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Monday, July 13, 2015

Travel Essentials

Traveling is so fun....Most of the time. 

I love getting to go to a new place, or visit family and friends....but I HATE packing.
It never fails that I try to pack "light" and my suitcase ends up busting at the seems. 
The packing part usually stresses me out the most because I think up 100 different scenarios in my head about what might happen on my trip and what I wish I would have brought. 
I can literally drive myself crazy thinking "what if'!??? you can imagine....packing my makeup in an efficient and travel friendly manner has always been a struggle...Until recently.

A little while ago I began searching for a better way to be able to take the makeup items I love, but still pack light. 
I absolutely HATED sacrificing my face for travel.
I always like to look my "best"...and traveling sometimes made that hard when I couldn't pack my bulky makeup items I loved and used daily.
It's taken some definite trial and error (or travel and error...however you want to see it) but I think I have finally found the BEST travel friendly makeup and beauty items that I can't leave home without!
I am happy to say that I have significantly slimmed down my makeup baggage into ONE travel bag!
(That's HUGE for me!!)

Here are my TOP Travel Essentials and Travel Tips!

Travel Sized Makeup Options: 

Obviously....Travel size makeup is on the top of my list.
I know THAT'S not a new idea to anyone reading this. are some of my absolute FAVE travel sized items that I always carry with me. guys have seen me recommend this little thing like 100 times already...but it is seriously the most awesome (and cute) little palette ever! (See my past posts HERE & HERE).
I use the full size version of this palette almost EVERY is my go-to summer eye palette for SURE!
And the best part about this little one can also double as a brow powder compact too! I use the beige matte color to clean up my brow area all the time. If you need a little brow how-to, check out my brow tutorial - HERE.  
I love that this little guy has 4 matte neutral shades and 4 shimmer shades (warm and cool tones in here too). 
SO perfect for travel and all skin tones. It's so skinny it doesn't take up much room at all!
Available wherever Smashbox is sold!

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Travel Mascara - $10
 This is currently one of my FAVE mascaras ever!
Seriously LOVE this stuff! I am SO happy it comes in a little travel size!
I love being able to carry my high end makeup brands with me while I travel!
This is also the perfect price and size if you want to try out a new brand!!
Check out my full application and review of this mascara - HERE

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - $14

  This stuff is an absolute MUST when I travel! I refuse to be without it! It is the only thing that truly sets my makeup in place and combats humidity, sweat, and oil for me. 
Taking a huge spray bottle isn't exactly travel I was SO pumped to find this guy in a travel size spray!
Perfect size and the same great setting spray I love!
(See how much I rave about it HERE and HERE

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - $16
Again...You all know I freaking LOVE this primer...Yes...Holy Grail for me! 
So GLAD it comes in a travel size!
Sometimes you can spot an even smaller size of this stuff for only $10 around the checkout areas of Ulta and Sephora! So keep an eye out for those little ones too because they are even better for travel! (they are the size of my pinky finger --- they take up NO space at all). 

Those are my TOP fave travel items for my makeup stash....I can't travel without those in my bag!

Here are some other makeup items I love that come in travel size options too - Most of these get packed in my bag as well.

Benefit The POREfessional Primer - $10
Benefit BOI-ING Concealer Eye Bright Compact - $12
Urban Decay Primer Potion Eye Primer - $12
Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner - $12 
Urban Decay 3 Piece 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil Travel Set - $19
Nars Blush & Bronzer Travel Duo - $24 


Travel Makeup Application

Another problem that happens when you travel with makeup is....what to do about your big bulky makeup brushes!!??
 Do you just bite the bullet and pack them all...OR...leave them at home and hope your fingers can do an okay job!?
I have been there...done that!
But neither option worked out well.

So...I finally found the PERFECT way to get my same makeup look I do at home...on the go!
 You NEED these next few items in your travel bag!

Sephora Collection Eye Brush Capsule - $22
I have never been keen on travel sized brushes....they just never seemed to do a good job! The brush fibers were either too small...too hard...too soft....or just fell out all over my face.
That was until I met these beauties!
This little eye brush set is the ONLY eye brush set you need to travel with! It has 5 super high quality, soft (but not too soft) eye brushes to get any kind of eye look you want!
Plus, the little angled brush works GREAT for brows or eyeliner too!
I love that this set comes in a super slim and sleek capsule for easy packing and travel.
My mom gave this to me at Christmas and I haven't left the house without it since!
It is so small (About the length of my palm) but the brushes are SO nice. My eye makeup doesn't suffer at ALL when I have these to travel with!
(This set comes in 5 colors, but this multi-colored one that I have just sold out. All the rest are exactly the same high quality though!)

 You all know my undying love and affection for my Beauty Blender Sponge.
I refuse to live another day without this makeup wonder in my life! (See my full review - HERE)
This little sponge has totally changed the way I do my makeup. I use it for everything but my eye makeup and that is why I recommend it for travel!
Nothing applies my foundation as flawlessly as this!
It is also GREAT to apply setting powders, blush, bronzer (you can contour with it), and highlighter TOO!
See my full beauty blender face tutorial - HERE!
This sponge can totally take the place of your face makeup brushes while you travel. How's THAT for a space saving item!?
This sponge has helped cut my makeup baggage by HALF! Brushes are always so large and awkward to pack, so using the Beauty Blender for your face needs is the perfect way to go (everyday) or just while traveling!


Travel Skincare

Packing your favorite skincare items can also be super tricky and space sucking. No one wants to be stuck a week without their skincare essentials, right? That could potentially bring on skin problems! NOOO!
Lucky for you I have found the perfect way to keep that skin glowing while on the go!

Here are some of my favorite skincare options in the perfect travel size!

I am currently totally obsessed with this organic skincare brand! I have never used something so refreshing, hydrating, and effective that is 100% all natural and ORGANIC!
This stuff is miracle cream in a jar!
These are the perfect sized travel jars and they come in a nice little plastic travel tube too! Sleek and easy to pack!
You get the 
"Alert" Eye Cream
"Sunkissed" Antioxidant Moisturizer
"The Hangover" Instant Lift Moisturizer
"Lullaby" Night Cream
in this travel bundle.

What more do you need!!??

Traveling takes SO much out of your skin --- You usually don't keep your normal eating, sleeping, or water drinking habits while you travel and that can have serious effects on your skin. Any skin issue that could potentially pop up while traveling can be cured with this stuff!
"The Hangover" literally makes my skin come alive and glow! 
That's why I REFUSE to travel without it! You will literally be carrying around a little spa while you travel!
A full review on this whole Lalogy Organic Skincare Line will be posted on FRIDAY - 7/17 so stay tuned!

I have recently come around to the idea of using travel containers to carry some of my favorite skincare items (or makeup) that don't come in travel size options. This set is PERFECT for taking your fave face wash, shampoo, moisturizer, eye cream, or even FOUNDATION!
Who wants to lug that 1001lb jar of moisturizer or glass container of foundation with them?
Not only could you loose your luggage and expensive items, but they could break or bust inside your luggage too - ruining your clothes! 
These travel containers are waterproof, scratch proof, leak proof, shatter proof, reusable,  AND TSA approved!!
What more could you want or need for traveling with your favorite makeup and skincare items!?

This set comes with
 2 - 1.69oz airless pump tubes
 2 - 1.01oz airless pump tubes
1 - 0.51oz airless pump tube
2 -  0.51 oz jars 
 1 - Piston push stick (to aid in product filling)
1 - Spatula (to aid in product filling)
1 - Waterproof, pre-printed labels sheet 
1 - Travel Bag

YES! They even come with a travel bag AND waterproof labels!?
WHAT!? Such a steal at only $19 for this set!
I promise you will find these priceless for travel!
( can save money on buying travel sized items too since you will be using what you already own!!!)

If you don't need all of these jars, they have 2 smaller sets:

HOLY STEAL!!! Only $5 BUCKS!!!

If you need something to carry a favorite perfume, makeup setting spray, facial toner, or any other liquid you need to spritz...try one of these!

Here are a few other fave skincare and travel items:

Because we all gotta shave while we are traveling too, right!? The Cool Fix gel is the ONLY thing that keeps my legs smooth and razor burn free! This teeny travel duo is perfect!!
Shave Cream AND Cooling Gel!
Your legs will thank me!

A cute makeup bag is a MUST. This one is SO sturdy...and funny! And it's the perfect travel size!
I actually prefer my makeup bags without pockets. This one is just a straight up bag and I love it. I find that bags with pockets and slots take up more space and leave LESS space for my makeup! This one totally fits the bill!

Makeup remover wipes are a MUST when I travel. I don't care how limited my space is...I will HAVE these stuffed somewhere!
Instead of lugging a huge full-size pack...get the convenient travel size! I love these soothing and gentle makeup remover wipes.

Sometimes our legs need a little help. I don't know about you...but I usually have some kind of bruise, scrape, weird tan line or something going on with my legs!
If I am going on a vacation and am planning on showing a little skin...this stuff is a MUST!
Yes..It is literally leg makeup. Think...BB cream for legs!
I like to mix this with a regular lotion just to make it blend a little better, but I love having this on hand to give my legs (or arms) a little glow and help cover up any imperfections. I love this little travel size!!


Travel Makeup Sets:

Makeup sets that are made for travel are also a perfect option for packing light. These sets normally cover lots of face bases for you, so you can nix adding a lot of bulky items to your bag. I love having a set that has most of my makeup needs covered in an easy to carry compact. It just makes everything easier!!

Urban decay has is DOWN when it comes to their makeup palettes! Anyone else obsessed with everything they do!!??
Well this little palette is my GO TO when I need to travel light.
You have everything you need for your whole face except concealer and foundation!
You have a blush, bronzer, highlighter, 5 eye shadows, the Perversion Mascara, 24/7 Black eye liner pencil, and a full size rosy shimmer Naked lip gloss.
Oh...and the compact has a HUGE mirror and it is so sturdy - another plus for travel!
I seriously use it ALL THE TIME!
A must for a girl on the GO!

This makeup palette is just...sigh...gorgeous!
This set has everything you need for contouring, eyebrows, and eye makeup!
Did you read that!? CONTOURING AND EYEBROWS!! get full contouring & highlighting shades AND brow powders AND brow wax in this palette!! 
If you have a special event you are traveling for and need to have your brow and contour game on POINT...This needs to be YOURS!!
Side Note: this is on the larger side, but it is still skinny and flat. 

If you got this little travel goodie with the Naked on the Run or #Shapematters would be SET!
This Benefit 4 piece collection comes in 3 shades (light, medium, and dark) and has all of your concealing and foundation needs covered!
You get
POREfessional Primer
Hello Flawless Foundation
Boi-Ing Concealer in 2 shades
Hello Flawless finishing poweder
How is this set NOT awesome!? You even get a primer with it! I die....just the perfect travel set!!!!

This lovely little palette is just adorable! And it has a beautiful selection of eye shadows (6), shadow liners (2), a gorgeous neutral tone blush, and light shimmer highlighter. Great colors to take your look from day to night!
Perfectly compact for travel!

I love having this travel friendly guy in my collection.
The case alone is just awesome! It's a faux leather case that zips AND has a mirror too! This thing is sturdy, and sleek and just looks cute too!
I also love that it has baked shadows and blushes/bronzers! Baked shadows are perfect to use wet or dry! So really you are getting double the product in here! 
You get 
9 Baked Shadows
3 DUO Baked Shadows
1 DUO Baked Blush
1 DUO Bronzer/Highlighter
1 Eyeliner Pencil in Black
An amazing range of colors to create any eye look you can imagine! All while in a sturdy carrying case for travel!


Other Travel Insights:

Free Samples:
You all know I love my free samples!!!
It's such a great way to find a new brand to love without having to purchase a full size!
Well...Sometimes when I know a trip is coming up, I save all my little free samples of makeup, skincare, and hair products to take with me!
They are the PERFECT size (teeny tiny)... AND you can throw away the package when you are done so you will have LESS stuff to repack!
Oh...and they are FREE!!!! 
Always remember to add your free samples to your online orders from Sephora and Ulta! You always get 3 (or more) with every order! It's a great way to score the tiny samples of perfumes too! They are so awesome for traveling! They usually come with a little "spray nozel" now so you can spritz them on like a regular perfume!
I also like to cash in my points from Sephora's VIB member program to get travel/ deluxe sample sized makeup and skincare items when I know I have a trip coming up. 
They have some AWESOME point perks you guys...Like...Marc Jacobs Lipstick, Dior Mascara, Origins Skincare, etc to pick from!
And always remember to ask for free samples when you are in the makeup stores! They have TONS of them! If you go on the weekends, they sometimes have reps standing by certain brands handing out samples too! (I got a large free sample of the GlamGlow Cleanser that way!!!)
Don't be afraid to ask to sample a product before you buy! Most makeup counters and stores are more than welcome to help you out!

Dual Purpose Items:
Traveling is the perfect time to take those dual purpose items. Not only can they slim down your bag, they can help you find new uses for your makeup that you might not have known!

Lip & Cheek stains can help keep your lips looking polished and your cheeks looking flushed!
Brow Pencils can also double as eyeliner!
Clear Brow gel can also be mascara!
Eyeshadow can also be used for eye liner or brow powder!
A Shimmer eyeshadow can also be used as a highlighter for your face!
Use a makeup setting spray as your face primer AND setting spray!

See!?? There are ways to keep your polished look while traveling without skimping out on your fave items!!


It's all well and good to pack light....until...your light as air luggage doesn't make it. 

What THEN!??

What's a girl to do when all she has at her disposal is the nearest drugstore!??

Here are my recommendations if you need to make a drugstore stop to keep your face looking fresh while you travel:


Grand Total for a Drugstore full face haul: $54.65!!!!!!

Yep! Everything you need (and that I personally own and use quite often) for a full face! All for under $55! How is that not AWESOME when you weren't planning on spending a lot of $$$!??
So now you don't have to worry! Just Bookmark/Pin this post so you will have peace of mind while you travel! 


I hope you all get to go on some awesome vacations very soon! I have a beach trip coming up and I am counting down the DAYS!!!!!!

Where are you headed!? I'd love to hear about your vacation plans and travel tips in the comments below!!
Send me pics of your travels on my Facebook Page or tag me on Instagram!!

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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  1. Loving that Smashbox palette and of course I'm in love with Naked on the Run! UD can do no wrong :)

    1. That Smashbox palette is such a fave!!! I really love it! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Man. You've got the list all prepared - NICE!
    I love that make up bag.
    & want those brushes in that container! That's fantastic to take along & protect those bristles!

    1. Thanks so much for reading!!! I really love those travel brushes!!! So nice!

  3. I need to try the UD makeup setting spray. Does it really work?? It's been so hot here in GA I feel like if I go out after work my makeup really needs a major touch up and I hate that!

    1. It does!!! It is a total face saver!!!!!!! XoxoX

  4. Those Smashbox palettes look gorgeous! I need to check them out. I love the Tarte is one of my favorites. I ordered that new palette of theirs last week from Sephora and I cannot wait til it arrives so I can play!

    1. That Smashbox palette is on constant repeat!! Love it so much!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. Great post! I love love love my beauty blender. It's a game changer and I wish I started using it years ago.

  6. Those Yes makeup wipes are some of my favorites! They do the best job at taking off stubborn mascara.

  7. Such a long, informative post! I haven't seen the travel container sets from Sephora, but I'll definitely be checking those out. Love my beauty blender and it really does work for everything but eyes!! I'm still using up my Fix+ and UD sprays but after they're all gone I'm going to try the NYX one and L'Oreal has one I want to try too! Thanks so much for putting this together!!