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Thursday, April 7, 2016

*NEW* Crafted Cosmetics - Nail Polish Swatches

Hey guys!!!

Guess what!? It's almost FRIDAY!!!!
 Happy Dance time!!!!!

Anyways...Social media can be an awesome thing (most of the time). It's a place to connect with old friends, meet new ones, and just find out what the heck is going on in the world. 
I am a total Instagram-aholic. 
I. Love. It.
I just think it's an amazing tool to find new beauty and fashion trends and find other bloggers to interact with and share info. 
It's also a wonderful place to find new small businesses to support!
And that leads me to an amazing company that I have had the pleasure of "instagraming" with for the past year. 

Meet --- Crafted Cosmetics ---By Carol Kelly

(or Krafts By Kelly as she was formerly known). 

If you are looking for expertly handmade cosmetic, beauty, skin care, and bath items --- LOOK NO FURTHER!
How gorgeous are these handmade all natural lipsticks!!??
Such a steal at only $9.99!!! Beautiful!  
 (link to lippies)

If you know me...You know I LOVE my bath goodies!
Taking a bubble bath is probably one of my top 10 fave things to do. 
Carol's bath bombs rival Lush's!! Seriously I think they are even BETTER (um and SO much cheaper --- Hello only $2.99)! This birthday cake bath bomb is just too cute!
She has so many different types of bath bombs available!
Organic ingredients too!!

You should also check out her luxurious lavender body scrub (here), Matcha Green Tea clay face mask (here), and the Men's Collection Grooming Kit (here) for all those hairy guys in your life! ;)


What I am really here to tell you guys about is the new Crafted Cosmetics Nail Polishes that are about to launch on Carol's Etsy shop!!!
I had the privilege of getting to try 2 of her new beautiful polishes before they hit the store!

If you know know my FAVE color is YELLOW!
It's always been my favorite because it's just the happiest color!

I was so excited to try this sunny yellow shade,

and this glittery bronze goddess shade!

Are both of these colors not perfect for spring and summer!?

Totally died over them both because they reminded me of Essie and OPI polishes!
No joke.
These are silky smooth polishes that dry down in 2 minutes and still keep that glossy shine!
No clear top coat needed!
Both colors above were only 2 quick coats!
I am all about the fast and easy, folks!!!
 I was also blown away at how easy it was to remove the polish after I wore it for a few days!
Most times, nail polish STINKS to have to remove and you either get a weird stain left on your nails, or you just can't get the darn polish OFF!
Not with these babies...they came off in one swipe!
AND i'm talking about the glitter one TOO!
No need to take sandpaper or a wire brush to those nails to scrub that glitter away (please don't really try those at home)....just a quick swipe of nail polish remover and the glitter was gone!
I've never....EVER....had a polish that wore so well, come off so easy when I went to remove it. 

I can't say enough great things about these polishes!
(Maybe even MORE than Instagram!??)
SOOOO stoked for Crafted Cosmetics to launch them soon!
I will let you all know ASAP when they are available in her store!!

Until then....please go check out Crafted Cosmetics and browse through their high quality beauty and skin care items!


Please check Crafted Cosmetics out on social media!
Etsy: ShopKraftsByKelly

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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

April Target Beauty Box is LIVE!!!!

Hey guys!!!! 

Soooo.... I guess we can forget the old way of how Target use to do their beauty boxes because it seems like they are releasing a new one every month now! 

Speaking of.....


Click here --- --- to get your box!!!

This one is $7 (plus tax) with free shipping!!!! They go super fast so get yours ASAP!!!!

This box has a $26 value! What a score!!!!!! If you have a Target RedCard you can get 5% off this box too! 

Hurry hurrryyyyyy!!!


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Thanks for Reading!

I love you ALL!

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