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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where I've been...

Hello All!!!! 

Boy have I missed all of you! 

In case you haven't noticed... I haven't posted at all in the last 3 months.... Weird... I know. But... I have a very good reason. 

These last 3 months have been the longest... And hardest months of my life. Without going into further detail, lots of life changes have come my way and I just didn't have the strength to write. But... I am happy to say that things are on the upswing now and I hope to be back to posting more regularly very soon (probably will be after the 1st of the year due to the holidays)! I will get a holiday gift idea roundup for you all though! So stay tuned for my top gift picks!! 

I know I talk a lot about being a Florida girl in my posts, but after today....I won't be.  

Today... My family and I will make the journey to our new "home" in North Carolina! Yep... I'll finally get to experience seasons! Fall leaves.... Snow... So excited! 

I am so very sad to leave my Florida home... 

But very excited to start fresh in a new place. This decision was thought over and prayed over and we feel that God has opened the doors for us on this move. We can't deny His wonderful grace through these last few months and I am so thankful for His strength and peace through everything. 

I sincerely apologize for being absent these last few months, but please be patient with me and I'll be back very soon! I promise! You know I can't help sharing all those awesome holiday deals!!! 


Thanks for still reading even though I've fallen off the face of the earth for a bit!!

Please keep my family in your prayers as we move to a new city and leave our wonderful family. It's going to take a lot of adjusting and we will be leaning on God and those prayers to get us through! 

I really do love and miss you all!! ManicMakeupGirl is down but not out! Check back soon for my holiday roundup! 


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