so easy and delicious! 

Order a 10.2oz bag of your new favorite HERE for $8.99!! 


Thank you so much Swallowtail Foods for sending me my new favorite chai mix!! 

Do yourself a favor (or flavor haha... Sorry not sorry for that joke) and get this NOW!! 

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I just grew up and joined Twitter this week! Even though I feel like an old fart and don't understand it yet! 

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Stay tuned next week for a new eye tutorial! 
It's my go-to summer eye look! 

Thanks so much for reading!!!
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I love you ALL BUNCHES!!!! XoXo

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