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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Custom Starbox Review

Happy Friday Everyone!

We made it to the weekend!!!! YAY!!

In case you didn't catch my last one....Click HERE!

Remember... A custom Starbox monthly subscription is only $12 a month and you get an INSANE amount of value!!
I love that you have to power to customize your monthly box!
You get to pick 3 "perfect size" (3/4 of the full size) makeup items and 3 lifestyle giftcards!
I love getting to choose different stores each month to get jewelry, home goods, clothing, or makeup!
 I'm sorry I don't have a video for you this month, my camera is broken and I was only able to use my phone for the pictures! BOOO!
 But...Make sure you go to for all the info! 

So...without further ado....Here are my picks from my August Custom Starbox!!!

Makeup Picks:

"Gold Coast" Eye Shadow - $13
 I know I probably have 100 shimmery warm brown eye shadows....but COME ON!!
Look at this one!?
So gorgeous!!!
You all know I LOVE my warm brown tones for the summer (Check out my Summer Bronze Eye Tutorial - HERE)!
This was my first time trying the Starlooks eye shadows, and I was pleasantly surprised by the "smoothness" of this shimmer shadow.
Some shimmer eye products can have a gritty feel to them, or they have a lot of fallout and the shadow gets all over your face...Not with this one!!

This one goes on so smooth and it is very highly pigmented. 
This shadow will DEFINITELY be in my every day eye shadow rotation. It is gorgeous alone, or blended with other color eye shadows too! So versatile! $13...this one shadow already covers the $12 monthly fee for your box!

Side Note: When my box 1st came in the mail, this eye shadow had been broken during shipping (DARN USPS!!!)

Insert sad face!!!
I immediately emailed Starlooks Customer Service with the above photo of my broken product to see if I was just stuck with the broken product...or if they would replace it.
I know it is taking money right out of their pocket when things like this happen, so I didn't know how they would respond. I totally understand that things happen while in transit and I was already absolving myself to the fact that I might not get a new one.
However...not even a minute (Seriously not even 60 seconds) after I sent the email, I got a reply!
They said they would replace the broken shadow immediately an they were sorry that it happened (and it wasn't even their fault!!!)
I really really REALLY love when a company has awesome customer service, and Starlooks was the fastest and BEST that I have ever seen.
I got a shipping notification shortly after too! How awesome is that!?

"Noir" Longwear Eye Pencil - $10.25

This little black eyeliner came JUST in time!
I literally just ran out of my fave black liner and I am SO very happy with this one!
Sometimes pencil liners can be dry, hard, and hard to apply, but this one is SO creamy and smooth and just glides on effortlessly!
Oh...and this stuff DOES. NOT. BUDGE.
 After I did this little test sample picture, I went to wash my hands.....this stuff did not want to come off!!!
(It does come off easily with makeup remover...but anything just repels!!!). 
I love that it is so smooth but also waterproof! It's hard to find a creamy pencil liner that has real staying power!
A total new fave in my book!!!

Slanted Liner Brush - $18
A girl can never have too many brushes....right!??
Well...In my case I actually desperately needed a new eye liner brush to use with my gel liner pots! My old one was getting pretty ratty and loose so it was hard to draw on a crisp eye wing....Not okay at ALL!
I am SOOO impressed by the quality of this eye brush!
It is firm, but soft - perfect for doing winged liner!!
I am SOOO so happy I picked this one!
And it's $18!!!!!!! How is that not a super steal for this box!?
Totally in love with this brush (it can also double as an eyebrow brush too!)

Here is my new eyeshadow and eyeliner from this month!
Totally loving it!
I'm also wearing my Rose Gold Blush, Liquid Highlighter, and Lip Gloss from my last month's box! Those have been my daily go-to items ever since they arrived!

Did you guys do the makeup math for my makeup picks this month!!?
Yep....a super value over my $12/month fee!! 
And we aren't done YET!!!


Giftcard Picks:

Starlooks X Masiela Lusha - $20
 If you read my review of my July Starbox, you will remember that I chose to get a $20 to one of the Starlooks makeup lines!
Definitely was a good decision because you get MORE free makeup and free shipping!!
So this month I decided to repeat that decision and pick another Starlooks Makeup line!
 I have my eye on this beautiful pink nude lipstick (it will pair perfectly with the pink nude lip liner I used my last month's giftcard for!!!)

Masiela Lusha "Screen Ready" Lipstick - $15
Again...FREE shipping on this makeup item so it is a completely free makeup addition to my monthly box!!! YAY!

Nomad Tribe - $25

I scooped this card up FAST because this online shop has some CUTE tops and accessories! 
Plus...did you see how much the card is for!??
$25 BUCKS!!!
I plan on getting this super adorable tank with my card!

 ICA White Tank - $32
 I mean...I know summer is almost over but....Oh wait...I live in FLORIDA!
So I will have plenty of time left to wear this cute tank!
I absolutely LOVE the tribal pocket detail!
It gives it such a pop of flare to a normal white tank!
All in All, with my $25 subtracted from this order and $5 shipping and tax added, my order total will be around $12!!
Isn't that such a steal!!!??

WE Positive People - $17

I am a jewelry fiend.
I admit it.
I LOVE jewelry!!!
And when there is something called Positive jewelry...Sign me UP!
We Positive makes wrap bracelets in just about every color or pattern you can imagine...So cute! Their prices run from $23 - $48. The higher price points indicate more detail on the bracelet (rhinestones, studs, etc).

They describe their bracelets as:

"The original bracelet We Positive™ is the friendship bracelet. A Must Have, symbol of being positive, and a suggestion to live better. Luck, Love, Friendship, Health, are the themes that the We Positive communicate. Discover what is written in the bracelet

The We Positive™ Bracelet, is entirely Italian handmade product, made with natural and hypoallergenic leather. The old silver buckle is nickel free. Being a handmade product, each bracelet has nuances and features that make it unique."

I have been looking at different wrap style bracelets this past year and could never find one that I loved.
So when I saw this company as a Starbox pick... I knew this wrap was meant for ME!!
 Handmade items are hard to find these days, and I love supporting something so positive and unique. 
Here is my pick for my $17 gift card!
Pink Bracelet 121 - $23
 I love the pale rosy pink color of this wrap! Just enough metallic sparkly and girly-ness in a leather wrap bracelet!
This wrap is $23, so after you apply the $17 gift card and shipping cost ($6), the total comes to around $12!
Not bad at all for a high quality handmade jewelry item is it!???

 Ok guys.....drumroll please for the gift card total this month.....
$62 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so impressed! Another month of incredible value!

With my $38.25 worth of makeup, and the $62 worth of Gift Cards.....the Grand Total for this month is....
Can you guys believe this box is only $12 a month!?
My mind is still blown!!!!!


Remember how I showed you the GORGEOUS Arrow earrings that In Love With Onyx made last month!? (I snagged their $40 gift card in my July box).

Well....I used my gift card and scooped them UP!


I have been wearing these on REPEAT ever since I got them and they are just so darn cute!
I love that they are on the front and back of my ears...That's such a trend now for earrings and I am loving it!
I also love that you can use a different earring back and wear just the front part of the earring if you want a simpler look!
 So I really got a 2 for 1 deal on these beauties!!
Go check them out!!!!


So what do you guys think!?
Wasn't this another awesome month from Starlooks!??
 I love that I got to choose makeup items that I was out of, or needed to replace!
They saved me a bunch of money with that amazing eyeliner and liner brush!

Go check out the Custom Starbox NOW!!!!
Follow them on Social Media too - Instagram / Facebook / Website

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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*I was sent this box for review purposes. However, all opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own and 100% honest.

Easy Ballerina Bun

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post, I just needed some personal time. I will be posting more regularly again now!! Thanks for sticking with me!!! 

Today I have a super easy hairdo for you! 
Summer means my hair is normally UP and off of my back and neck. I just can't stand being out in the heat and having my long hair basically act like a scarf and keep the warmth in.
When I need a quick hairstyle to look classy, but keep me cool...I always do....

The Ballerina Bun!!!

Now, for this bun I do NOT use a sock, or any other bun apparatus that is suppose to make getting the "perfect bun" super easy. Those things never work for me, so I just pin my bun into place.
You won't believe how easy it is....just watch below!

See guys!? Isn't that easier than messing with a sock!??
Just part your ponytail into 4 even sections and pin on the top, sides, and bottom and spread them to connect into a bun! It's perfect for shorter hair too!


This hairstyle is also perfect for weddings, a 1st date, or the beach! You can put it high on your head for a sleek updo, or low for a messy beach bun! This bun also looks cute with headbands, hair pins, or flowers!

The bun possibilities are endless!!

Just make sure you secure your sections with at least 2 bobby pins (one on each side) so it won't fall out! Then use some hairspray to keep it in place!


Will you be trying out this super easy Ballerina Bun!??

I want to see pictures if you do!!! Post them on my Facebook page or tag me on instagram!!

What are your go-to hairstyles for summer!?
Let me know in the comments below!
I love hearing from you!

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!