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Monday, February 29, 2016

March Target Beauty Box IS LIVE NOW!!!! *sold out*

Hey guys!!!!

Remember when I said that Target Beauty Boxes come around about once every 3 months? 

Well.... They use to... But guess WHAT!!?????

The March Target Beauty box is LIVE NOW!!!!!!!!! 
*UPDATE: this is now sold out!!!
Thanks Ashley for the heads up on this box!!!
I'm thinking that the February box that I posted about - HERE - was actually a specialty one and now the boxes will be back to their regular 3 month intervals. 
(I'm think that because this months box is only $5!!!!!! Not the $7 like last time.)

This box has a $17 value this time with loads of great goodies from sample size to full size (8 items total)!!! Remember to grab this box ASAP if you want it because they sell out super fast!!!

Go HERE to get this MARCH BOX for only $5 with FREE SHIPPING!!! 

HURRY!!!!! GO NOW!!!!

- This box will sell out!
- This box is ONLY $5 this time!
- This box has a $17 value!
- This box has FREE SHIPPING!


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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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