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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things you might not know about me...

Happy Friday my loves!!

Today I thought I would give you a little behind the scenes info on ME!!! 
I mean...we are friends, right!?
Why shouldn't you know my favorite movie?

Here are a few things you might not know about me - MMG!

1) I am a TWIN! 

Yes, I know I have mentioned this before, but I thought I would go a little more in depth. 
My sister is one minute older than me...So I remind her of that fact EVERY. SINGLE. BIRTHDAY!
I will always and forever be 1 minute younger!
That fact will be more potent this next birthday when we turn 30 and i'll be 29 for ONE MORE MINUTE!!!
My twin truly is my other half. I couldn't have dreamed up a better sister! She is the sweetest thing on this earth and I get to see her TODAY (she doesn't live in FL).  
We obviously look nothing alike, but as soon as people hear we are twins they can't tell us apart! Because of that...I also answer to "Caylee"..."Hey You"...and "Whatever your name is"! ;)
P.S. - Can we just talk about those "Glamor Shots" in the upper right corner!?? Didn't EVERYONE get those done in this exact leather jacket (or a feather boa) and have those ridiculously large bangs!?? (Please say yes...or I will die of shame!!!)  My friends use to affectionately refer to that picture of me as my "mullet hair days". We were in 5th grade when we got those done and we thought we looked SO we just get a good laugh!

2) I am allergic to most sunscreens. 
Weird...I know! I have NO idea what I am actually allergic to in it...but it gives me the worst rash EVER. It's gross! 
Banana Boat...Australian Gold.... Hawaiian Tropic. Nope...Don't get near me with that stuff!!

3) I was born without fingernails or toenails.
 My sister and I were born a month early so we were quite small (I was 4lbs). She had them...I didn't. Weird, huh!?
Don't worry, I have them now - All is well in the nail department, lol! 
Side note: my sis and I were completely bald until we were about 2! My mom use to tape bows to our heads to make sure people knew we were girls! Some of our baby pictures you can see a little piece of scotch tape shining!
See... Bald babies with mysteriously floating bows!! 

4) I was on the Golf team in middle school.
Yep...I even took golf lessons!
But I have ZERO skills to show for it now! 
I can't even impress you at Putt Putt.... I'm that bad!

5) I play the Flute.
(Band nerd alert!!!)
Yes...I was in the band in middle school and high school... But we had a great time! 
My sister and mom are very accomplished pianists. They are 2 of the most talented ladies I know (in more ways than 1). I just hated learning to play the I decided to be different and learn to play the flute! I took lessons for 6 years and It helped me learn to read music and I love being able to do that. I feel like it kind of counts as learning a foreign language, haha!

6) I am an 8th Generation Floridian.
A true Florida Cracker right here!!
(If you didn't know...The term "Cracker" comes from the sound of cracking a whip to herd cattle)!
Florida was largely a livestock state for hundreds of years (before trains and tourism took over and made it impossible for cattle ranchers to drive their cattle from one side of the state to other to the stockyard).
My family still raises cattle and I enjoy getting to experience the true Florida Cracker life down there. (My hubby can crack a whip like nobody's business and I love it!)
Here's the proof I can get down and dirty in the cow pens and am not in makeup 24/7! 

If you want to know what the real Florida was like from the 1800's down to modern times (including cattle ranching and catching wild cows - yes...they use to be WILD) You have to read this book! 

I feel like this book was written about my family. I love anything history related, especially Florida history! This story follows 3 generations of Florida cattlemen and shows you how the times change. READ IT!!! It's SO good!

6) I have a BS Degree in Criminology. 
Forensics, Government, and Judicial Proceedings are super interesting to me! Yes...I watch CSI, Law and Order... etc! Just not when I'm home alone!!!

7) I've never had a cavity.
Still a proud member of the "No Cavity Club" here!
Although...I don't know how because I have a serious sweet tooth!

8) I have been singing in church since I was 3 years old!
My sister and I were so tiny when we made our first singing debut that they had to prop us up on a cardboard box so people could see us! My mother, sister, and I love to sing together! We can do a sweet 3 part harmony on pretty much anything!
Although, I haven't sung in public for a number of years because I suffer from stage fright! (Yes it's a real thing!)
I'm still working on it, so hopefully one day I can sing without shaking, almost passing out, or getting sick!!

9) I have run a 5k!

Well run is a loose term...but it was definitely one of the hardest physical things i've ever done. 
It was on a beach....after it rained... So it was way different than running on the pavement. However, it was super rewarding to cross the finish lines and see my friends (who finished way earlier, lol) cheering me on! They even ran the last bit with me to help me make it through! (My cousin is the BEST encourager - HEY ASHLEY!!) 
I would love to run another one, just not on the beach...I still have sand in my shoes...and blisters on my feet!

10) My hubby and my cousin were best friends growing up.
I always "knew" my husband, but he was the cooler older guy that hung around with my cousin. My sister and I would giggle to ourselves at how cute he was...we hardly EVER talked to him..except for "hi"! 
My cousin set us up when I was 20, but my hubby was still thinking I was this little 13 year old girl and said NO at 1st! It took a little convincing (and a Myspace chat...OMG does anyone even remember MYSPACE!? I am old) but we decided to go out and the rest is history!
We laugh now because my hubby and cousin have kids that are related and will grow up together - super sweet best friend cousins! 
Funny how life works out that way!

11) I use to work for my Dad before I became a stay at home mom!
I worked for my dad's engineering firm for a little over 8 years, and I absolutely loved it. He is the best boss! He didn't take it easy on me...he made me pay my dues, but I wouldn't trade that for the world!
I learned so much by having to work at things and figure them out on my own instead of having them handed to me. I will forever be grateful to him for that! 
I miss seeing him everyday and working with him, but I love being able to stay home with my son!
Side Note: My sister and I worked there together for a while too! In the beginning, space was scarce and we LITERALLY were stuck in a closet...with NO windows....and tons of filing cabinets. We also LITERALLY shared a single chair and computer. She would work the keyboard and I would work the mouse. TWINNING at it's best!!! 
It might sound bad, but it made us appreciate working our way up. It was the best time of our lives and we loved it!

Seriously...and so does my husband. Our house is lit up like the Griswolds at Christmas time!

 I usually have 2-3 Christmas trees up inside the house too. 
Again...I just love it! 
I watched the Hallmark Christmas in July special this year nonstop!
The Santa Clause is my absolute FAVE movie ever - Not just at Christmas time. I know every word and I'm pretty annoying to watch it with because I WILL quote every line out LOUD! 

13) I am deathly afraid of water!
Swimming in any natural body of water freaks me out!
Pools are fine....lakes, rivers, oceans....not so much!!
Totally freaks me out!
I went white water rafting one time in college...WORST day of my life. I swear I was about to die the WHOLE time!
Not only was I terrified of falling in the water, but it was raining the WHOLE time and the river was super full and swift! My raft guide BROKE his wrist while we were rafting down the river (I think he was smoking something because he was totally cool about it...and his wrist was swollen 3x's normal size and he couldn't move it!!!)
 They even had to send a raft of experienced guides down some rapids before us to make sure it was "safe".
 I was so scared! I will NEVER EVER do that again!!!

14) I love my mama's cookin!
Nothing is more comforting than my mom's cooking. 
I swear I can make the same thing at home..and it never tastes as good. 
Her pot roast and chicken with yellow rice are MY FAVES! They just make me (and my tummy) all warm and fuzzy when she makes them! There's nothing she can't cook! I promise she can just whip something up out of thin air! 
I love being at her house and cooking with her. We throw in a dash of this...a dash of that...and it's just fun to create new dishes together. My dad is also a heck of a grill master too! With both of them's like having a gourmet meal every time!

15) My favorite dessert in the world is my Mema's banana pudding! 
I definitely saved the best for last!
 Is there anything more southern than Banana Pudding!?
I think not.
It is just perfection on the dessert scale!
But...No one's banana pudding compares to my Mema's!!!
Remember when I shared her delicious Homemade Peanut Butter Pie Recipe with you all - HERE!??
I'm pretty sure this pudding is a requirement for every family gathering we have. If it isn't there...there are some mighty sad faces around! My Mema's banana pudding is super easy, but the perfect amount of bananas, wafers, pudding, and sweetness all wrapped into one dish. So many people ask for this recipe because it is so yummy, so I have decided to share it with YOU!
You MUST make this for your next summer gathering! There won't be a crumb left!

 Here is her recipe! Written by my Mema herself!

What you need: 
2 Small Packages of Vanilla Instant Pudding
4 Cups of Milk
8oz Sour Cream
8oz Cool Whip
4 or 5 Bananas
Vanilla Wafers 

Mix pudding with milk using electric mixer. Add sour cream and cool whip and mix thoroughly. Layer pudding, then vanilla wafers, then sliced bananas. Repeat until you end with a layer of pudding on top. Sprinkle with crushed wafers and chill before serving.

How easy is that!? can use all the fat free/sugar free versions of the ingredients to make this extra light!


So now you all know a little bit more about me!
Can you relate to anything I have shared?
Please let me know in the comments below!
I love to hear from you!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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I love you ALL!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe! These random facts are super funny! I always wanted to study criminology (I'm a big fan of Criminal Minds) but was always afraid to have to look at a dead body, so I stayed away from that. Have a lovely weekend!!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  2. I absolutely love these kinds of posts!! Banana pudding is an absolute fave, I need to see if there's a way that I can make it dairy and gluten free. I'm also a huge Christmas lover- Christmas lovers unite!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  3. Love these types of posts. I am a twin too and I love it. I'm older by an hour and a half. They didn't' know they were having twins, my sister was surprise! Talk about getting a shock. LOL. I too love Christmas!

  4. Lady you are one cool chica! I loved this post and learning all the fun stuff about you! I can understand your fear about water. I don't have it for the ocean (grew up in Hawaii), but I can understand being afraid of lakes. They freak me out!! It's does the water just...STAY?!

    I am so happy that you shared your mother's banana bread pudding recipe - I saw it and immediately thought "oh I hope she shares this!"

    A Mused Blog