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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kiss or Diss??

There are thousands upon thousands of makeup and beauty items out there...

Like literally Tens of Thousands!!! 
Maybe More...

So how do we know which ones are worth the money, and which ones are not!?

>Insert Fairy Godmother Wand Here.<

Ehhh Hemmmm...



Manic Makeup Girl is Here to help you navigate which high end products are worth the splurge and which ones are NOT!

I will be doing a new collection of posts to show you which products I think you should either




So... First up on the List...

I know.
$20 for a little makeup sponge?!?

Just hear me out.

It has taken me years to finally fall into the hype of this little sponge. I was thinking that there was NO way on EARTH that this thing could be better than other generic makeup sponges that I had used. 

I was SO. Wrong.

Seriously, this thing has transformed my makeup routine!
My foundation application has never looked more natural AND Flawless.
And all because of a little sponge!?


The best thing about this sponge is that when you get it wet, it becomes SO soft and bouncy! Absolutely perfect for applying foundation!
My other sponges were never ever this soft!
PLUS, you can use this sponge with liquid, cream, or powder products!
I use my Beauty Blender to apply my liquid foundation,  under eye concealer, highlighter, setting powder, blush, and even....BRONZER!

YES! You can contour with this baby! And I use it for that EVERY DAY and have put my other makeup brushes in the drawer!

I literally use it for everything except my eye makeup!

That makes it well worth the $20 in my book! And how is that not perfect for travel!??

Did you see me use it in my Cream Contour Tutorial in this past post HERE? It makes blending out your contour and highlighting a BREEZE! I wouldn't even attempt to do cream contouring without this Beauty Blender Sponge! --- That's how much I LOVE IT!

This is a serious


In my book!!!

So...Since the Beauty Blender is worth the splurge...Is the cleanser?
Simply put: YES!
It really is!
Now don't get me wrong.... Dish soap will work, but it just takes a lot more work to get all the makeup residue off (I actually can't get ALL the makeup off with just dish soap).
I feel like this cleanser really just SUCKS the makeup right out of the sponge!
It only takes seconds...Literally SECONDS to make your Beauty Blender look brand new again!

Watch this short video of me washing my super dirty Beauty Blender with the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser!
See the Results for yourself!

I wash my Beauty Blender every other day because this stuff is so good! I never ever washed my sponges this much before because it was such a pain!
I still pop it in the microwave to kill any bacteria (from this post). But I love this cleanser SO much that I only use this for my Beauty Blender. You can use this to clean your makeup brushes as well, but I still use the vinegar/dish soap mixture mainly for my brushes because it works so well and it's CHEAP! See my post HERE. I am just a cheapo sometimes and want to make sure this cleanser lasts a long time for my little Beauty Blender! 
The solid cleanser is like an awesome little round bar of soap and you use so little of it each wash for your BB, that I know it will last quite a long time!
Since it saves me so much time AND really works, it's...

Definitely KISS Status Here!

You all know I LOVE my Smashbox stuff.
They are one of my all time favorite brands!
Their regular Photo Finish Foundation Primer is my holy grail face primer!! (See my post here).

When I heard about this new Primer Water that was suppose to do the same priming effects as my other Smashbox primer but ALSO moisturize, AND act as a makeup setting spray...I had to have it!!!
Like as soon as it came out, I got it!
I read reviews online from people who got to try it prior to it's public release and everyone raved about it!
I was like..YES!!!! This stuff if going to be so awesome! It will be a face primer AND makeup setting spray so I can use 1 product for 2 things.... 

Sadly...I was mistaken.

It literally pains my heart to say anything bad about Smashbox...I love them dearly!

But this stuff....was....very...very...disappointing.

Did it act as a face primer? --- NO. ZERO priming effects.
Did it keep my face from getting oily? --- NOPE. It made me MORE oily!!!
Did it set my makeup? HECK NO! It basically made it slide off my face.
Did it moisturize? YES! Too much!

I used this stuff for a straight week in different combos (Just as a primer before makeup...Alone as a setting spray...Just as my moisturizer...WITH my other face primers) and it failed miserably on every one.

The only good thing about this stuff was that it smelled nice! 

Sad. Day.

Now...If you are prone to very dry skin, this might be awesome for you! But my Oily/Combination skin rejected it like the plague!! It wanted nothing to do with it! 

To really explain to you how oily this made my face....
It was like high school all over again.

So in my makeup book...I will never repurchase or even use this AGAIN.


BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - $29
I've always been a BareMinerals fan.
 I love their loose pigment eyeshadow (Because they LITERALLY last forever...I can never use one up) their liquid highlighter, eyeliner, and their Lash Domination Mascara.
So when I heard that they were coming out with a Hydrating Cream that was on the BB/CC side of things. 
I jumped on the bandwagon and bought this stuff ASAP!

Now...As it was explained to me...This stuff was suppose to be able to be worn as a light foundation. The coverage is said to be between light to medium but very buildable to be able to customized.
This is a revolutionary new hydrating BB/CC cream that has the water molecules surrounding the pigment so water is the 1st thing that touches your skin, not the pigment. Other creams are the opposite.
I was intrigued by this new "revolutionary" formula and thought, "WOW! This could be awesome for spring and summer when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup and need some extra hydration!". 
The reviews for this stuff were AWESOME! Everyone said they loved the new formula and that their skin tone seemed more even and more moisturized. 
Here are my thoughts....

Does it hydrate? --- YES! But..A little too much for my liking. It felt almost a little sticky to me. (I HATE sticky things)
Did it conceal? --- NO! I felt like I was literally just slathering on face lotion...It was very very sheer and yes it's buildable, but to even get medium coverage (where I would still have to use concealer) it took 3 applications! A little wasteful if you ask me! 
Did I see any added skin benefits? --- NO! Very sad to say it acted just like a plain face lotion for me. Yes, it has a very sheer tint AND SPF that would be perfect for beach days...but...I'm only at the beach maybe 3 days a year. (A sin since I live in Florida, I know!)

I tried this cream alone, I tried applying it 3 times on top of each other and it never gave me any kind of real coverage. Since it has SPF in it and it's a water based formula it always looked rather shiny on me (And you know I don't like Shine!). 
I also tried it under my foundation just as a moisturizer and it made my skin more oily throughout the day. 

I am literally only going to keep this stuff for when I will be out in the sun and want some extra skin protection. 
So sad to say that!

If you have sensitive skin, or dry skin, this stuff might be wonderful for you! It has no harsh chemicals and it is very hydrating. It might also be good for a Tween venturing into the world of makeup and wanting a teeny bit of coverage and a nice moisturizer. 
That's about all the good things I can say about this... 


Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation in Naked (Colorless) - $19
You all know I love this product in the Nude color. It seriously lasts forever and it makes the most PERFECT nude lip!
So, I had to try this colorless one to see if it would be an awesome base for a red or pink lip!
When you put it on, it goes on like a clear chapstick.
It moisturizes and then you can feel it kind of settle in and become more matte, ready to take on the color and keep it there!
I tried this with all sorts of lip colors, but especially RED!
I am SO happy to say that this stuff really acted like a lip foundation and made my red lips STAY put!
They didn't bleed, budge, or smudge!
I didn't get that nasty inner lip ring from it either (You know what I'm talking about if you wear lip products). 
It has no scent, no shine, no color, but it gives that lipstick a big ole hug and doesn't let go!
It also smooths any deep lip lines and makes my lips more plump and hydrated.
P.E.R.F.E.C.T.  for any lipstick or lip color!
I wear it on a daily basis with nude lips, pink lips, or red lips - ANYTHING!
Definitely worth the $19 in my book!

100% KISS Here!!


Have you had your eye on any of these products?
I hope I can help guide you through products that I think are worth the splurge or not!

I bought all of these products with my own you know I am giving you 100% honest opinions!

Coming up on my next KISS or DISS post...
- GlamGlow Masks (YouthMud & Supermud)
- GlamGlow Cleanser (SuperCleanse)
- Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation
- Benefit Boi-Ing Concealer
& Maybe more!!!!

Thanks for reading!! 
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I love you all!!!!

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