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Thursday, September 3, 2015

August Starlooks Looksbook Review

Can you guys believe it's already September!?
I seriously can't...
Where has this year gone!?
I feel like Summer just flew's still 100 degrees here so I guess it still feels like summer.

Anyways....I have a another subscription box review for you!

I have been reviewing the Starlooks Custom Monthly Starbox subscription for you for the last 2 months - HERE and HERE.
($12/month and you get to pick 3 makeup items and 3 giftcards - Go to

This time I am reviewing the Starlooks New August Looksbook subscription! might be thinking...what's the difference between the Custom Starbox and the Looksbook subscription.
Well..that's what I am here for!

First off, the Custom Starbox is just that....CUSTOM. For $12/month, you have the power to choose which 3 makeup items and which 3 lifestyle gift cards you would like each month. I love being able to choose what items I want in my monthly box...there really is nothing else like that in the sub box realm to my knowledge. 
However...although I do love getting to choose what I want each month...the other half of me loves getting surprises in the mail!
That's where the Looksbook comes in! 

The Looksbook subscription is a total surprise each month.
This box is also $12/month and you get this lovely little travel box with themed, fashion forecasted, high quality Starlooks makeup items with a "how to" booklet right inside!
How cool is that!?
Now you don't have to wonder what the eye shadow they send you will look like, or how to use it! All the pictures and directions are right inside the box!!

   I love that the 3 makeup items are all perfectly coordinated. You have a go-to perfect makeup look right in the box! Isn't this beach theme just gorgeous!? Perfect for the last days of summer! These 3 makeup items are also "perfect sized", just like the custom Starbox (3/4 of the full size).

And these pictures and directions!??? I mean...come on!
If you are someone who likes to have a demo or instructions with makeup, or like to have some inspiration on how to use new products, this is FOR YOU!


Okay so...let me dive into this gorgeous

First lets talk about this Aqua Water Eye Shadow Stick
I have been dying to get my hands on a minty, aqua green shadow all summer long!! I have been loving the pop of mint on the eyes that ladies have been rocking this season and I am SO excited to finally have this in my collection!
How pretty is this color!?
I'm thinking you could even transition it into a cool wintery green for the cooler months, too!
Isn't it so awesome that they have the instructions on how to best use their product right in the box!?
And you get this lovely picture to show you how gorgeous it is ON! I love that!!
This water shadow stick has a semi glossy type finish, but it isn't sticky at all. It blends easily and it is also very build-able. It's nice that you can have just a light wash of color, or build it to be a bright POP of green. 
Since you can apply this with a brush, you can also use this as an eye liner too! Perfect for lining under the eyes to create a bold aqua green eye.
You can also lightly dab this shadow in the inner corners of your eye for a nice shimmery highlight effect.

Ritz Highlighter & Tropic Blush Duo
 At first glance, I thought that this little duo was actually an eye shadow compact. But no....It's a gorgeous gold highlighter and coral hued blush set!
Both colors are glowing and slightly shimmery, perfect for creating a beachy look.
As the directions say, the gold highlighter is just that...a highlighter. So it looks lovely on the cheekbones, brow bone, and inner eye corner to complete this themed look. 
The coral, orange toned blush is also a nice pop of color that makes the cheeks glow and look vibrant! Totally loving this blush color!

Jet Set Lipstick

 This orange toned nude lipstick is a wonderful addition to this beach themed box. I love the glossy satin sheen to this lipstick - Perfect for every day wear! 
No weird smell to this lippie either, YAY!!!
And, it is on the more sheer side, so you can build it to your color liking. SCORE!!!

Here is what this lovely "Resort Edition" Starlooks LooksBook looks like ON! I used all the items from this book in the pictures below!

I am so totally OBSESSED with the Aqua Water Eye Shadow Stick and the Gold Highlighter!! 
I just know I will be reaching for those quite often. I can't get enough of that subtle minty sparkle and gorgeous gold glow!


Now...this little monthly box would be AWESOME at only $12 a month for these 3 gorgeous makeup items wouldn't it!??

But....What if I told you...this box ALSO comes with 3 Lifestyle Gift Cards just like the Custom Starbox does!?



Since this box isn't custom, you don't get to choose which 3 gift cards you would like, Starlooks picks them for you. So...if you like surprises, this is totally the box for you!!
If you want to control which makeup items and gift cards you get each month, I would suggest sticking with the Custom Starbox instead of the LooksBook. 
But...I'm really liking the themed makeup picks and surprise gift cards too!

 Here are my 3 Gift Cards in my August LooksBook box:

This company makes adorable wallets, purses, bags, and more from recycled items. How cool, right!?
I have my eye on this chic black and white wristlet! 

 Would you even guess that this was upcycled from an old vinyl banner?
Perfect size for carrying your cell, keys, and $$$ when you are on the run!
My gift card is for $15, so once you apply that to the $18 for this wristlet and add $8 for shipping, the total cost will be around $11 for this recycled goody! 

Now it's the end of I'm not really needing a swimsuit right now....but...this company has some GORGEOUS ones!!
They have one called the "Magic Swimsuit" because it changes colors in different lighting! Say whaaaaat!??
I think these swimsuits are more fashion statements than water wear, so I don't know if I will be using this gift card any time soon. But if you are in the market for some spicy pool wear, check them out!
 This swimsuit it definitely my fave from the site! I love the animal print on one side and the sexy solid black on the other! 
This suit would be awesome for a long beach vacation because you would have 2 suits in ONE! Since it's reversible, you can save on packing space! could throw on a solid black maxi skirt with either side and make a killer outfit!
They were very generous with a $50 gift card to this store and if you apply it to this suit and add $7 shipping, your total would be around $92! Not bad for a unique, reversible swimsuit!!

I was really excited to get a gift card to this store! So many cute clothing, jewelry, and accessory items!!
The only problem is choosing which items to get!
This gift card is $15, but on the back it says you must spend $30 to use's kind of a bummer. But at least the have super cute stuff!
Check out these earrings!

And this flannel shirt is PERFECT for fall!!!

As you can see...spending $30 won't be a problem at this store! 


What do you guys think of the Starlooks LooksBook!??

I am loving that the makeup looks are coordinated, come in a cute travel box, and are a surprise! They are also much larger than a sample size (like what most monthly subscription companies send). 
Plus you still get 3 gift cards too!! The gift cards alone added up to $80 in this box!!! That's not even including the makeup!
You can't beat the value of this box at only $12 a month!

Check out Starlooks - HERE!
Follow them on Social Media too - Instagram / Facebook / Website

Also, follow me on Social Media for makeup funnies, and fun makeup tips!!!

Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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*I was sent this box for review purposes. However, all opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own and 100% honest.

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