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Monday, February 29, 2016

March Target Beauty Box IS LIVE NOW!!!! *sold out*

Hey guys!!!!

Remember when I said that Target Beauty Boxes come around about once every 3 months? 

Well.... They use to... But guess WHAT!!?????

The March Target Beauty box is LIVE NOW!!!!!!!!! 
*UPDATE: this is now sold out!!!
Thanks Ashley for the heads up on this box!!!
I'm thinking that the February box that I posted about - HERE - was actually a specialty one and now the boxes will be back to their regular 3 month intervals. 
(I'm think that because this months box is only $5!!!!!! Not the $7 like last time.)

This box has a $17 value this time with loads of great goodies from sample size to full size (8 items total)!!! Remember to grab this box ASAP if you want it because they sell out super fast!!!

Go HERE to get this MARCH BOX for only $5 with FREE SHIPPING!!! 

HURRY!!!!! GO NOW!!!!

- This box will sell out!
- This box is ONLY $5 this time!
- This box has a $17 value!
- This box has FREE SHIPPING!


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 2016 Target Beauty Box Unboxing

Heeeeeey guys!!!

Remember when I told you about the amazing Target Beauty Boxes that went on sale last week (here)?

Well....Guess WHAT!!?

Mine came in the mail yesterday!!

<Insert Happy Dance>

I decided to let you all share in the fun of mail day and I did an "unboxing" video for you!!
That way we all get to see the awesome stuff you get for only $7 (in case you were on the fence about getting one of these boxes next time).

Items in my Box: 
EcoTools Bath Pouf (Full Size - $1.97)
 Derma e Hydrating Night Creme (Deluxe Sample Size)
Vera Wang Embrace Perfume  (Sample Size)
Soapbox Coconut Oil Shampoo (Deluxe Sample Size)
Soapbox Coconut Oil Conditioner (Deluxe Sample Size)
 Skinfix Lip Repair Balm (Full Size - $4.99)
Laneige BB Cusion (Sample Size)
Incoco Nail Polish Applique (Full Size - $4.99)
***And a $3 off $15 Beauty Purchase Coupon!

So the grand total of JUST the full size items in this box is...$15.94!!!!!!
You have doubled the value of the box with ONLY the 4 full size items!!! Not to mention you have multiple deluxe size samples in this box too!
Definitely a HUGE steal at only $7 shipped for this box!!!


What did you guys think!?
Will you be jumping on the Target Beauty Box train the next time it pulls into town (Which should be around the beginning of MAY)!!!!

Make sure you check back here for all the details about these boxes and when they go live!!

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January Favorites (2016)

Hey guys!!!

I promised I would be trying to blog and film more things for you...SO here I AM!!!!

This post is all about the things I have been obsessing over for the last month!!

 Check out my FAVES!!!
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (In Patina, Caramello, Dolce, and Amore - Not pictured)


Thanks for watching you guys!!!
I hope you have the best week possible!!!!

What items have you been loving lately?
I want to know!!!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New 2016 Makeup Items

Hey Everyone!

It's 2016!!
Did you know that!?
Yeah....I can't believe it either...C.R.A.Z.Y!

Well...when the calendar changes over to a new year, so does the makeup!!
As soon as the Times Square Ball drops...the beauty world is FLOODED with all kinds of new skincare, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, etc.... You name it...there's something new out there!

For the whole 1st month of 2016 I have been filling my (Virtual) Sephora shopping cart with all the newest and hottest makeup items. 
Now...I haven't clicked "purchase" on this virtual cart yet...because it's $549!!!! 
 I know....And that's not even ALL the new stuff!
How's a girl to choose!?

Well...Good news!! Manic Makeup Girl is here to give you a rundown of all the newest beauty items that have caught my eye so far!
Consider this my wish list of sorts....but I do hope to be able to try some of these items soon to do a
Kiss or Diss Post (see past Kiss or Diss Posts here and here). the good stuff!!

 *NEW* Foundations:

 Why I want it: This is a water based serum foundation that is suppose to leave your face MORE hydrated after you use it. 
Since it is a serum foundation, it is doing double duty while you wear it. I love infused products that will help my skin stay clear and hydrated all while wearing it during the DAY! Normally serums are for nighttime rejuvenation, but this one works during YOUR working hours! Pretty cool in my book!
I would love to test this one out to see if it helps, or hurts my oil, breakout prone skin!

Why I Want It: Are you sensing an "Aqua" theme yet? 
This year is all about the luminous, hydrated glow. Now...that's all well and good...but if the foundation is like WATER....that's the problem. I need a more full coverage foundation, or at least a buildable coverage. 
This Becca foundation is suppose to be super lightweight, but buildable. I love a good concealing foundation that feels weightless! This one is also suppose to give you a luminous glow, without looking oily (YAY!). It promises more even skin tone, and to blur imperfections. Sign me UP!!

Why I Want It: If you look closely, cushion EVERYTHING is everywhere!! They have seriously taken on a life of their own in the beauty world. I have watched Lancome, Physicians Formula, Laneige, and more come out with their own version of the "cushion" foundation. Most of them are pretty expensive, so I was SUPER excited to see the drugstore brands start rolling out with them. I actually just picked this foundation up a few days ago so I am really excited to try it and see what all the fuss is about with this cushion thing!
If you don't know....the whole idea is that the cushion is drenched in the foundation and you lightly press on the cushion with the supplied makeup sponge and then gently tap it on your skin. You are suppose to be able to use less makeup, and still get a flawless look due to the cushion and the flat little sponge that comes with it. We shall see!
This Loreal kind says it's lightweight, but fingers crossed it isn't just like a tinted moisturizer on me!! Mama needs some COVERAGE!!
I am hoping to do a video for you trying this foundation out and reviewing it for you!
(I just moved I am trying to get a place set up to film AND blog!!)

*NEW* Setting Sprays:

 Why I Want It: Charcoal has also been a big skincare trend lately. I have seen tons of charcoal mask, and face wash items roll out in the last year. Charcoal is suppose to be GREAT for drawing out toxins and cleaning out clogged pores. 
I have only seen charcoal in skincare items, so when this setting spray popped up on the "just arrived" section...I had to check it out!!
 Boscia is a great skincare line, I love their masks and oil blotting sheets! As far as I know...this is their 1st jump into the makeup arena...even though you could probably still classify this spray as a skincare item. 
What really intrigues me about this setting spray is that it is suppose to minimize pores, mattify the skin, and lock in moisture throughout the day. Sometimes, makeup setting sprays can be a little drying depending on your skin type, and the ingredients of the spray. But this one is suppose to help keep your natural moisture IN and not suck it out...all while keeping oil at bay. WHAT!? I sure hope so because that would be AMAZING for my combination skin. I have a SUPER oily T-Zone but my jawline and around my hairline are insanely dry! I NEED THIS NOW!

*Side Note: Ulta just came out with their own brand of Setting Spray too...for only $10!!!! 
I will need to try this stuff out as well! Such a steal at $10 if it works like the Urban Decay Spray! I'll keep you posted!

*NEW* Blush & Highlighters:  

Why I Want It: Uhhhhhhh have you looked at IT!???
6 gorgeous blush shades in ONE palette!?
That is actually one thing I don't have....a blush palette...can you believe it!? 
 This is a limited edition set that contains 4 beautiful slightly shimmery blush shades, 1 matte bronzer, and 1 soft peachy-pink highlight shade. 
 Do I even need to explain anything else!?

Why I Want It: This blush is totally what I am MOST obsessing over. 
If you recall, I have posted over and over about how much I LOVE the Sephora Perfection Airbrush foundation (Here and Here).
So it's probably no surprise when Sephora rolled out with this little spray goody that I almost passed out. This spray blush comes in 4 beautiful colors (Rose, Orange, Peach, and Pink) and is suppose to be super blend-able and waterproof too! 
I have watched video applications of this product and the artists sprayed the blush onto a blush brush (say that 3 times fast) ...then lightly blended onto the cheeks.

 Why I Want It: I simply die over everything Kat Von D comes out with. Her Lock-It Tattoo foundation is Holy Grail status in my book (See my post HERE). 
I was super stoked to see her come out with these duo blushes (in 7 shades)! One shade is a blush color, and the other is a highlight! SWEET! 
What makes these little duos different is that they are both MATTE colors! Most highlight colors come with some sort of shimmer in it, but these are both matte (perfect for mature or aging skin). Sometimes you just don't want, or need, a pop of these will be awesome for those days when you want to look more natural, but still be able to highlight too.
She has some gorgeous colors paired together and I just know I will love them when I try them. 

Why I Want It: It's the year of the Matte Highlight! 
I was actually kind of surprised by this because the whole "strobing" highlight trend last year. I really don't think the shimmery highlighters are going anywhere for a while, but it's nice to see other highlighting products that don't make you look like a disco ball!
Don't get me wrong...I LOOOOOVE my highlighters (probably too much)... but there are some days (or some zits) that make is difficult to pull off the champagne pop gold highlight on my cheekbones. 
I love that this highlighter is totally MATTE, but it's a nice soft baby pink that is light enough in color to reflect light, without ANY shimmer at all. If you have problem skin, or mature skin, you will want to look into this item ASAP! Shimmer highlights accentuate problem areas and this matte option might be worth GOLD in my book!
I can't wait to try it!! 

*NEW* Eye Products: 

Why I Want It: Did you see the key word up there?
Yes...this is a cushion liquid eyeliner!!
I cool does that sound!?
This cushion liner is suppose to help saturate the brush for complete color and precision liner control. 
Totally interested to see how this whole cushion thing plays out in the eyeliner department.  I love a good gel liner in a pot, so I wonder if this cushion will help the liner last longer in the pot without drying out? It's worth a shot in my book!
This set from Sephora comes with the angled eye liner brush! So.... at $18 it's a STEAL!!!!

 Why I Want It: It's no secret that I LOVE me some nude eye shadow colors. Can you ever have enough? My answer is a firm NO! Especially when we are talking about Lorac shadows!
Lorac eye shadows are TOP of the line shadows. #1! I have a current obsession with their Mega Pro 2 Palette at the moment. 
The real reason I want to try this palette is that it closely resembles my beloved Smashbox Full Exposure palette (See my Beach Bronze Eye tutorial - HERE). This palette is only $30 (a serious steal for the quality...The Smashbox Full Exposure palette is $52..YIKES!) and you get 12 shadows!!
When I think of spring, I think of more neutral eye shadows for some reason. Now...that's not a makeup rule, but I usually tend to go more subtle on my eye makeup in the spring and get heavier as the seasons change. I think this palette would be on serious repeat this spring if it is the same amazing Lorac quality that I love!

Why I Want It: You didn't think that you would get through this without me mentioning a new mascara would you!??
I have an on-going love affair with trying out new mascaras. I don't know what it is...but I can never be in a monogamist relationship with just one mascara.  
Never fails... a new one comes out and I HAVE to try it!!
But...the benefits are ALL for you guys because then I can tell you which ones stink...and which ones work (At least that's what I tell my hubby)!
I am always a Smashbox fan...I love their Full Exposure Mascara (it creates great length and volume), so no surprise that this one is on my "must try" list for 2016!
The reason this mascara really caught my eye is that it is suppose to be extremely buildable... Like...they made it that way on purpose. So really, the volume and thickness you desire is literally in your hands. I would love to see if this really does build up and layer nicely, or if it becomes a clumpy mess. 
Fingers crossed it becomes a holy grail!!!!

*NEW* Lip Items: 

 Why I Want It: All Aboard the Smashbox Train!!!!
You guys know the Smashbox Always Sharp Eye Liners are my GO-TO liners because....they sharpen themselves every time you open them (AMAZING). 
So when this little colorless lip liner baby showed up....I was already drooling!!!! 
I haven't tried any of their Always Sharp Lip Liners, but I am sure they have the same awesome sharpening technique that I love in the eye liners. 
The reason I want to try this is because it is CLEAR!!!
There is a huge liquid lipstick trend going on right now and sometimes it's hard to match a lip liner to them. This CLEAR one solves that problem (and any other lip liner matching issues)! I love wearing a lip liner with lipstick, or liquid lipsticks because it gives your lipstick something to hold onto so it doesn't migrate outside of the lip line. With this clear one...dare I say you won't ever need another lip liner EVER!?
This clear version is also perfect for lining the outside of your lip line to doubly ensure no lipstick bleeding!
A total makeup bag NEED!

 Why I Want It: Are you sick of my Smashbox obsession yet!? I'm sorry but this item just HAD to make the lip list!
Have you ever had a FAVE lipstick that has a satin, or glossy finish and you wish you had it in a Matte version!?
Well...I have!
This awesome gel will instantly double your lipstick collection!
Apply any of your regular lippies and then smooth a dab of this transforming gel on top and BAM!!!!
Instant Matte Lip Perfection - Without having to buy a new lipstick!!!!
I have seen videos of this being applied and it really does work! So awesome to have this option in your lipstick drawer!

Why I Want It: I have totally jumped on the Liquid Lipstick train lately. I don't know if it's because they dry down matte and don't slip and slide all over my face...or if its the way you can apply it with the wand....I don't know. I just love them.
Side Note: I will say that you MUST exfoliate your lips before you use a liquid lipstick because they are very drying... But they last ALL day!!! I have to use a makeup removing wipe to get them off!
Completely obsessed with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks right now and when I saw this little set...My eyes about popped out of my head!!!!
One Stila Lippie runs $ this mini set of 6 for only $39 just KILLS ME!!
I love the assortment of colors because it is ALL you will need for the whole year! They have you covered from nude - to pink - to red - to dark and vampy. 
Need I say more!?


So what do you guys think of my new to 2016 roundup!??
Now do you see why my virtual shopping cart is running over $500!? I am hoping to try some of these items throughout this year, and when I do....You all will be the 1st to know!!!!

What new beauty or fashion items are you crushing on for 2016!?
I want to know!
Tell me in the comments below!!!

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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