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Friday, June 5, 2015

Kiss or Diss #2 - GlamGlow

Hello Gorgeous People!!!

Its time for KISS or DISS --- The 2nd Edition!

If you haven't read my 1st post on which makeup items I give the KISS of Approval...Or Majorly DISS....Check HERE

So lets just jump right on in to the Reviews!

Up First....

GlamGlow Masks

If you haven't heard of GlamGlow Masks.....well then....Let me give you a little background info straight from Sephora's website:

"GLAMGLOW was originally designed for exclusive professional backstage use in Hollywood. In 2011, GLAMGLOW became available to consumers worldwide and is now one of the hottest brands in skincare. Known for fast-acting and innovative mud treatments, their patent-pending formulas combine real pieces of leaf with high-end technology to deliver instant, visible results."

So, as you can see -  GlamGlow hasn't been around for that long, but was originally created for use in the Hollywood circles.
The masks are mud masks as it says above, and are suppose to be a revolutionary blend of acne combating, blackhead banishing, wrinkle reversing SUPER dirt!

The effects are suppose to be instant (At least with the pore cleansing part). And they SHOULD be with their price tag.....$69!!!! I know...

<Insert murderous scream here>

SO.....Do they work!?

I personally have 2 of the 4 GlamGlow Masks:

The SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask (1.2 oz)
The YouthMud TingleXfoliate Treatment Mask (1.7oz)

I had heard about these masks through numerous family and friends who had tried them and LOVED them!
I had been dying to get my hands on one of them but that $69 price tag was almost TOO much to get over!

I mean seriously....$69 for a teeny jar of MUD is just ridiculous ... I KNOW!
SO I started doing a little research on these miracle masks and found that the only places I could find them was at Sephora and Dillards....Still with the $69 price tag.

But.....Then the light bulb turned on....



So I hopped onto and searched "GlamGlow Masks"......
I truly believe a light shined down on me at that very moment and a chorus of angels started singing.....

What did I find!???

GlamGlow masks for only $40-ish DOLLARS!!!!!!!!

Suddenly the $40 didn't seem that bad at all! I mean...I was basically saving $30!!!
So I grabbed 2 of them (Since I was really getting 2 for 1) to try. 

***Moral of that Rabbit Trail story is....Do your research on expensive makeup items BEFORE you buy!***

So anyways back to my reviews:

I tried the YouthMud 1st (Hello....29 here...need all the wrinkle prevention I can get!!!).
YouthMud is suppose to brighten, tighten, and exfoliate your skin. This mask is slightly larger than the Supermud Mask (Supermud is the only 1 of the 4 that is 1.2oz  -  The other 3 are 1.7oz).
At first glance...It looks like mud. Which, I guess is a good thing since it's a mud mask! When I applied it, it had a slightly gritty texture to it and I'm guessing that's where the exfoliation part comes in. It has a pleasant smell, almost minty and it goes on smoothly (besides the gritty sand-like beads in it).
I let it sit for 10 minutes and completely dry (You know how mud masks are...they dry and you can't move your face until your husband makes it his mission to make you laugh and crack you up...Like LITERALLY cracks you up!).
It does have a very tingly sensation while it's on your skin. Not quite burning....but you can definitely tell something is going on! It's not uncomfortable, but it did surprise me how strong the tingly sensation really was!
Once it was fully dry and cracked thanks to my husband, I got a washcloth and ran it under very warm water. 
When you rub the mask off with the washcloth, that's when the exfoliation starts! Those little gritty beads get to work as you rub the mask off with your washcloth. 
I have to is VERY exfoliating! Like...Straight up sand on your face! Again, it's not uncomfortable, but it's strong! 

Side note: this mask has tea leaves in it, so make sure you either pick them off BEFORE you wipe the mask off, or be aware that they might clog your drain if you have sensitive plumbing.  

So, once the mask was totally wiped off, I was happy to find that my skin didn't burn off from all that tingling and exfoliating. "TingleXfoliate" is the most perfect name for this stuff because that's what it did --- Tingle the heck outta my face and then scrub it! But, it must have been good for something because my skin looked more even, and my pores DID look smaller! No noticeable wrinkle reduction after one use, but my skin did feel more smooth, and clean.

Skip to my 1st SuperMud Mask trial.
As I said before, this jar is only 1.2oz compared to the other 3 being 1.7oz. My guess is that since this mask is much more liquid-y...and smooth, you don't use as much per application as the other thicker masks (I can attest to this as a fact since I have used them both).
The SuperMud mask is suppose to clear acne and pores and create a more even skin tone. Basically it's suppose to suck all the bad stuff right out of your face after one use!
This mask also had a slightly minty smell and it has some tea leaves in it, but not as much as the YouthMud. It is very loose and watery and smooth, no grit at all here. 
You really only need to dip your finger in the jar and then you can smear it on your face very easily. Since it's so watery you only need a tiny bit (another proof of why it's smaller than the other 3). 

Here is the SuperMud Mask on... right after I applied it. 

Again, I let it sit for about 10 minutes to fully dry and then crack. 
It does tingle a bit, but only a fraction of what the YouthMud does. Not unbearable or painful at all.

After the mask dries and does it's is what it looks like.

Want to take a closer look??...
Do you see all those dark spots!?
That's all the "gunk" it sucked out of my pores!
Gross, huh!??
But kind of awesome too!

I removed this mask with a warm washcloth as well, and it was much easier to remove since it wasn't gritty at all.

Once I got it all off and looked in the mirror....


My pores were LITERALLY GONE!

I have never ever ever in the history of EVERS had a face product clear out my pores and shrink them after just one use -- But this DID!!!!!!!!!

Seriously....Look at these pores...
No retouching...Just my clean skin and pores right after I used this mask!
You guys.....this stuff was incredible! I swear zits and blackheads disappeared.
I liked the YouthMud...But the SuperMud had much more INSTANT results!
Nothing has ever cleared my skin up so fast like the SuperMud Mask did!

Dare I say...I would pay $69 for the SuperMud because it really is THAT good!??

But...Good thing you can get it on for cheaper.

SuperMud Mask on Amazon (Right now it says $54, but the prices change day to day so keep an eye out because you can get it for around $40-$45!) - Here
YouthMud on Amazon ($45.36 right now!) - Here

The YouthMud is good, but I feel like the SuperMud blows it out of the water (or out of the mud...however you want to see it). 
YouthMud is more intense and I feel like this would be very very bad for people with sensative skin. Like...your face might actually catch on fire!

So...In my opinion, stick with the SuperMud for super clearing, pore shrinking magic!

They also have a hydrating mask called ThirstyMud
a gentle cleansing mask called PowerMud.

But......Both of these do get a big ole muddy KISS from me! Just remember to get them from Amazon to save some $$$!

GlamGlow - SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser
GlamGlow ventured into the world of face cleansers early this year. Of course since I LOVED the masks so much....I HAD to get the Supercleanse Face Cleanser AS SOON AS IT CAME OUT!!!!
They released the SUPERCLEANSE cleanser first, then they gradually added 3 more cleansers (One to match each mask). 
 So what is this new magic face wash?

Here is what the description says on

"What it is:
A revolutionary Mud to Foam™ daily cleanser that changes color and transforms from mud into a gentle, effective foaming lather to dissolve oil, makeup, and impurities.

What it is formulated to do:

Based on the top selling SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, SUPERCLEANSE™ is the natural next step in the SUPER family for problematic skin. The revolutionary daily cleanser transforms from mud into a foaming lather to dissolve oil and makeup—rinsing away pore-clogging debris and impurities. It’s designed to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and create a mattified, super clear complexion."

Soooo.....With a description like that....I had to have it ASAP!

I bought my cleanser in February and have been using every day since (Yes...I am STILL using the same bottle!!!).
I started off using the cleanser twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) but this stuff is so powerful, it dried my skin out!!
Yes...My super oily skin got dried out! You might think that would solve my oily skin issue...but when you dry out oily skin...The oil comes back twice as bad! My skin would start out dry in the morning and then as the day wore on get doubly slick! 
SO....I changed my little routine to just using it once at night, and that has worked out great for me. 

This bottle is 5oz of cleanser, so it's pretty large. Which is great because this baby runs $39!!! I am so glad it has lasted me 5 months (and counting)... That makes the $39 not seem as bad now.

The bottle has a pump style top to it, which I like. It makes it super easy to get the right amount of cleanser out.

The instructions say to use 3 or 4 pumps of product each time, but I find that very wasteful and 1 pump works perfectly for my whole face. It is always more than enough cleanser with just 1 pump. That makes it last even longer too!
(Saving you $$$ here!!!)

As the description says, it does come out looking like mud.

 (This is one pump of the cleanser) rub the mud onto your DRY...Yes... DRY face. Then you slowly add a bit of water to it and it starts to lather into a bubbly face wash. 
As with the masks, this stuff has a slightly minty smell and tingle to it. It's very, very mild, but you can feel a nice cooling sensation as you work it into a lather on your face.

So...what did it do for my skin??

I did notice that my skin had kind of a "purge" happen right after I started using it. I had a few breakouts pop up because it was bringing UP all the bad stuff in my pores. Once I kept using the cleanser, the breakouts went away very quickly and stayed away!
I can honestly say in the last 5 months of using this in combination with the masks, that my skin has never looked better!
I have notice a dramatic drop in my hormonal breakouts. I use to get a huge honker of a zit somewhere on my face once a month during PMS time...but I haven't had any of those since I started using this!
Honestly, I haven't had ANY major breakouts since!
The description says that it mattifies the skin - and it does... but I only use it at night now, so I'm not using it under my makeup.

Bottom line on this stuff:
It did clear my skin and keep it clear.
It does make my skin feel super clean and fresh.
It does help unclog my pores in combination with the  masks.
It does help mattify my skin.

I definitely think this stuff is a great product and worth the $39 bucks! However....If you have sensitive skin or dry skin --- DO NOT USE THIS CLEANSER!!!!!
This stuff would probably make your skin go insane if you are sensitive and make your skin whither away in the wind if you have dry skin. 
BUT....Lucky for you sensitive and dry peeps...there are 3 other cleansers to use specifically for those skin types!!!

Along with the SUPERCLEANSE, they have:

YOUTHCLEANSE Daily Exfoliating Cleanser - Mud to Foam Cleanser (Partners with YouthMud Mask)
THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser - Mud to Foam Cleanser (Partners with ThirstyMud Mask) **Better for Dry Skin
POWERCLEANSE Daily Dual Cleanser - Oil to Foam Cleanser (Partners with PowerMud Mask) ** Better for Sensitive Skin

All 4 masks are $39 for 5oz of product.

As you can probably guess.....

I give a big ole 


to these babies!!!!!

Just make sure you get the right one for your skin type!
SUPERCLEANSE - Problem, Oily Skin
POWERCLEANSE - Sensitive Skin/Dry Skin (This is the only Oil to Foam, not Mud to Foam Cleanser of the 4)

Available at Sephora - Here


Since this was a lengthy post about GLAMGLOW products, I decided to end this edition of KISS or DISS here. 


Next time I will include:
Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation
Benefit Boi-Ing Concealer
Nars Creamy Concealer
& MORE!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!! 

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I love you ALL!!



  1. I have both cleanser and supermud and LITS was the ONLY THING to everrrrrrr make my pores look a little smaller....I mean I wanna use it EVERY DAY....but it's expensive! BUT WORTH ITTT!!!! GLAD IT MADE THE KISSSSSSS of approval!!!!

    1. I know, right!? I would so love to use that mask every day!!!! But hellloooooo spensive!!!!!! Lol