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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Loves

Happy Monday!!!

Is there such a thing as a happy Monday? Why does the weekend go by SO fast!?
That's the million dollar question in life isn't it?

Well, I am hoping to brighten your Monday a little bit with a roundup of my summer loves so far!

I am a shoe addict....Just ask my's probably shameful how much I love shoes (and makeup)...
But...what's summertime without a go-to pair of cute and sassy sandals!?

I am absolutely head over heels (yes...pun intended) for these shoes! I wear them ALL the time! 
See how cute they are on!??
 I love that they are kind of a take on the gladiator sandal trend, but not quite. I also love the tan color with the sparkly silver jewels on them...I mean come on!! Sparkle makes everything better! 
I feel like they go with everything!
This shoe comes in Black AND Mint Green too!
You can't beat that price either! Perfect summer shoe staple for under $50!! 

And these little babies are on my shoe wish list...
If you know know I LOVE anything with cherries on it!
So these are SOOO ME!!!

Aren't they just adorable!?
Get on my FEET already!!
I love the little silver stud details --- it makes them not so "cutesy" and more adult!
These also come in Tan with little pineapples on them! Pineapples are every where this summer and these sandals are just SO perfect!!


Another thing I have an obsession with is cute, comfy pajamas!!
Can one really have too many PJ's!?? 
My answer is NO...but...I might be biased!
When it's hot out...I just CAN'T wear lots of layers to bed...I will wake up sweating and...I hate to sweat....EWW!
So...My no-sweat-solution is light, airy PJ's!

I am wearing this adorable PJ romper on REPEAT!!! 
I mean I LOVE the romper trend...But when it's in PJ form...Sign me UP!!!! I love this one because it is so CUTE, but also so very comfy and cool at night!
It does run on the small side, so size up!
And....did you see that price!??
I need to go stock up on the other 2 cute prints they have this in!!!!


These days...I don't have enough hands to carry a purse...My son's diaper bag has become the carry all! But..when I do get the chance to run out sans son and diaper bag, I ALWAYS carry this super cute crossbody bag! 

Jewell by Thirty One - Street Style Putty Snake Crossbody Bag - $58

I love the color....The size...The style...The snake print on one side...EVERYTHING! My wonderful Sister ( sister's sister in law, but I call her my little sis) gave this bag to me for my birthday and I've pretty much carried it with me everywhere!

PERFECT for traveling!!
I carried it all over The Biltmore on my trip with my beautiful mom and twin sis!
It might look small...but it has TONS of room! I can fit so much stuff in there! And I love that it has the adjustable strap so you can make it long or short! It's also removable so you can make it a CLUTCH! YAAAY! I love multifunctional pieces!
And since it's's so nice to have a crossbody bag to keep your hands and arms free in the heat!
This bag comes in black, lime green, and coral too!


Another summer trend that I am LOVING is the statement necklace! I feel like statement necklaces have always been around, but this summer they are taking it up a notch - The bigger the better!!
I love the look of a classic plain T-Shirt and huge statement necklace! 
CHIC city!!!
But, the problem with those big ole necklaces is the PRICE! Sometimes the price tag is as big as the necklace - YIKES!
Now...I am definitely not opposed to investing in a statement piece that will get lots of wear. But most times...It's a will you really get your money's worth!?
That's why I love getting some statement necklaces at Walmart!...Yes....I said it...WALMART!
<Insert shocked screams here!!!>
I happened to stroll through their jewelry section as I was trying to cut through the millions of people in the checkout lines. I was shocked at how many CUTE pieces they have...and FOR CHEAP! (Some as low as $3!!!!)
I mean...if you are only going to wear a piece for the summer...why not save a few bucks --- It is just costume jewelry after all! Make sure to check the clearance section for the best deals!!
I promise no one will ever know it's from walmart!!!

Look at these cute deals!!

Gold-Tone Fringe Fashion Necklace (3 pieces) - $7

Gold-Tone Braided Coral Seed Bead Necklace - $5

Zodaca Jewelry White Turqouise Necklace - $5.39

Peach Teardrop Bib Statement Necklace - $5

Multi-Shape Mint Statement Necklace - $5
 Wouldn't all of these be so classy with a plain white T!??
Or wear one on the outside of a collared shirt for a preppy glam look!
I'm totally crushing on this Chambray Shirt with the Blue Statement Necklace over it!
Love that they are so affordable, but super cute!


It doesn't matter what season it lips ALWAYS need extra TLC!!! If I don't baby them every day...they end up peeling and cracking...YUCK!
I love using Lip Scrubs to help keep my pout fresh and smooth!
My sister gave me the cutest little birthday basket from Lush this year! She knows I love anything pampering and this basket had everything!!! Bath bombs, lotion, dusting powder, massage bar, and a freaking awesome lip scrub!!

Lush BubbleGum Lip Scrub - $9.95

This stuff gives my lips a serious scrub! I love using this on a daily basis to keep my lips from cracking. tastes SO GOOD!!! Just like bubblegum!! It also moisturizes my lips too!
Perfect for all year, but especially summer!


Since it's's HOT...and that means you need to hydrate!!! I am usually so bad about drinking water...Some days I do really good. Others...not so much. 
A way I have found that helps me drink more is by adding Coconut Water into my daily mix. Coconut water has electrolytes and potassium, so you are getting a little more "oomph" in your hydration when you drink it. I only drink one, or half of one a day just to mix things up for my taste buds. (They are so good and I would drink these ALL day if I let myself...or had the money).

You know I am a TEA when I saw this on my last walmart trip I immediately grabbed it!

It is the perfect blend of water, orange, and green tea! I am SO loving it! They have other yummy flavors too like Pineapple! 
Perfect way to cool off, hydrate, and treat yourself this summer!


Ok....this last summer love is totally just an indulgence...But it's SO good!

Strawberry Cake Waffles.....

Did you read that!!???
I had no idea that making waffles was so darn easy....and making Strawberry Cake Waffles was a BREEZE!
Did you know that you can make ANY kind of flavored waffles with a cake mix!???

Yep....Just follow the cake box instructions to mix up the cake batter. Then pour the batter on your (greased) waffle iron and bake until it stops steaming (about 5 minutes). 
The possibilities are endless....Gingerbread and Devil's Food are next on my waffle radar!
I just saw a recipe for PIZZA waffles too!! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be posting about THAT one soon!
Go get your waffle on!!


I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!
I can't believe we are almost out of July....Time is flying!!
What items are you loving this summer?
Let me know in the comments below!!

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Who can relate!? I so had that play makeup kit when I was little!!! Thanks Audrey for sending this one to me!!

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I love you ALL BUNCHES!!!! XoXo


  1. I dont know whether to go shopping for new sandals or food after this post - so much goodness! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh loving everything!! Those sandlas are so cute and so is that pedi!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. I've been extra into pajamas this summer too! And you can never beat a statement necklace.

  4. Love those sandals, and love me some statement necklaces! But I'm totally with you...I don't pay over $10 for costume jewelry! That play makeup kit is sooo funny. I had plenty of things like that growing up.

  5. So many great things chalked up into one post! I love your sandals...super cute! I love statement necklaces and am shocked about hearing you can find some good ones at Walmart...that is awesome! And...the waffles...yum! I had no clue you could use cake mixes. SO MANY possibilities!

  6. So many pretties! Totally obsessed with the first pair of sandals - gorgeous! And if you ever find out why the weekends go by so fast, I'd love to know the secret. Or let's petition for an extra day inbetween Saturday and Sunday :-D

  7. great post dear
    Your picks are awesome
    Love all the handbags

  8. That last meme is hilarious!!! So true! I swear you had to like add water to those right?? Love seeing your gorgeous face in these posts! I also think I need a pj romper in my life like yesterday!

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  11. Love love love your new shoes! The sparkle is so fun! And I really need to get that Lush lip scrub! I have a scrub that I'm not a huge fan of so this one sounds amazing!!

  12. I almost always have a statement piece, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, or a ring. It's a trend that I'm definitely in love with and hope that it stays.

  13. I'm so with you on the romper fact, I'm still sitting in the one I wore last night :) Love those jeweled sandals!

  14. Those sandals are so gorgeous!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  15. those sandals are super cute - they definitely look better in person. i don't know about rompers as PJs, I feel like I would forget I had them on and would wake up to pee in the middle of the night and freak out. haha.

  16. Those jeweled sandals are so pretty!

  17. I'm in love with your new shoes!! They are so fab!!

  18. Talk about some good stuff here!! Gorgeous sandals!! Yummy waffles, beautiful statement necklaces and pretty you!! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

  19. Super cute picks- loving all the pretty statement necklaces!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. I had that exact makeup kit when I was kid too !! Xxx Check out my latest blog post at !! Xx followers are desperately needed xxxxx

  21. love the sandals!! great picks overall!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

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    Chic on the Cheap

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